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hemp is a place for sacred spirits to stay temporally at

伊勢内宮 太陽写真

Around the 1980s, there was a fashion of a spirit world. Some books were on a trip to a different dimension caused by meditation using a mushroom which creates an illusion or using a “legal” drug.

  • fashion 流行
  • dimension 次元
  • meditation 瞑想
  • create 創り出す
  • illusion 幻覚
  • legal  合法の
  • drug 薬物

In Zen, what you see deep in your consciousness is regarded as a spiritual being in Devildom and dismissed. It is said that if you see something like God or Buddha, you must not confront it nor deal with it. This is true. If someone gets excited and moved to see a weird thing in his mediation and talk with it, he will be afflicted with schizophrenia and his mind will be sick.

  • consciousness 意識
  • regard A as B AをBと見なす
  • devildom 魔境
  • dismiss 斥ける
  • confront 立ち向かう
  • deal with A Aと取引する
  • get excited 興奮する
  • get moved 感動する
  • weird この世のものでない
  • be afflicted with A Aに苦しむ
  • schizophrenia 精神分裂
  • mind 心

In the early 80s, many books sold well on conversations with a space consciousness or on grades of consciousness. Most of the authors were gone in just about three years. Some people who became famous for a spiritual healing were also gone in a couple of years and a new healer appeared again and disappeared.

  • sell well よく売れる
  • conversation 会話
  • space 宇宙
  • grades 階梯
  • most of A Aの大部分
  • author 著者
  • be gone いなくなる
  • famous 有名な
  • a couple of A 2・3のA
  • appear 登場する
  • disappear 消える

What became of them? Some may have stopped writing books because they realized what they were doing. Others because they just couldn’t keep on that way anymore. Each of them must have had some reason for stopping.

  • What becomes of A? Aはどうなるのか?
  • may have pp 〜したかもしれない
  • realize 認識する
  • keep on  やっていく
  • not … anymore もう…ない
  • each それぞれ
  • must have pp 〜したに違いない
  • reason 理由

Drugs which causes illusions lead your mind to Devildom easily. It’s nothing more than a tool to escape from the precious reality in this world. The escape from the reality makes a blank period in your life. This is waste of time and a long way around. You had better realize the present situation and accept it as it is positively no matter how hard and miserable. As long as you don’t accept the reality and try to run away from it, your rigors of life lasts for good.

  • cause 引き起こす
  • lead A to B AをBに導く
  • nothing more than A Aに過ぎない
  • tool 道具
  • escape  逃げる
  • precious 貴重な
  • reality 現実
  • blank 空白の
  • period 期間
  • waste of time 時間の無駄
  • a long way around 回り道
  • had better ~ 〜した方がよい
  • the present situation 現状
  • accept 受け入れる
  • as it is あるがままに
  • no matter how~ どんなに〜でも
  • miserable 惨めな
  • as long as S+V SがVする限り
  • run away 逃げる
  • rigor 苦しみ
  • last 続く
  • for good 永久に

Hemp is one of the tools for rituals in Shinto, where sacred spirits stay temporally. There are many kinds of hemp. Hemp which includes an ingredient causing an illusion is bad for humans. Even if the ingredient itself is not bad, it is bad for mental health. People who have experienced pleasures secreting a brain chemical of ecstasy tend to suffer from depression and kill themselves late in life.

  • hemp 大麻草
  • ritual  儀式
  • sacred 聖なる
  • temporally 一時的に
  • many kinds of A 多くの種類のA
  • include 含む
  • ingredient 成分
  • human 人間
  • even if S+V たとえSがVするとしても
  • mental health 精神衛生
  • experience 経験する
  • pleasure 喜び
  • secrete 分泌する
  • brain chemical 脳内物質
  • ecstasy 快感
  • tend to~ 〜する傾向がある
  • suffer from A  Aに苦しむ
  • depression 鬱
  • late in life 晩年に

I feel there is a limitation to amount of a brain chemical of ecstasy, so it is important in life to secrete it evenly through life. Do not be made to secrete it unevenly with drugs. Be careful. Do not depend on drugs or alcohol which makes you feel good temporally, but it is important you look at conscience inside yourself.

  • limitation 限界
  • amount 量
  • important 重要な
  • evenly 均等に
  • be made to~ 〜させられる
  • depend on A Aに頼る
  • alcohol 酒
  • conscience 良心

You should grow your conscience big, which gives you reluctance when you are doing something wrong. It is the conscience that is the inner god.

  • grow 育てる
  • reluctance ためらい
  • inner god 内在神

I Ka Shi Te I Ta Da I Te  A Ri Ga To U Go Za I Ma Su

生かして頂いて ありがとう御座位ます

Thank you so much for keeping us alive.


