The Cause of the Shrinkage of the World of the Dead


On the present earth the World of Sun God presides over, the World of the Dead surrounding this World of Reality has been repeating its expansion and reduction from age to age. In Japan, Heian period and Edo period were the time the World of the Dead was expanded. In these periods, spiritual beings had strong influences on people’s lives and so did invocations or evil spirits.

A good point of  the World of the Dead being expanded is that culture and economy develop. The energy of personal desires, if you wanted hard, was accumulated in the World of the Dead and they were easily realized, even if someone got in trouble for it. Also, a superstar like Kukai(空海)was likely to be appear in such an age.

A bad point of the World of the Dead having a strong influence is that unreasonable things are likely to happen. It’s the age of “Winners take all.” Having done wrong, a lot of people were able to cover it up and look big in society for a long time with the use of spiritual invocation. The earnest and most righteous people suffered unreasonable results in such an age. Dark deeds would often be smothered up without bering revealed and bad people used to flourish.

The present age is the last one the World of Sun God presides over. The stage with a long, long history for human souls to develop is going to temporarily end. The World of the Dead, which gives impetus of good and bad to souls is not needed any more. The Original God has already begun with the extinction of the World of the Dead. You, living now, are the result of grand sum of miracles over centuries. No matter what you are, God is watching you. After a long, long journey, have you found that you’re being kept alive?

Thank you so much for keeping us alive.

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