The Relation Between the Shrinkage of the World of the Dead and Spiritual Symbols


Many of the souls of human beings living on the earth at present have experienced a lot of reincarnations for better or worse. This means that now is the time for the long journey of the earth and individual souls to stop temporarily.

Until recently, human beings could only sympathize with the World of Gods through spiritual beings between the two. The agents became bloated worshipped by humans and had called themselves “gods” for the last six thousands years.

They proposed conditions of exchange, called for sacrifices and tried to be God themselves, making humans confine their Inner God, a part of the Original God.

The time has come for these agents to be got rid of because of spiritual waves from the sun(traditional religious symbols are disappearing and many of them have already gone in fact)and for the spiritual waves individual souls have acquired with difficulty to appear as they are.

Spiritual beings with similar spiritual waves to yours who have run away from other worlds will come close to you to become one with you not because of some judgement of the third person but because of the natural result of your own deeds. Similar people will often fight with each other like parents and children.

Can you live in a room together with someone like you?  Do you like yourself or not? The new era is beginning that each of the human beings meets their parental God one to one.

The Cause of the Shrinkage of the World of the Dead


On the present earth the World of Sun God presides over, the World of the Dead surrounding this World of Reality has been repeating its expansion and reduction from age to age. In Japan, Heian period and Edo period were the time the World of the Dead was expanded. In these periods, spiritual beings had strong influences on people’s lives and so did invocations or evil spirits.

A good point of  the World of the Dead being expanded is that culture and economy develop. The energy of personal desires, if you wanted hard, was accumulated in the World of the Dead and they were easily realized, even if someone got in trouble for it. Also, a superstar like Kukai(空海)was likely to be appear in such an age.

A bad point of the World of the Dead having a strong influence is that unreasonable things are likely to happen. It’s the age of “Winners take all.” Having done wrong, a lot of people were able to cover it up and look big in society for a long time with the use of spiritual invocation. The earnest and most righteous people suffered unreasonable results in such an age. Dark deeds would often be smothered up without bering revealed and bad people used to flourish.

The present age is the last one the World of Sun God presides over. The stage with a long, long history for human souls to develop is going to temporarily end. The World of the Dead, which gives impetus of good and bad to souls is not needed any more. The Original God has already begun with the extinction of the World of the Dead. You, living now, are the result of grand sum of miracles over centuries. No matter what you are, God is watching you. After a long, long journey, have you found that you’re being kept alive?

Thank you so much for keeping us alive.

About the Extinction of the World of the Dead


Worlds surrounding us can be divided roughly into the World of Gods, the World of Spirits, the World of the Dead, the World of Reality and the World of Hell.  Of these, the World of the Dead has begun to decrease in size. It has become less than half of what it used to be in Showa era. The World of the Dead includes a myriad of other worlds, such as the World of Dragons, the World of Tengus, the World of Fairies and so on.

For example, suppose there is a Buddhist statue made by someone. If a lot of people come to the statue and pray for something, the World of the Dead appears around it. Spiritual beings coming out of the world have a spiritual figure according to what people pray for. At a glance, it looks like the Buddhist image, but taking a deep look,  I can see a monstrous figure.

It is often said “Thoughts materialize, ” but this only applies to the age under the strong influence of the World of the Dead. Until Showa era, to be sure, it was easy to make  your business flourish or your dreams come true if you wish hard, regardless of the content. Firstly, thought energy given off by a person or group accumulates in the World of the Dead. Secondly, it produces a spiritual being supporting you. And lastly, the spiritual being affects the World of Reality.

Successful people who developed their business greatly in Show era were often possessed with a spiritual being of the World of the Dead whose figure was that of a dragon. This dragon was not a true dragon god as a kenzoku of the World of Gods that had existed from time immemorial. It was a false dragon god that was made in the World of the Dead due to a strong wish of people or was summoned from Devildom. Therefore, it had a hand in personal avarice, too. A true messenger of God would never work for personal profit.

With the World of the Dead disappearing, personal desires that don’t fit God’s will will be more and more difficult to realize. Also, companies that has developed due to the support of a spiritual being will have their wrong doings revealed somehow and be punished socially. If you’re going to start a business, try to make decisions in terms of being kept alive doing your best, and you will be rewarded. Your dreams, with gratitude for being kept alive, would come true. It’s interesting that the bubble economy reached its climax in Showa era when the World of the Dead was at its height.