Spiritual hole on the back tells the interference by spirits

伊勢内宮 太陽写真

A phenomenon of a spirit appearing on the surface from inside one’s body is one for a spirit who has haunted someone to appear in his consciousness and talk or act in a variety of ways. The worst phenomenon is one that brings about an abrupt epileptic seizure or a multiple character when a client is receiving a spiritual healing by a healer. It is because the client, who has never had such symptoms, comes into contact with a pay healer that a spirit appears on the surface.

  • phenomenon 現象
  • appear 現れる
  • on the surface 表面に
  • haunt 憑く
  • consciousness 意識
  • a variety of A 様々な
  • worst 最悪の
  • bring about A Aを引き起こす
  • abrupt 突然の
  • epileptic sezure 癲癇
  • multiple character 多重人格
  • client 相談者
  • symptom 症状
  • come into contact 接触する
  • pay 有料の

The main cause of the phenomenon is not the client himself but the fact that he was possessed by the spirit who had haunted the pay healer. No other man is filthier than a healer or a psychic who receives money from people in trouble, making them expect unknown power.

  • cause 原因
  • not A but B AではなくB
  • fact 事実
  • possess 憑く
  • No other A is 比較級 than B Bより〜なAはない
  • filthy 穢れている
  • people in trouble 困っている人々
  • expect 期待する
  • unknown 未知の

Such phenomenon those clients have never had before is caused by contact with such healers. Some clients, never getting back to normal after having a multiple character, enter a mental hospital for the rest of their lives. Normally, such a phenomenon never occurs as long as we don’t receive any stimulus to our spiritual body.

  • get back to normal 普通に戻る
  • mental hospital 精神科の病院
  • the rest 残り
  • normally 通常は
  • occur 起こる
  • as long as S+V SがVする限り
  • stimulus 刺激
  • spiritual body 霊体

Once you experience such phenomenon, you will have other spiritual experiences more often because you’ve opened up a circuit for a spirit to get into your physical body. Because of the spiritual filth, your physical body will become weaker and weaker and your mind will more and more unstable. Even if you just get some spiritual healing out of curiosity, your fate will be changed in the wrong direction. It is no wonder that your future will go wrong because the healers just bought a qualification of a healer and they are pretending that the qualification is approved of socially and doing business as a psychic healer.

  • once S+V いったんSがVすると
  • experience 経験する
  • circuit 回路
  • because of A Aのために
  • weak 弱い
  • unstable 不安定な
  • even if S+V たとえSがVするとしても
  • out of curiosity 好奇心から
  • fate 運命
  • direction 方向
  • go wrong おかしくなる
  • qualification 資格
  • pretend 偽る
  • approve of A Aを認める
  • socially 社会的に

Though they don’t have any ability to detect spirits, they deceive and encourage themselves thinking that they are helping people, and use an apparatus or giving healing to stimulate a human spiritual body wrongly. It’s like a blind man, who cannot get a driver’s license,  buys one illegally and  drive a lot of people. The driver doesn’t know where he is taking them because he himself can’t see anything. They don’t know that they, including the driver, are going straight to Hell.

  • though S+V SはVするけれども
  • detect 探知する
  • deceive 騙す
  • encourage 励ます
  • blind 目の見えない
  • driver’s license 運転免許
  • illegally 違法に
  • including A Aを含めて
  • Hell 地獄

In my spiritual sight, the circuit for a spirit to go into a human body looks like a hole beneath the scapula on the right side of a back. People who have nothing to do with any new religions or healers don’t have such a hole, but people who have some connection with pay psychics have the hole spreading gradually.

  • hole 穴
  • beneath A Aのすぐ下にある
  • scapula 肩甲骨
  • have nothing to do with A Aと何の関係も持たない
  • new religion 新興宗教
  • spread 広がる
  • gradually 徐々に

The larger the hole becomes, the easier it is for a vulgar spirit to get into your body. It is dangerous when the hole becomes larger than a ping-pong ball. People who have received healing for many years have a hole as large as a ball for baseball on their back. In this situation, they have been leaking life energy and their physical strength will decline more and more and their emotions will become more and more unstable,too. They are likely to die early because their souls are being eaten by a wicked spirit of the World of the Dead.

  • vulgar 低級な
  • dangerous 危険な
  • for many years 何年も
  • situation 状況
  • leak 漏らす
  • strength 強さ
  • decline 衰退する
  • emotions 情緒
  • be likely to~ 〜しそうである
  • wicked 邪悪な

When I see healers of recent date with my spiritual power, I notice that they, with a big hole on their back, are called mentors and have been spreading spiritual dirt all over their clients. I wish people in general would keep away from those mentors.

