The Relation Between the Shrinkage of the World of the Dead and Spiritual Symbols


Many of the souls of human beings living on the earth at present have experienced a lot of reincarnations for better or worse. This means that now is the time for the long journey of the earth and individual souls to stop temporarily.

Until recently, human beings could only sympathize with the World of Gods through spiritual beings between the two. The agents became bloated worshipped by humans and had called themselves “gods” for the last six thousands years.

They proposed conditions of exchange, called for sacrifices and tried to be God themselves, making humans confine their Inner God, a part of the Original God.

The time has come for these agents to be got rid of because of spiritual waves from the sun(traditional religious symbols are disappearing and many of them have already gone in fact)and for the spiritual waves individual souls have acquired with difficulty to appear as they are.

Spiritual beings with similar spiritual waves to yours who have run away from other worlds will come close to you to become one with you not because of some judgement of the third person but because of the natural result of your own deeds. Similar people will often fight with each other like parents and children.

Can you live in a room together with someone like you?  Do you like yourself or not? The new era is beginning that each of the human beings meets their parental God one to one.

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