Movement by 5 Percent of the Human Beings


This environment where we live is not a product of chance. If its gravitation, magnetic fields, or the wavelength of sunlight should change at all, all living things couldn’t survive.

You’re kept alive by a certain will. Kept alive, you have individual desires, lusts, anger, and troubles one after another. In this environment, you’ve been repeating reincarnations for a long, long time and now you’re living in this distinctive age.

It’s no accident that you’re alive. There’s some meaning. Only after you’re grateful for being kept alive, should you pursue your personal goals or chase your dreams. If you, no matter how miserable your life is or how sick you are in body and mind, try to be grateful for being kept alive, each of you will see something important. You’ll realize that you’ve been helped and taken care of by many people.

Now, the stage where we experience our lives is about to change. People in ancient times never failed to offer gratitude to the stage. Taking the existence of the stage for granted, people today are just trying to achieve social success.。

I imagine that being grateful to this stage beginning to move can moderate its change or stop it. When the number of people who remind themselves of gratitude for what is taken for granted reaches five percent of the Japanese population first, then the waves will extend to the rest of the world and the change will stop.

“Thank you so much for keeping us alive.”

This is the words echoing in the stage.

The stage is the earth.

You, living in the time of change of the stage, or the earth, have grave responsibilities. All human beings living in this age need to think about why they were born in this period of time. You’re living in the age when things happen which a lot of souls in the past never experienced before. This is never a mere accident.

Once you’re born in this age, each of you has got an important duty.