  • of recent date 最近の
  • notice 気がつく
  • mentor 先生
  • spread A all over B AをBにまき散らす
  • people in general 普通の人々
  • keep away from A Aに近づかないでおく

By the way, spiritual healers who have a skin disease on their face or arms are on the terminal stage. Watch out for those healers. They are very dirty spiritually. If you have had any healing before, just think your body was wiped with a black, dirty dust cloth.

  • by the way ところで
  • suffer from A Aに苦しむ
  • skin disease 皮膚病
  • the terminal stage 最終段階
  • watch out for A Aに注意する
  • dust cloth 雑巾

I Ka Shi Te I Ta Da I Te  A Ri Ga To U Go Za I Ma Su

生かして頂いて 有難う御位ます

Thank you so much for keeping us alive.

Actual spiritual invasion into Japan Part 2

伊勢内宮 太陽写真

What I saw first with my spiritual power, when I took a look at  the professor, was a black cat in heat,which was a spiritual being looking like a fierce animal such as a puma. Also I could see a snake and a giant scorpion, too.

  • take a look at A Aを見てみる
  • professor 教授
  • in heat 発情している
  • spiritual being 霊的存在
  • fierce 獰猛な
  • scorpion サソリ

These are what the nature of a spiritual being possessing the professor is projected and expressed as a symbol on the World of the Dead, not real creatures. In the world of the Dead, you can see those figures according to the nature of the energy bodies of spiritual beings. Conversely, it is no use telling lies in the World of the Dead, for you can find out the true nature of a person when you see his/her figure in the World of the Dead.

  • nature 本性
  • possess 憑依する
  • project 投射する
  • express 表現する
  • symbol 象徴
  • the World of the Dead 幽界
  • creature 生き物
  • figure 姿
  • according to A Aに従って
  • conversely 逆に言えば
  • it is no use ~ing 〜してみても無駄だ
  • tell a lie 嘘をつく
  • ,for S+V というのもSはVするからです

Something vulgar and wicked comes out as a symbol of an animal. Something noble like a Kenzokushin(眷属神)of Susanoo(スサノオ), on the other hand, looks like a man with a strangely shaped sword in the World of the Dead. A feature of what appears differs depending on the nature of a spiritual body.

  • vulgar 下劣な
  • wicked 邪悪な
  • come out 現れる
  • noble 高貴な
  • on the other hand 一方
  • strangely shaped 奇妙な形をした
  • sword 剣
  • feature 特徴
  • differ 異なる
  • depend on A Aに依る

Well, what I saw, after I exorcised the spiritual beings behind the professor taking on the forms of animals, was … an energy body coming from the moon, though it was playing as a goddess. When I detected it, it began to give its name, saying “I’m a god having been called Isis since ancient times.” I felt it said not “Isis” but “Irisis” to be exact. Then what it made me see was a historical vision of prosperity and decline of countries on the earth in the past.

  • exorcise 祓う
  • take on A Aを帯びる
  • the moon 月
  • though S+V SはVするけれども
  • play 演じる
  • goddess 女神
  • detect 気付く
  • ancient times 古代
  • to be exact 正確には
  • historical 歴史的な
  • prosperity and decline 栄枯盛衰
  • in the past 過去の

This spiritual being was one of the causes of the collapse of the Roman Empire. In the first place, it debauched humans by arousing their desires, especially, making them abandon sexual morality and caused the destruction of families. Then, decadence of moral ethos caused by the degeneration of sexual moral among government bureaucrats and the royal families led to the collapse of the Roman Empire in the course of time. This spiritual being was also behind the modern American drug and free sex culture by Hippies.

  • cause 原因
  • collapse 崩壊
  • the Roman Empire ローマ帝国
  • In the first place まず第一に
  • debauch 堕落させる
  • human 人間
  • arouse 刺激する
  • especially 特に
  • abandon 捨てる
  • sexual morality 性道徳
  • destruction 破壊
  • decadence 廃頽
  • moral ethos 道徳
  • degeneration 堕落
  • government bureaucrat 官僚
  • royal family 王家
  • lead to A Aをもたらす
  • in the course of time やがて
  • drug 麻薬

When I asked the spiritual being why it came to Japan, it answered “I’ve come here to eat the essence of the sun,” when a bolt of lightening like a thunderbolt coming from behind my back struck it. I was in a state of possession but  I woke up. I seem to have been in danger. I was almost possessed and taken in by it. It was dangerous for me to try to communicate with a spiritual being in the World of the Dead, especially such a big one.

  • ask A B AにBを尋ねる
  • essence 精
  • bolt of lightening 稲妻
  • thunderbolt 落雷
  • strike 打つ
  • state 状態
  • wake up 目覚める
  • seem to have pp 〜したように思われる
  • be in danger 危険にさらされている
  • almost 危うく〜しそうになる
  • take A in Aを取り込む
  • try to~ 〜しようとする
  • communicate 意思伝達する

I understood then the meaning of the activities of the group where the female members were made to be possessed by the goddess in the precincts of major shrines all over Japan for the purpose of “purifying” those shrines. It was a spiritual invasion into Japan by a foreign spiritual being calling itself Isis. It was the same invasion as it did in the Roman Empire.

