Spiritual Wave from the Sun – Its Effects Part 2


Since about the beginning of Heisei era, immune system of human beings has been weakened and will be more and more. A lot of people are dying from infectious diseases caused even by coli bacteria. Human beings have begun to be defeated by germs having existed since a long time ago.

It is said that this is because the use of antibiotics causes germs to increase tolerance. But this is nothing more than an explanation of phenomena. The fundamental cause is that the spiritual light contained in electromagnetic waves from the sun has been weakening the immune system of human beings.

Because of this, the number of deaths from leukemia, influenza and cancer will increase. This spiritual light responds to people who have negative thought or have been possessed by lost spirits. If you have a lot of lost spirits in your family line or you’re possessed by them, your immune system will be weakened, which causes various diseases, languor or depression. On the other hand, people who always have an attitude of gratitude and relieve their lost ancestral spirits or spirits related to them will have a cheerful heart and be rejuvenated.

Start holding a memorial service with the use of incense sticks, and you’ll know whether or not you’ve been possessed by lost spirits. If you feel painful or distressed, you may be lucky because if you don’t anything about that, you’ll be affected by the spiritual light apparently sooner or later. Once you fall ill, it’s too late. Of course, Most people who start holding a memorial service will be feel secured from the beginning. If you experience the response and be ready by practicing memorial services before something bad happens to you, the malfunction of your immune system can be avoided.

Also, to have a spiritual organization or group hold a memorial service for your ancestors with the help of a spiritual being from the World of the Dead or to have a memorial service without gratitude would have adverse effects on you because such ways of holding memorial services don’t fit into the age of the Sun God. It’s important for you to put it into practice on your own and experience it. This way of holding memorial services with the use of a tanzaku, a strip of paper,  and three incense sticks does bring about so practical power that you should decide to do it or not by self-determination and on your self-responsibility. I’m not saying you must do it.