Thank you so much for keeping us alive.

Spiritual Wave from the Sun – Its Effects Part 3


Until the present, the flesh of our body has played the main role. For example, even if you don’t like Mr. A, you can hide your feelings toward him by your facial expressions or words. This is because your flesh can hide your mind. But, as human beings bathe in the spiritual light of the sun, your spiritual body, or the essence of your mind, will come to play the main role, while the flesh will be subject to it.

This is what should be afraid of. The state of mind will be more influential and appear on your physical body. No matter how hard you try to hide your real intention, it will appear. The spiritual light of the sun will be stronger and stroneger. The transition from flesh to spiritual body, while you’re alive, has already begun. If you have some spiritual dirt during the process, the friction will be caused between your physical body and spiritual one and serious symptoms will appear on you body.

To alleviate these, I’ve been holding memorial services with the use of three incense sticks and a tanzaku, a strip of Japanese paper, to console lost spiritual beings related to me. By becoming spiritually clean, I’ve made the transition smooth.

In the Ise-Hakusan Dou method, a tanzaku for your ancestral spirits or a memorial tablet with the last word “place” written on it(Note: a memorial tablet not for a particular individual but for the whole ancestral spirits)acts like a perch for lost spirits to stay at temporally. Without this, spirits would posses you because they can stay nowhere, and as the result, serious symptoms could appear on your body.

If you cannot prepare a memorial tablet or a tanzaku as yorishiro, or a medium for spirits to stay at, it’s advisable to prepare steaming hot water instead of incense sticks. First, pour steaming hot water into a cup with gratitude to your ancestors. Second, put it on a cleared table and lastly, think “My ancestors, please help yourself. Thank you so much for keeping us alive.” The effectiveness of this method on spirit worlds, however, is half compared with the method in which you use a tanzaku and three incense sticks and offer only gratitude to your ancestors.


The effects of spiritual light of the sun on human beings are getting stronger and stronger. As you progress in spiritual cleanness,

・The amount of food you eat will decrease because you gain energy from spiritual light of the sun.

・You will begin to feel that time passes so fast because there is a difference of the lapse of time between your physical body and your spiritual body.

My spiritual reading shows that one day, 24 hours, responds to 19 hours at most for some people according to their  spirituality. You will feel this more and more from now on.

Today too, thank you so much for keeping us alive.

Spiritual Wave from the Sun – Its Effects Part 2


Since about the beginning of Heisei era, immune system of human beings has been weakened and will be more and more. A lot of people are dying from infectious diseases caused even by coli bacteria. Human beings have begun to be defeated by germs having existed since a long time ago.

It is said that this is because the use of antibiotics causes germs to increase tolerance. But this is nothing more than an explanation of phenomena. The fundamental cause is that the spiritual light contained in electromagnetic waves from the sun has been weakening the immune system of human beings.

Because of this, the number of deaths from leukemia, influenza and cancer will increase. This spiritual light responds to people who have negative thought or have been possessed by lost spirits. If you have a lot of lost spirits in your family line or you’re possessed by them, your immune system will be weakened, which causes various diseases, languor or depression. On the other hand, people who always have an attitude of gratitude and relieve their lost ancestral spirits or spirits related to them will have a cheerful heart and be rejuvenated.

Start holding a memorial service with the use of incense sticks, and you’ll know whether or not you’ve been possessed by lost spirits. If you feel painful or distressed, you may be lucky because if you don’t anything about that, you’ll be affected by the spiritual light apparently sooner or later. Once you fall ill, it’s too late. Of course, Most people who start holding a memorial service will be feel secured from the beginning. If you experience the response and be ready by practicing memorial services before something bad happens to you, the malfunction of your immune system can be avoided.

Also, to have a spiritual organization or group hold a memorial service for your ancestors with the help of a spiritual being from the World of the Dead or to have a memorial service without gratitude would have adverse effects on you because such ways of holding memorial services don’t fit into the age of the Sun God. It’s important for you to put it into practice on your own and experience it. This way of holding memorial services with the use of a tanzaku, a strip of paper,  and three incense sticks does bring about so practical power that you should decide to do it or not by self-determination and on your self-responsibility. I’m not saying you must do it.