  • meaning 意味
  • be made to~ 〜させられる
  • precinct of a shrine 神社の境内
  • all over Japan 日本中の
  • for the purpose of ~ing 〜するために
  • invasion 侵略
  • the same A as B Bと同じ

From that day on, I started to carry out Shometsu-shinji(消滅神事), a ritual for destroying wicked spiritual beings, which lasted for several days, and the spiritual being behind the professor disappeared at last. I won’t tell you now about what happens to a person who has received energy from a spiritual being after it has disappeared.

  • from A on Aから
  • carry out A Aを実行する
  • ritual 儀式
  • destroy 破壊する
  • last 続く
  • disappear 消える
  • at last
  • happen to A Aに起こる
  • person 人

About a month later, the parents called me and told that their daughter left the group because of some trouble in the group management. But I was concerned about the spiritual dirt the professor left in shrines all around Japan. It seems that the remnants of spiritual beings related to Isis have been active in a certain big city near Ise Grand Shrine choosing and possessing persons of high social status like a professor or a doctor .

  • because of A Aのために
  • management 運営
  • be concerned about A Aについて懸念する
  • dirt 垢
  • It seems that S+V SがVするように思われる
  • remnant 残党
  • related to A Aに関係している
  • active 活動している
  • choose 選ぶ
  • social status 社会的地位

I happened to find quite recently that a teacher of a university, who had been manipulated by the Devildom into doing activities for the purpose of destroying Japan by means of the breakdown of the family, was advocating for divorce and adultery toward housewives in the name of freedom of a soul. Countries whose people keep the right faith will flourish.

  • happen to~ たまたま〜する
  • recently 最近
  • manipulate 操る
  • Devildom 魔界
  • for the purpose of ~ing 〜するために
  • by means of A Aによって
  • breakdown 崩壊
  • advocate 唱導する
  • in the name of A Aの名の下に
  • faith 信仰
  • flourish 繁栄する

I Ka Shi Te I Ta Da I Te  A Ri Ga To U Go Za I Ma Su

生かして頂いて 有難う御座位ます

Thank you so much for keeping us alive.

actual spiritual invasion into Japan Part 1

伊勢内宮 太陽写真

I remembered yesterday an incident of about 25 years ago, when I was in the middle of searching after truth and visited shrines in Ise(伊勢), Kumano(熊野), and Kyoto(京都) over and over. The time was Showa era, when the World of the Dead was at its peak, so there happened a lot of interesting incidents like comic books.

  • remember 思い出す
  • incident 出来事
  • be in the middle of ~ing 〜する真っ最中
  • search after A Aを探し求める
  • truth 真実
  • over and over 何度も
  • be at one’s peak 全盛期

I was under the influence of 113 Kenzokushin(眷属神), an agent of God.  They had enough power to change reality and make their will come true, so I couldn’t help but follow their will.

  • influence 影響
  • enough A to~ 〜することができるくらいのA
  • reality 現実
  • will 意思
  • come true 実現する
  • cannot help but~ 〜せざるを得ない
  • follow 従う

At that time, I , requested by them, had been carring out Shometsu Shinji(消滅神事), a shinto ritual for destroying spirtual agents escaping to the World of Reality against God’s will. When deities want to interfere with the World of Reality, even they can only have strong influence on the World of Reality by making a human carry out a fixed ritual pattern.

  • request 頼む
  • carry out A Aを実行する
  • destroy 消滅させる
  • escape 脱走する
  • deity 神
  • interfere with A Aに干渉する
  • have influence on A Aに影響を与える
  • fixed 決まった
  • pattern 型

When I carry out the ritual taught by a deity, I can see that an astounding shock wave travels toward a target from heaven and earth shaking space. The deity is not God in a broad sense but a personal god working to settle individual cases. I always knew about the existence of those escaping Kenzoku which I would carry out Shometsu Shinji toward when I was offering an advice on some problem my clients had.

  • astounding びっくりするような
  • shock wave 衝撃波
  • travel 進む
  • target 対象
  • heaven and earth 天と地
  • shake 揺らす
  • in a ~sense 〜な意味で
  • not A but B AではなくB
  • personal god 人格神
  • settle 解決する
  • individual 個々の
  • existence 存在

I’ll tell you about one of my interesting experiences. There were parents who worried about their daughter, whose personality changed when she entered a university and became a member of a religious circle. I asked them to bring as many articles related to the circle as possible. Then they brought secretly to me some organ magazines a certain religious organization published.

