Spiritual Wave from the Sun


The spiritual wave from the sun has been more and more intense. On the face of it, it is what is called an electromagnetic wave. But in fact, it’s something spiritual that changes the composition of the whole earth.

It will greatly change the natural environment of the earth, its geological features, climates, temperatures and so on. Electromagnetic waves from the sun will heat the earth from inside just as food in a microwave oven gets hot from inside.

Ice in the depth of the North and South Poles has begun to melt from inside. It’s not melting from outside due to global warming. This will cause the sea level to rise much faster than is expected and the melted ice sea of low temperature will bring about  a cold summer.

Also, there will be hot summer days when the temperature is record high. You will experience extremely high temperature and low temperature by turns regardless of seasons all all through the year. The rise in temperature inside the earth will cause volcanic activities to become active, too.

A lot of dimensions will come to this World of Reality to become integrated. Before Showa era , dimensions surrounding this planet could be classified mainly into the five worlds: the World of Gods, the World of Spirits, the World of the Dead, the World of Reality and the World of Hell.

The World of the Dead, in particular, was the world difficult to deal with. In Heian and Edo period, the World of the Dead was larger than the World of Reality, and it had various effects on the other. In such periods, ghosts, curses and imprecation had strong influence and people suffered from unreasonable things. These periods may be called Dark Ages. And it’s interesting that in such a period, culture flourished and developed greatly.

The World of the Dead has been diminishing since the beginning of Heisei era with its size being less than half now, and it is sure to disappear. This is due to the spiritual wave from the sun, which means the changeover from dark ages to light ones, namely, the opening of the World of the Sun God.

Religions will Disappear


As with the other worlds, there are numerous worlds in the World of Gods. About 200 years ago, the decision was made at a higher world of the World of Gods that kenzokus(眷属), such as dragon gods, fox spirits, snake spirits and so on, must be destroyed, who have served for thousands of years as agents between gods and humans on the earth, and that the present environment must be changed back to a state in ancient times where the Original God and human beings could directly communicate with each other.

Hearing of this, kenzokus in lower worlds of the World of Gods had complex feelings because they had served as agents between the World of Gods and the World of Reality and been worshiped as gods by human beings.

Gods in a higher world of the World of Gods thought that to destroy the agents abruptly would cause disruption in the World of Reality , so by sending kenzokus belonging to a higher world of the World of Gods, they tried to make human beings aware that they are “holy pillars” who have a part of the Original God in their heart.

As the result, what they brought about was the foundation of Konko-kyo(金光教)and Kurozumi-kyo(黒柱教)by a golden dragon god belonging to the world of Sun God, or Amaterasu-oho-mi-kami (天照御太神)and that of Tenri-kyo(天理教) and Omoto-kyo(大本教)by a black dragon god belonging to the world of Earth God, or Kunitokotachi-o-kami(国常立太神).

However, what the keozokus did resulted in personal worship of gurus supported by spirits of the World of the Dead, not the awareness of Inner God by human beings. Since the World of the Dead had strong influence on the World of Reality in those days, such an abominable situation couldn’t have been avoided.

In particular, religious sects deriving from Omoto-kyo was awfully bad. The adherents expected for benefits gained in this world and the teachings separated them from their Inner God, leading them to unhappiness. The way the kenzokus looked was not that of dragon gods. Every time they committed evil deeds, their whiskers and horns dropped, their scales and limbs disappeared and finally they turned snakes.


With the extinction of the World of the Dead, these kenzokus are disappearing.  A new age is coming when it’s easy for each of you to find God in yourself, in which case religions will perish. The time is coming when religions making people worship something outside of them disappear.

Thank you so much for keeping us alive.