Spiritual Wave from the Sun – Its Effects Part 1


That a lot of dimensions are coming into this World of Reality to become one means that the World of Gods, the World of Spirits, the World of the Dead and the World of Hell begin to shrink one by one and disappear and the World of Reality only remains after all. The World of the Dead has already begun to shrink. Spiritual beings of all the other worlds have known about it and they’re coming into this World of Reality because this is the only way for them to survive.

To intrude into this World of Reality, they need living human beings as yorishiro(寄り代), a medium for spirits to stay at. Spiritual beings like you in character will come close to you as magnets attract each other. It’s impossible for you to reject or exorcise it. This seems to be a universal law that the Original God set up a long, long time ago. According to the consequences of your own deeds, spirits whose way of thinking and acting is similar to yours will come to posses you. This possession is such that you couldn’t conceal your true intention.

Well, you couldn’t be pretend to be a good person. Do you want to know what kind of spiritual being you’re going to sympathize with? Why don’t you take an objective look at your thought, preference and actions in everyday life? Then you know it. Some people will sympathize with spiritual beings from the World of Gods and some the World of Hell.

Recently a murder case occurred, in which a high school student killed his mother brutally. It seems that he had been shocked to have his house break down due to a natural disaster and since then he had wished for the collapse of the world and had grudge against the world, thinking “Why am I so unhappy ?” As the result, a spiritual being with the same kind of hellish thought possessed him. Unlike the past ages, once you’re possessed by a spirit, you couldn’t control yourself consciously. In the murder case, his self-consciousness was only watching what he was doing and he could’t stop himself.

Well, now is the age that if you reflect on your sins which you think is unforgivable and remind yourself of gratitude for being kept alive, spiritual beings from the World of Gods will come close to you. That is, you can easily sympathize with gods, which was impossible in the past.

When the number of people living as yorishiro of God reaches five percent of the Japanese population, the world will begin to change for the better. No matter how hard your life is and how bad your physical body, if you remind yourself of gratitude for what you have taken for granted, thinking that you can experience those because you’re kept alive, a lot of thing will begin to change in the World of Reality. You’ll be in the state of being with God. This is kannagara(カンナガラ). Kannagara means becoming one with God and live together. What make this happen early is the following spiritual phrase:

I Ka Shi Te I Ta Da I Te    A Ri Ga To U Go Za I Ma Su

Thank you so much for keeping us alive.

Spiritual Wave from the Sun


The spiritual wave from the sun has been more and more intense. On the face of it, it is what is called an electromagnetic wave. But in fact, it’s something spiritual that changes the composition of the whole earth.

It will greatly change the natural environment of the earth, its geological features, climates, temperatures and so on. Electromagnetic waves from the sun will heat the earth from inside just as food in a microwave oven gets hot from inside.

Ice in the depth of the North and South Poles has begun to melt from inside. It’s not melting from outside due to global warming. This will cause the sea level to rise much faster than is expected and the melted ice sea of low temperature will bring about  a cold summer.

Also, there will be hot summer days when the temperature is record high. You will experience extremely high temperature and low temperature by turns regardless of seasons all all through the year. The rise in temperature inside the earth will cause volcanic activities to become active, too.

A lot of dimensions will come to this World of Reality to become integrated. Before Showa era , dimensions surrounding this planet could be classified mainly into the five worlds: the World of Gods, the World of Spirits, the World of the Dead, the World of Reality and the World of Hell.

The World of the Dead, in particular, was the world difficult to deal with. In Heian and Edo period, the World of the Dead was larger than the World of Reality, and it had various effects on the other. In such periods, ghosts, curses and imprecation had strong influence and people suffered from unreasonable things. These periods may be called Dark Ages. And it’s interesting that in such a period, culture flourished and developed greatly.

The World of the Dead has been diminishing since the beginning of Heisei era with its size being less than half now, and it is sure to disappear. This is due to the spiritual wave from the sun, which means the changeover from dark ages to light ones, namely, the opening of the World of the Sun God.

Religions will Disappear


As with the other worlds, there are numerous worlds in the World of Gods. About 200 years ago, the decision was made at a higher world of the World of Gods that kenzokus(眷属), such as dragon gods, fox spirits, snake spirits and so on, must be destroyed, who have served for thousands of years as agents between gods and humans on the earth, and that the present environment must be changed back to a state in ancient times where the Original God and human beings could directly communicate with each other.

Hearing of this, kenzokus in lower worlds of the World of Gods had complex feelings because they had served as agents between the World of Gods and the World of Reality and been worshiped as gods by human beings.