  • parent 親
  • enter 入る
  • university 大学
  • religious 宗教の
  • ask A to~ Aに〜するよう頼む
  • article 品物
  • related to A Aに関係した
  • as ~ as possible 可能な限り〜
  • secretly こっそりと
  • organ magazine 機関誌
  • certain ある
  • organization 組織
  • publish 発行する

What surprised me was that the leader of the group was a professor of a famous national university. According to his profile, he visited a museum on a holiday while he was staying in the U.K. on business. An exhibition of Egypt had been held at the museum. When the professor stood in front of a statue of Isis, a goddess of ancient Egypt, he felt as if he was winked at by the statue. He laid up with high fever for three days from that night on.

  • surprise 驚かす
  • professor 教授
  • famous 有名な
  • national university 国立大学
  • according to A Aによると
  • museum 博物館
  • the U.K.  英国
  • on business 仕事で
  • exhibition 展示会
  • statue 像
  • Isis イシス神
  • goddess 女神
  • ancient 古代の
  • wink ウインクする
  • lay up  寝込む
  • high fever 高熱
  • from A on Aから

I felt that it was at the very time that an evil spirit in the World of the Dead, related to Isis, got into the professor’s body deeply. And after he came back to Japan, he began to hear a voice of Isis. Then the religious organization the professor founded began to hold a group study for female students, business women, and housewives for the purpose of spreading the worship of the goddess.

  • evil 邪悪な
  • get into A Aの中に入り込む
  • voice 声
  • female 女性の
  • housewife 主婦
  • for the purpose of ~ing 〜するために
  • spread 広める
  • worship 崇拝

Looking over the organization magazine, I felt my Kenzokushin beginning to get angry gradually. In the latter half of the magazine, there was a report about a ritual where the professor had the goddess possess its female members at the precinct of major Shinto shrines across Japan in order to “purify” those shrines. He said in the report that their final destination was Ise Grand Shrine.

  • look over A Aをざっと読む
  • get angry 怒る
  • gradually 徐々に
  • the latter half 後半
  • ritual 儀式
  • possess 憑依する
  • precinct 境内
  • major 主要な
  • in order to~ 〜するために
  • purify 浄化する
  • destination 目的地
  • Ise Grand Shrine 伊勢神宮

What worried the parents most, in view of what their daughter said, was that the group had a teaching of approving of and recommending free sex. I took a look at the professor, the leader of the group, with my psychic power.

…To be continued.

  • worry 心配させる
  • in view of A Aの点から見て
  • teaching 教え
  • approve 是認する
  • recommend 勧める
  • take a look at A Aを見てみる

Today too,

I Ka Shi Te I Ta Da I Te  A Ri Ga To U Go Za I Ma Su

生かして頂いて ありがとう御座位ます

Thank you so much for keeping us alive.

gradual change of spiritual beings behind new religions

伊勢内宮 太陽写真

Even outsiders with no psychic power would notice that believers of a new religious sect share the same kind of atmosphere or resemble each other distinctively. I can see spiritually that part of a spiritual being behind the group that exists in the World of the Dead (a henchman of the guardian spirit of the guru) has haunted all of the believers. Spiritual beings behind cult religions are often snakes.

  • outsider 第三者
  • notice 気がつく
  • believer 信者
  • new religious sect 新興宗教
  • share 共有する
  • atmosphere 雰囲気
  • resemble 似ている
  • each other お互い
  • distinctively 独特に
  • exist 存在する
  • henchman 子分
  • guardian spirit 背後霊
  • guru 教組
  • haunt 取り憑く
  • snake 蛇

This snake spirit is not of a snake as a creature. The snake is a figure reflecting the nature of cult religions. If there are greed for money, sexual appetite, lust for domination and so on at the base of cult religions, accumulated energy of the people who are related to the group takes on a figure of a snake. Spiritual worlds are where all of your thoughts are reflected as they are and you cannot tell lies.

  • creature 生物
  • figure 姿
  • reflect 反映する
  • nature 本質
  • greed for money 金銭欲
  • sexual appetite 性欲
  • lust for domination 支配欲
  • and so on など
  • accumulated 蓄積した
  • be related to A Aに関係している
  • take on A Aを帯びる
  • as S be そのまま
  • tell a lie 嘘をつく

For example, in a certain religious community, a monster serpent has haunted its guru and made him control the organization. The serpent bore a lot of children and they have haunted each of the believers. It is because the same spiritual being has haunted believers that they are similar to each other when seen from an outsider.

  • certain ある
  • monster serpent 大蛇
  • haunt 取り憑く
  • organization 組織
  • the same kind of A 同じようなA
  • be similar to A Aに似ている

A monster serpent which founds a religious group is often one which used to be a dragon god but fell into a snake. It refused to act as an agent of gods and escaped to the World of Reality. Then, having a spiritual body of a monster serpent in the World of the Dead, which overlaps the World of Reality, it affects the World of Reality through a guru.

