Holy spirit who holds the key


About 30 years ago, there was an animation drama “Space Battleship YAMATO” on TV. In the drama series, the earth is contaminated by radioactivity and  to save the earth, entrusted with the last hope of the human race,  Yamato leaves the earth for a planet called Iskandal in the Mazelan galaxy 148000 light years away in search of a contamination wipe device “Cosmo Cleaner D.” Yamato heads for Iskandal, making its way through tremendous battles with Gamilas Empire, playing the villain in the drama, receives the device at Iskandal and returns to the Earth.

  • contaminate 汚染する
  • radioactivity 放射能
  • save 救う
  • entrust A with B AにBを託す
  • the human race 人類
  • leave A for B Bに向けてAを出発する
  • planet 惑星
  • galaxy 星雲
  • light year 光年
  • in search of A Aを探し求めて
  • contamination wipe 汚染除去
  • device 装置
  • head for A Aに向う
  • make one’s way through A Aをなんとか通り抜ける
  • tremendous 壮絶な
  • battle 戦闘
  • empire 帝国
  • villain 悪役
  • receive 受け取る

Somehow, this story reminds me of Ooharae Norito(大祓祝詞)of Shito. I think of the last part of Oharae Norito which goes like this:

「根国底国に坐す速佐須良比売と言ふ神持ち佐須良比失ひてむ」―A goddess named Hayasasura Hime in Neno Kuni Sokono Kuni carries away sins and uncleanness and gets rid of them.

Hayasasura Hime seems to have the Cosmo Cleaner D, doesn’t she? She may be a savior who saves the earth from crisis.

  • somehow どういうわけか
  • remind A of B AにBを思い出させる
  • think of A Aを思いつく
  • goddess 女神
  • carry away A Aを持ち去る
  • sin 罪
  • uncleaness 汚れ
  • get rid of A Aを無くす
  • seem to~ 〜するように思われる
  • savior 救世主
  • crisis 危機

Seeing this goddess through my spiritual sight, a god behind the goddess is Susanoo(スサノオ). And Kunitokotachi Ohkami (国常立太神)is behind Susanoo. Kunitokotachi Ohkami is the spiritual body of the earth. It is Susanoo that moves around to renew the earth from now on.

  • spiritual sight 霊視
  • spiritual body 霊体
  • move around 動き回る
  • renew 再生させる
  • from now on これから

Among many gods, Susanoo is the only deity who can move around freely from the World of Hell through the World of Reality to the World of Gods. Susanoo is the only one who can deal with all sorts of good and evil, sweets and bitters, and Heaven and Hell. Even Amaterasuohomikami (天照太御神)can’t do this. Amaterasuohomikami has been supporting Susanoo behind the scene this time, entrusting him with full power.

  • deity 神
  • freely 自由に
  • deal with A A に対処する
  • all sorts of A あらゆる種類のA
  • good and evil 善悪
  • full power 全権
  • support 支援する
  • behind the scene 見えない所で

Reading Susanoo backward, it is Onosasu, which means ” to thrust an ax” , that is ” to thrust an holy sword.” In Showa era, which was strongly influenced by the World of the Dead, politicians had strong power. Scandals were blanketed and didn’t come to light. Many important things vanished with many people’s lives. Politicians and even ministers have become weak these days. A long sword(大太刀) of the World of Gods is brought down on the political world, too. God’s will is going to reach every part of various social structures in the future ahead.

  • backward 後から
  • thrust 刺す
  • ax 斧
  • that it つまり
  • holy sword 神剣
  • Showa era 昭和
  • influence 影響する
  • politician 政治家
  • blanket 隠す
  • come to light 明るみに出る
  • minister 大臣
  • weak 弱い
  • these days 最近は
  • bring A down on B AをBに振り下ろす
  • will  意思
  • various 様々な
  • social structure 社会構造
  • in the future ahead これからは

I Ka Shi Te I Ta Da I Te  A Ri Ga To U Go Za I Ma Su

Thank you so much for keeping us alive.

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