Religions will Disappear


As with the other worlds, there are numerous worlds in the World of Gods. About 200 years ago, the decision was made at a higher world of the World of Gods that kenzokus(眷属), such as dragon gods, fox spirits, snake spirits and so on, must be destroyed, who have served for thousands of years as agents between gods and humans on the earth, and that the present environment must be changed back to a state in ancient times where the Original God and human beings could directly communicate with each other.

Hearing of this, kenzokus in lower worlds of the World of Gods had complex feelings because they had served as agents between the World of Gods and the World of Reality and been worshiped as gods by human beings.

Gods in a higher world of the World of Gods thought that to destroy the agents abruptly would cause disruption in the World of Reality , so by sending kenzokus belonging to a higher world of the World of Gods, they tried to make human beings aware that they are “holy pillars” who have a part of the Original God in their heart.

As the result, what they brought about was the foundation of Konko-kyo(金光教)and Kurozumi-kyo(黒柱教)by a golden dragon god belonging to the world of Sun God, or Amaterasu-oho-mi-kami (天照御太神)and that of Tenri-kyo(天理教) and Omoto-kyo(大本教)by a black dragon god belonging to the world of Earth God, or Kunitokotachi-o-kami(国常立太神).

However, what the keozokus did resulted in personal worship of gurus supported by spirits of the World of the Dead, not the awareness of Inner God by human beings. Since the World of the Dead had strong influence on the World of Reality in those days, such an abominable situation couldn’t have been avoided.

In particular, religious sects deriving from Omoto-kyo was awfully bad. The adherents expected for benefits gained in this world and the teachings separated them from their Inner God, leading them to unhappiness. The way the kenzokus looked was not that of dragon gods. Every time they committed evil deeds, their whiskers and horns dropped, their scales and limbs disappeared and finally they turned snakes.


With the extinction of the World of the Dead, these kenzokus are disappearing.  A new age is coming when it’s easy for each of you to find God in yourself, in which case religions will perish. The time is coming when religions making people worship something outside of them disappear.

Thank you so much for keeping us alive.

Heisei Era is the New Year of the Universe


In large shrines existing over centuries, you can see a big twin tree whose two trunks are separated from the base of the tree. I’m not sure whether a nursery tree separated and became like that or two young plants grew up and became one tree due to the closeness to each other. Strange enough, it often happens that there is only one such a tree in a shrine. In addition, such a tree stands at a good, prominent place in the precincts of the shrine.

One tree grows up and become two trees, which shows a fundamental law of the universe, the law that one becomes two and branches out infinitely. A revolutionary and strange change is taking place in this phenomenon of the original one becoming two.

In Japanese myths, the Original god gave birth to Izanagi and Izanami, and they in turn a myriad of gods. Therefore, twin or couple big trees stand for Izanagi and Izanami.

Since the beginning of Heisei era, these couple big trees have begun to disappear. In Hakusan Hime shrine, for example, a couple big tree standing on the front left of the main building fell down because of a typhoon and hit and broke down the building as if a sword had cut it down.

This means that though all and every beings was born from the Original God, branched out, developed, and multiplied, distal human beings are now far away from the Original God, too far to recognize it, and that the universe has stopped expanding and begun to return to the starting point. That is, a new, different world has begun in Heisei era, different from any other world in a long history.

I feel intuitively that it took a long, long time for the universe to expand but once it begins to turn back, it takes a very short time. I’m grateful for having been born in this rare era.

Thank you so much for keeping us alive.

Movement by 5 Percent of the Human Beings


This environment where we live is not a product of chance. If its gravitation, magnetic fields, or the wavelength of sunlight should change at all, all living things couldn’t survive.

You’re kept alive by a certain will. Kept alive, you have individual desires, lusts, anger, and troubles one after another. In this environment, you’ve been repeating reincarnations for a long, long time and now you’re living in this distinctive age.

It’s no accident that you’re alive. There’s some meaning. Only after you’re grateful for being kept alive, should you pursue your personal goals or chase your dreams. If you, no matter how miserable your life is or how sick you are in body and mind, try to be grateful for being kept alive, each of you will see something important. You’ll realize that you’ve been helped and taken care of by many people.

Now, the stage where we experience our lives is about to change. People in ancient times never failed to offer gratitude to the stage. Taking the existence of the stage for granted, people today are just trying to achieve social success.。

I imagine that being grateful to this stage beginning to move can moderate its change or stop it. When the number of people who remind themselves of gratitude for what is taken for granted reaches five percent of the Japanese population first, then the waves will extend to the rest of the world and the change will stop.

“Thank you so much for keeping us alive.”

This is the words echoing in the stage.

The stage is the earth.

You, living in the time of change of the stage, or the earth, have grave responsibilities. All human beings living in this age need to think about why they were born in this period of time. You’re living in the age when things happen which a lot of souls in the past never experienced before. This is never a mere accident.

Once you’re born in this age, each of you has got an important duty.