Gurdjieff and gratitude recall


One of my favorite mystics is George Ivanovich Gurdjieff (1866-1949) from Russia. When I got interested in him was the time I went to a book store and found a picture of his in his book. I didn’t know the contents because I had never read his books before. But, I knew he was no ordinary person as soon as I saw his picture. Because his soul’s weight was so heavy that I hadn’t experienced.

  • favorite お気に入りの
  • mystic 神秘家
  • get interested in A Aに興味を持つ
  • content 中身
  • no ordinary person 只者ではない
  • as soon as S+V SがVするやいなや
  • soul 魂
  • weight 重さ
  • so ~ that S+V SがVするくらい〜
  • experience 経験する

Soul’s weight varies from person to person. The heaviness of his soul is brought about only by an extraordinary number of reincarnations and experiences seeking for the right lives. His books contain many expressions baffling readers and are hard to understand. But, various kinds of spiritual truths are expressed in his books.The most important thought in his books is that though human beings are alive their spirits are asleep. He says that people live and die thinking that the human life is living a life subject to emotions like machine and that since their souls are asleep, they reborn and live their lives bound by a law of action and reaction, and remain domesticated animals only providing the moon with negative energy as food.

  • vary 様々である
  • from person to person 人によって
  • bring about A Aをもたらす
  • extraordinary 途方もない
  • reincarnation 生まれ変わり
  • seek for A Aを探し求める
  • contain  含む
  • expression 表現
  • baffle 煙にまく
  • various kinds of A 様々な種類のA
  • truth 真実
  • important 重要な
  • though S+V SはVするけれども
  • alive 生きている
  • asleep 眠っている
  • live a life 生活を送る
  • subject to A Aに左右される
  • emotion  感情
  • machine 機械
  • since S+V SはVするので
  • reborn 生まれ変わる
  • bind 縛る
  • action and reaction 作用反作用
  • remain  〜のままである
  • domesticated animals 家畜
  • provide A with B AにBを供給する
  • negative 負の

To be sure, this world is so well made that humans leak their energy all the time because of a series of stresses which cause them frustrations in order for them not to wake up. Discontented stresses cause our souls to leak energy. To wake up, we human beings need accumulated energy.

  • to be sure 確かに
  • leak 漏らす
  • all the time 常に
  • because of A Aが原因で
  • a series of A 一連のA
  • cause A B AにBをもたらす
  • frustration 欲求不満
  • in order for A not to~ Aが〜しないように
  • wake up 目覚める
  • discontented 不満な
  • cause A to~ Aが〜する原因となる
  • accumulated 蓄積された

Concretely, we are always justifying ourselves in our minds. When you get a mental illness, you will come to say it aloud because you cannot hold it in your mind. I think the best way to control this wasteful energy and prevent souls from leaking energy is ‘gratitude recall.’ If you work hard in everyday lives recalling the gratitude that I・KA・SHI・TE・I・TA・DA・I・TE A・RI・GA・TO・U・GO・ZA・I・MA・SUーthank you so much for keeping us alive in Englishー, accumulation of energy begins to take place ,changes you and leads you to awakening.

  • concretely 具体に的には
  • justify oneself 自己正当化する
  • mental illness  精神の病
  • come to~  〜するようになる
  • wasteful 無駄な
  • prevent A from ~ing Aが〜するのを防ぐ
  • gratitude recall 感謝想起
  • everyday lives 日常生活
  • take place 起こる
  • lead A to B AをBに導く
  • awakening 覚醒

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