About the Extinction of the World of the Dead


Worlds surrounding us can be divided roughly into the World of Gods, the World of Spirits, the World of the Dead, the World of Reality and the World of Hell.  Of these, the World of the Dead has begun to decrease in size. It has become less than half of what it used to be in Showa era. The World of the Dead includes a myriad of other worlds, such as the World of Dragons, the World of Tengus, the World of Fairies and so on.

For example, suppose there is a Buddhist statue made by someone. If a lot of people come to the statue and pray for something, the World of the Dead appears around it. Spiritual beings coming out of the world have a spiritual figure according to what people pray for. At a glance, it looks like the Buddhist image, but taking a deep look,  I can see a monstrous figure.

It is often said “Thoughts materialize, ” but this only applies to the age under the strong influence of the World of the Dead. Until Showa era, to be sure, it was easy to make  your business flourish or your dreams come true if you wish hard, regardless of the content. Firstly, thought energy given off by a person or group accumulates in the World of the Dead. Secondly, it produces a spiritual being supporting you. And lastly, the spiritual being affects the World of Reality.

Successful people who developed their business greatly in Show era were often possessed with a spiritual being of the World of the Dead whose figure was that of a dragon. This dragon was not a true dragon god as a kenzoku of the World of Gods that had existed from time immemorial. It was a false dragon god that was made in the World of the Dead due to a strong wish of people or was summoned from Devildom. Therefore, it had a hand in personal avarice, too. A true messenger of God would never work for personal profit.

With the World of the Dead disappearing, personal desires that don’t fit God’s will will be more and more difficult to realize. Also, companies that has developed due to the support of a spiritual being will have their wrong doings revealed somehow and be punished socially. If you’re going to start a business, try to make decisions in terms of being kept alive doing your best, and you will be rewarded. Your dreams, with gratitude for being kept alive, would come true. It’s interesting that the bubble economy reached its climax in Showa era when the World of the Dead was at its height.

Thank you so much for keeping us alive.