Spiritual Wave from the Sun – Its Effects Part 3


Until the present, the flesh of our body has played the main role. For example, even if you don’t like Mr. A, you can hide your feelings toward him by your facial expressions or words. This is because your flesh can hide your mind. But, as human beings bathe in the spiritual light of the sun, your spiritual body, or the essence of your mind, will come to play the main role, while the flesh will be subject to it.

This is what should be afraid of. The state of mind will be more influential and appear on your physical body. No matter how hard you try to hide your real intention, it will appear. The spiritual light of the sun will be stronger and stroneger. The transition from flesh to spiritual body, while you’re alive, has already begun. If you have some spiritual dirt during the process, the friction will be caused between your physical body and spiritual one and serious symptoms will appear on you body.

To alleviate these, I’ve been holding memorial services with the use of three incense sticks and a tanzaku, a strip of Japanese paper, to console lost spiritual beings related to me. By becoming spiritually clean, I’ve made the transition smooth.

In the Ise-Hakusan Dou method, a tanzaku for your ancestral spirits or a memorial tablet with the last word “place” written on it(Note: a memorial tablet not for a particular individual but for the whole ancestral spirits)acts like a perch for lost spirits to stay at temporally. Without this, spirits would posses you because they can stay nowhere, and as the result, serious symptoms could appear on your body.

If you cannot prepare a memorial tablet or a tanzaku as yorishiro, or a medium for spirits to stay at, it’s advisable to prepare steaming hot water instead of incense sticks. First, pour steaming hot water into a cup with gratitude to your ancestors. Second, put it on a cleared table and lastly, think “My ancestors, please help yourself. Thank you so much for keeping us alive.” The effectiveness of this method on spirit worlds, however, is half compared with the method in which you use a tanzaku and three incense sticks and offer only gratitude to your ancestors.


The effects of spiritual light of the sun on human beings are getting stronger and stronger. As you progress in spiritual cleanness,

・The amount of food you eat will decrease because you gain energy from spiritual light of the sun.

・You will begin to feel that time passes so fast because there is a difference of the lapse of time between your physical body and your spiritual body.

My spiritual reading shows that one day, 24 hours, responds to 19 hours at most for some people according to their  spirituality. You will feel this more and more from now on.

Today too, thank you so much for keeping us alive.

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