  • dragon god 龍神
  • fall into A Aに堕落する
  • refuse 拒む
  • agent 代理
  • escape 脱走する
  • affect 影響を与える

Every time a dragon god does wrong against gods’ will, the spiritual body of a dragon collapses. Originally dragons have horns on the head, scales on the body, and four legs. But as a dragon god does more and more evil deeds, it loses its horns first, and then two hind legs, and then two forelegs and finally scales. That is, it changes into a snake. In the case of a monster serpent behind a cult religion, which used to be a dragon god, if I take a look at the state of damage of the spiritual body, I can see the level of power of the spiritual being.

  • every time S+V SがVする度に
  • do wrong 悪事を行なう
  • will 意思
  • collapse 崩れる
  • originally 元々は
  • horn 角
  • scale 鱗
  • evil deed 悪事
  • lose 失う
  • state 状態

Now that the World of the Dead has been shrinking and disappearing because of the spiritual light of the sun, the number of snake spirits which used to be dragon gods has been decreasing. That is to say, because spiritual beings behind cult religions have been waning and disappearing, their strength of controlling the organization has been weakening and the number of believers of such religions will also decrease in the future ahead.

  • now that S+V 今やSはVするので
  • shrink 縮小する
  • disappear 消失する
  • because of A Aのために
  • number 数
  • stregth 強さ
  • weaken 弱まる
  • decrease 減る
  • in the future ahead これから先

Also, because when members of cult religions who are obsessed by spiritual bodies of snakes receive spiritual light from the sun, the spiritual beings haunting them begin to writhe in agony, they have begun to fall sick or mentally ill. In order for them not to be dragged into extinction together with those spiritual beings, I hope they will leave such religious communities as soon as possible and start to hold a memorial service for their ancestors and remind themselves of gratitude to gods.

  • be obsessed 憑かれている
  • receive 受ける
  •  writhe in agony もがき苦しむ
  • fall sick 病気になる
  • mentally 精神的に
  • ill 病気の
  • in order for A to~ Aが〜するために
  • drag 引っ張る
  • extinction 消失
  • together with A Aと一緒に
  • as soon as possible できるだけ早く
  • memorial service 供養
  • ancestor 先祖
  • remind oneself of A Aを思い出す
  • gratitude 感謝の気持ち

I Ka Shi Te I Ta Da I Te  A Ri Ga To U Go Za I Ma Su

生かして頂いて ありがとう御座位ます

Thank you so much for keeping us alive.


Boss in a certain world

伊勢内宮 太陽写真

In India, cows have been cherished since ancient times. I hear that cows rule the roads in the city in India more than cars. As cows have been cherished and worshiped for a long, long time, the accumulation of that energy of worship they receive from people leads to formation of a world of thought in the World of the Dead.

  • cow 牛
  • cherish 大事にする
  • ancient times 古代
  • rule 支配する
  • accumulation 蓄積
  • lead to A Aをもたらす
  • formation 形成
  • thought 思い
  • the World of the Dead 幽界

When people die, most of them go to the World of the Dead. In the same way, when cows die, they go to a spiritual world of cows,which corresponds to the World of Spirits of humans, in the World of the Dead.  Since the spiritual world of cows belongs to the world of the Dead, the level of spirituality is lower than that of humans and it is close to this world, so its undulation is rough. But, the closeness to this world enables it to have power to interfere with the World of Reality.

  • die 死ぬ
  • in the same way 同様に
  • correspond to A Aに相当する
  • belong to A Aに属する
  • spirituality 霊性
  • be close to A Aに近い
  • undulation 波動
  • enable A to~ Aが〜するのを可能にする
  • interfere with A Aに干渉する

For example, when I see with my clairvoyance power Sai BaBa, who is regarded as a saint in the modern India and is famous for performing miraculous phenomena, I can see a spiritual boss representing the spiritual world of cows. It is a spiritual being of a female cow with big horns. At first I thought it was a holy spirit related to Susanoo(スサノオ), Gozu-tennou(牛頭天皇, the cow-headed emperor) and Baëllbut it was different. It was the boss of cow spirits in the World of the Dead in the spiritual domain of India. Sai Baba must be unwilling to leave India even for a short trip. Because he feels cut off from a spiritual line providing him with energy from the spiritual world of cows.