Gods in a higher world of the World of Gods thought that to destroy the agents abruptly would cause disruption in the World of Reality , so by sending kenzokus belonging to a higher world of the World of Gods, they tried to make human beings aware that they are “holy pillars” who have a part of the Original God in their heart.

As the result, what they brought about was the foundation of Konko-kyo(金光教)and Kurozumi-kyo(黒柱教)by a golden dragon god belonging to the world of Sun God, or Amaterasu-oho-mi-kami (天照御太神)and that of Tenri-kyo(天理教) and Omoto-kyo(大本教)by a black dragon god belonging to the world of Earth God, or Kunitokotachi-o-kami(国常立太神).

However, what the keozokus did resulted in personal worship of gurus supported by spirits of the World of the Dead, not the awareness of Inner God by human beings. Since the World of the Dead had strong influence on the World of Reality in those days, such an abominable situation couldn’t have been avoided.

In particular, religious sects deriving from Omoto-kyo was awfully bad. The adherents expected for benefits gained in this world and the teachings separated them from their Inner God, leading them to unhappiness. The way the kenzokus looked was not that of dragon gods. Every time they committed evil deeds, their whiskers and horns dropped, their scales and limbs disappeared and finally they turned snakes.


With the extinction of the World of the Dead, these kenzokus are disappearing.  A new age is coming when it’s easy for each of you to find God in yourself, in which case religions will perish. The time is coming when religions making people worship something outside of them disappear.

Thank you so much for keeping us alive.

Heisei Era is the New Year of the Universe


In large shrines existing over centuries, you can see a big twin tree whose two trunks are separated from the base of the tree. I’m not sure whether a nursery tree separated and became like that or two young plants grew up and became one tree due to the closeness to each other. Strange enough, it often happens that there is only one such a tree in a shrine. In addition, such a tree stands at a good, prominent place in the precincts of the shrine.

One tree grows up and become two trees, which shows a fundamental law of the universe, the law that one becomes two and branches out infinitely. A revolutionary and strange change is taking place in this phenomenon of the original one becoming two.

In Japanese myths, the Original god gave birth to Izanagi and Izanami, and they in turn a myriad of gods. Therefore, twin or couple big trees stand for Izanagi and Izanami.

Since the beginning of Heisei era, these couple big trees have begun to disappear. In Hakusan Hime shrine, for example, a couple big tree standing on the front left of the main building fell down because of a typhoon and hit and broke down the building as if a sword had cut it down.

This means that though all and every beings was born from the Original God, branched out, developed, and multiplied, distal human beings are now far away from the Original God, too far to recognize it, and that the universe has stopped expanding and begun to return to the starting point. That is, a new, different world has begun in Heisei era, different from any other world in a long history.

I feel intuitively that it took a long, long time for the universe to expand but once it begins to turn back, it takes a very short time. I’m grateful for having been born in this rare era.

Thank you so much for keeping us alive.

Movement by 5 Percent of the Human Beings


This environment where we live is not a product of chance. If its gravitation, magnetic fields, or the wavelength of sunlight should change at all, all living things couldn’t survive.

You’re kept alive by a certain will. Kept alive, you have individual desires, lusts, anger, and troubles one after another. In this environment, you’ve been repeating reincarnations for a long, long time and now you’re living in this distinctive age.

It’s no accident that you’re alive. There’s some meaning. Only after you’re grateful for being kept alive, should you pursue your personal goals or chase your dreams. If you, no matter how miserable your life is or how sick you are in body and mind, try to be grateful for being kept alive, each of you will see something important. You’ll realize that you’ve been helped and taken care of by many people.

Now, the stage where we experience our lives is about to change. People in ancient times never failed to offer gratitude to the stage. Taking the existence of the stage for granted, people today are just trying to achieve social success.。

I imagine that being grateful to this stage beginning to move can moderate its change or stop it. When the number of people who remind themselves of gratitude for what is taken for granted reaches five percent of the Japanese population first, then the waves will extend to the rest of the world and the change will stop.

“Thank you so much for keeping us alive.”

This is the words echoing in the stage.

The stage is the earth.

You, living in the time of change of the stage, or the earth, have grave responsibilities. All human beings living in this age need to think about why they were born in this period of time. You’re living in the age when things happen which a lot of souls in the past never experienced before. This is never a mere accident.

Once you’re born in this age, each of you has got an important duty.