on Champagne gold pillar at the grand shrine of Ise


When I visited Gekuu(外宮)of the Grand Shrine of Ise(伊勢神宮) in May in the year 19 of the Heisei era (2007), I saw a holy shining pillar stand there to be sure, but its shape was blurred. When I asked my companion if he could see the shining pillar, he said he couldn’t see such pillar but a certain spot felt especially bright. This was exactly where I saw the shining pillar with a faint outline.

  • holy 神の
  • shin 輝く
  • pillar 柱
  • to be sure 確かに
  • shape 形
  • blurred ぼやけた
  • companion 連れ
  • certain ある
  • especially 特に
  • bright 明るい
  • exactly まさに
  • where S+V SがVする所
  • faint かすかな
  • outline 輪郭

When I visited there again three years ago, around 11 am, three pillars were standing whose color was champagne gold. I think almost everyone could feel or see it. And also it has something to do with the time you visit. Between 10 am and 2 pm is the time you can see them relatively easily. But, though I can see both the North Star and the Big Dipper at Gekuu with the power of clairvoyance, to do this calls for transcendental power as a medium.

  • champagne gold シャンパンゴールド
  • have something to do with A Aと関係がある
  • relatively 比較的
  • clairvoyance 霊視
  • call for A Aを必要とする
  • transcendental 卓越した
  • medium 霊媒

I can see strings of genes which produce lives moving spirally in the shining pillar, which is a kind of light tunnel connecting the World of Gods with the World of Reality.The place where the source of all creature’s lives descends exists in both Ise(伊勢) and Hakusan(白山).

  • string 紐
  • gene 遺伝子
  • produce 生み出す
  • spirally 螺旋状に
  • a kind of A 一種のA
  • connect 結びつける
  • source  源
  • descend 降りる



Thank you so much for keeping us alive.

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