  • for example 例えば
  • clairvoyance power 霊視
  • regard A as B AをBとみなす
  • saint 聖人
  • modern 現代の
  • be famous for A Aで有名
  • perform 行なう
  • miraculous 奇跡的な
  • phenomena 現象
  • represent 代表する
  • being 存在
  • horn 角
  • at first 最初は
  • be related to A Aに関係する
  • domain 領域
  • be unwilling to~ 〜したがらない
  • be cut off from A Aから切断される
  • provide A with B AにBを供給する

It seems that when he was about twelve, he was fascinated by the boss of the spiritual world of cows and possessed deeply. The possession was so deep that it changed his body, too. The growth of his legs stopped around twelve when he was possessed. This is because the figure of the cow was transcribed in his living body. The reason he wears his favorite clothes like a long dress is to hide his short legs. Seeing his photo taken as a child, I’m sure he was a man of high spirituality. That’s why he was chosen by the boss of cow spirits.

  • It seems that… …であるように思われる
  • be fascinated  魅入られる
  • possess 憑依する
  • so~ that S+V とても〜なのでSはVする
  • growth 成長
  • leg 脚
  • figure 姿
  • transcribe 転写する
  • reason 理由
  • favorite 好きな
  • hide 隠す
  • That’s why S+V そういうわけでSはVする

Appearance is important. It is doesn’t matter whether you look beautiful or not, but there is inner beauty reflected on your appearance. Even if you don’t have any psychic power, you’ll understand a difference between a picture taken in his childhood and one taken after he became famous. His eyes are quite different from the simple and pure eyes of Sri Ramana Maharshi, who is a true saint of the modern India.

  • appearance 外見
  • important 重要な
  • matter 重要である
  • not A but B AではなくB
  • inner 内面の
  • beauty 美しさ
  • reflect 反映する
  • even if S+V たとえSはVするとしても
  • childhood 子供時代
  • famous 有名な
  • simple 素朴な
  • pure 純粋な

In Shinto, it has been said since ancient times “Righteous gods never do miracles“, so curious phenomena are regarded as something to avoid. Tradition has it that genuine gods never perform miracles to show off.

  • righteous 正しい 
  • curious 奇異な
  • avoid 避ける
  • Tradition has it that… 昔から…と言われる
  • genuine 本当の
  • show off A Aを見せびらかす

Sai Baba often performed materialization phenomena, a phenomenon of taking an article out of space, in Showa era(1926.12.25-1989.1.7) when the World of the Dead was its heyday. But he seems to have difficulty doing so these days when the World of the Dead has been diminishing. As I wrote in a previous post “A mystery man in Showa era, ” materialization phenomena do exist. The impact of the phenomenon on people who watch it for the first time is strong, but that’s all. There is nothing more.

  • materialization 物質化
  • take A out of B AをBから取り出す
  • article 品物
  • Showa era 昭和
  • heyday 全盛期
  • have difficulty 苦労する
  • these days 近頃は
  • diminish 縮小する
  • previous 前の
  • exist 存在する
  • for the first time 初めて
  • that’s all それだけ
  • nothing more それ以上のもの

Even if patients who have been troubled witness a miracle and are deeply moved by it, when they become sober after a while, they will find themselves as troubled and uneasy as ever. The spiritual being behind Sai BaBa makes him perform special miracles only to the rich and collect money wisely. There must be many Japanese who were allowed to come into his special room. But people will get bored with his miracles sooner or later.

  • be troubled 悩んでいる
  • witness 目撃する
  • be moved 感動する
  • sober 醒める
  • after a while しばらくして
  • as ~ as ever 相変わらず〜
  • uneasy 不安な
  • the rich お金持ちの人々
  • wisely 賢く
  • be allowed to~ 〜するのを許される
  • get bored 飽きる
  • sooner or later 遅かれ早かれ

I hear the collected money is used for many welfare programs in India. It is said that Indian government produces or turns out saints as a national policy, or a means of acquisition of foreign currency. The cow spirit behind the guru is not a wicked being like the one that eats human souls, so there might be a role to play as an important figure of the World of the Dead.

  • welfare program 福祉事業
  • government 政府
  • produce 演出する
  • turn out A Aを製造する
  • national policy 国策
  • means 手段
  • acquisition of foreign currency 外貨獲得
  • guru 教組
  • wicked 邪悪な
  • soul 魂
  • role 役割
  • important figure 大物

What I have said above is the compilation of what I did a psychic reading about Sai Baba more than ten years ago. Now is the time when sympathizing with the World of the Dead often is dangerous. We humans must raise our conscience = inner god without seeking for miracles as long as we live.

  • above 上で
  • compilation まとめたもの
  • psychic reading リーディング
  • sympathize 感応する
  • dangerous 危険な
  • raise 育てる
  • conscience 良心
  • inner god 内在神
  • seek for A Aを求める
  • as long as S+V SがVする限り

I Ka Shi Te I Ta Da I Te  A Ri Ga To U Go Za I Ma Su

生かして頂いて ありがとう御座位ます

Thank you so much for keeping us alive.

History behind the scene is bizarre and complex

伊勢内宮 太陽写真

I have done psychic reading about Adolf Hitler before. What I saw first was a scene that when Hitler studied paintings as a student, he was called out to on a street by a member of a certain esoteric religion circle. Later he was loved by a guru of the group. Hitler was given a special treatment and taught a special religious secret ceremony. What happened at that time was that a spiritual being behind the group left the guru and possessed Hitler.

  • psychic reading リーディング
  • scene 場面
  • painting 絵画
  • call out t0 A Aに呼び掛ける
  • certain ある
  • esoteric religion 秘教
  • guru 指導者
  • special treatment 特別待遇
  • secret ceremony 秘儀
  • possess 憑依する

After a while, the guru lost his charismatic spiritual power and the group vanished. The spiritual being, in the first place, made Hitler percept  illusorily a vision of spiritual history of the earth. Later, before Hitler launched an election campaign the spiritual being seems to have made him percept a vision of the future, too. The spiritual being has big wings on its back and its face and body are like that of a wild bull and sits with the knees drawn up to the chest. I think this being with a tail is the fallen angel appearing in the Bible. It has a huge spiritual power.

  • after a while しばらくすると
  • lose 失う
  • vanish 消滅する
  • make A ~ Aに〜させる
  • percept 知覚する
  • illusorily 架空的に
  • launch 始める
  • election campaign 選挙活動
  • seem to have pp 〜したように思われる
  • wing 羽根
  • back 背中に
  • wild 野生の
  • bull 牛
  • sit with the knees drawn up to the chest 体育座りする
  • tail 尻尾
  • fallen angel 堕天使
  • Bible 聖書
  • huge 巨大な

I couldn’t see what kind of spiritual world Hitler’s spirit came from however hard I tried. I feel Hiller was part of the fallen angel itself. Anyway, I was bewildered to learn that when the fallen angel called out to Hitler, it called him “Healer.” This word seemed to have a special meaning of an ancient Latin.

  • what kind of A どのようなA
  • however~ どれくらい〜でも
  • probably 恐らく
  • anyway いずれにしても
  • bewilder 当惑させる
  • call out A Aを呼ぶ
  • meaning 意味
  • ancient 古代の
  • Latin ラテン語

It seems that after Hitler was possessed, the spiritual being saw to it that he was offered a huge amount of money by a religious group of Jewish people. I can read that he was ordered by the group to launch the election campaign with that fund. The Jewish people of this esoteric religious group couldn’t bear the other Jews who were not strong in faith in the God of Judaism and keen on economic activities. In order to murder their brothers, they made Hitler attain the political power and massacre the other Jews.

  • It seems that S+V SはVするように思われる
  • possess 憑依する
  • see to it that S+V SがVするよう取りはからう
  • offer 提供する
  • a huge amount of A 莫大なA
  • Jewish people ユダヤ人
  • order A to~ Aに〜するよう命じる
  • fund 資金
  • bear 我慢する
  • the other A 他のA
  • faith 信仰
  • Jadaism ユダヤ教
  • be keen on A Aに熱心である
  • economic actitvity 経済活動
  • in order to~  〜するために
  • murder 抹殺する
  • brother 同胞
  • lead A to~ Aに〜するよう仕向ける
  • attain the political power 政権を取る
  • massacre 殺戮する

Secret maneuvers by this spiritual being and the Jewish people have continued to this day and they seem to hold an important key to the whole world in the future. Two kinds of activities by them, that is, the principle movement of acting differently in faith and economy of oil and water in a purposeful manner is not only so complex and wide-ranging but also dangerous to refer to that I’ll stop here divulging the future revealed by this reading.

  • secret maneuver 暗躍
  • continue 続く
  • to this day 今日まで
  • whole 全体の
  • activity 活動
  • faith 信仰
  • that is つまり
  • principle movement 原理活動
  • oil and water 水と油
  • act defferently 使い分ける
  • in a purposeful manner 意図的に
  • not only A but also B AだけでなくBも
  • complex and wide-ranging 複雑多岐な
  • dangerous 危険な
  • refer to A Aに言及する
  • divulge 公表する
  • reveal 明らかにする

By the way, I feel there is no interference with the World of Reality by people in the future. The future is undefinate. So that’s why efforts by the people living in this world are important and there is a significance of 5% movement of gratitude for the present situations.

  • by the way ところで
  • interfere with A Aの干渉をする
  • the World of Reality 現実界
  • undefinate  不確定な
  • That’s why S+V そういうわけでSはVする
  • effort 努力
  • significance 意義
  • gratitude 感謝の気持ち
  • the present situation 現状

Today too

I Ka Shi Te I Ta Da I Te  A Ri Ga To U Go Za I Ma Su

生かして頂いて ありがとう御座位ます

Thank you so much for keeping us alive.


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