What is the right divine possession?


I have had a memory of the time I was in my mother’s womb, when I had been watching over my mother at an angle from above, thinking “Please, bear me safely” and “Eat more well-balanced food, will you?” I had felt the existence of invisible holy spirit near myself in those days.

  • womb 子宮
  • at an angle 斜めから
  • bear 産む
  • safely 無事に
  • well-balanced バランスのとれた
  • existence 存在
  • invisible 見えない
  • holy spirit 神霊
  • in those days 当時は

It was in my dream at the age of three or four that I first saw a figure of a holy spirit clearly. I was in a room with my family in a town where skyscrapers stood. Then a huge god like a Kabuki actor in haori and hakama, taller than 10-story building, appeared, reached out his hand into the room through the window, put me on his hand and took me out of the building. Looking back at my parents, I saw them sitting on their legs casting their eyes down. The god gazed at me on his hand for a long time, and then put me back to my family in the building.

  • figure 姿
  • skyscraper 高層ビル
  • huge 巨大な
  • actor 俳優
  • 10-story building 10階建てのビル
  • reach out A Aを伸ばす
  • sit on one’s legs 正座をする
  • cast one’s eyes down うつむく
  • gaze at A  Aをじっと見る
  • put A back to B AをBに戻す

After a while, there appeared a huge monster serpent as tall as a building outside the building and began to wind itself around the god’s legs.The god stood still with his arms folded, gazing at a point, but when the monster wind itself around his whole lower half of the body, he drew a sword and started to fight. I began to feel the holy spirit’s will and figure from the time I saw a dream like this.

  • after a while しばらくすると
  • monster serpent 大蛇
  • wind oneself around A  Aに巻き付く
  • stand still じっとしている
  • with one’s arms folded 腕を組みながら
  • lower half of the body 下半身
  • draw  抜く
  • sword 剣
  • will  意思

I think I was made to have a dream like this by some intention at the period when my ego began to form, with an image of a Kabuki doll I saw on TV being compounded into the dream. When I remember of this dream, I feel that the dream seems to have symbolic meanings and future images, such as modern civilization(skyscrapers), God(a figure like an Kabuki actor and a sword) and desires(a monster serpent).

  • be made to~ 〜させられた
  • intention 意図
  • compound 合成する
  • symbolic 象徴的な
  • meaning 意味
  • modern civilization 近代文明
  • desire 願望

I have never had a conversation with God, for God’s will or visions come across my mind in a flash. However long its content, it does in a flash. I never close my eyes when I use my clairvoyance power. I have a vision crossing my mind, watching TV or seeing a monitor of my PC. While seeing some spiritual vision, my facial expression and behavior is normal, and I look in a normal state even when possessed by the holy spirit or using my clairvoyance power. But, as I am exorcising evil spirits, I move my head up and down a little, so my wife sometimes asks me “What have you exsorcised?”

  • conversation 会話
  • ,for S+V というのもSはVするからです
  • come across one’s mind 脳裏に浮かぶ
  • in a flash 一瞬で
  • however~ どれくらい〜でも
  • content 中身
  • spiritual sight 霊視
  • clairvoyance power 霊視
  • facial expression 表情
  • behavior 振る舞い
  • normal 普通
  • posess 憑く
  • exorcise 祓う
  • evil  邪悪な

It is shameful that psychics who receive money from their clients tend to emote and do useless performance. Many of them are far from Kannagara, being always with God. For example, I hear there is a young psychic who makes money by performing spiritual shams and says proudly that he removes or exorcises evil spirits by questions and answers, using a spiritualistic medium as Yorishiro(寄り代), a place for a spirit to stay at temporarily.  This is unbelievably anachronistic. Seeing that he uses a living human as Yorishiro and makes a judgement by questions and answers, that is, a conversation, I know he is confessing that he has no spiritual ability at all.

  • shameful 恥ずかしい
  • emote 大げさに振る舞う
  • useless 無駄な
  • be far from A Aからほど遠い
  • for example 例えば
  • I hear … …らしいです
  • make money お金を稼ぐ
  • sham インチキ
  • proudly 誇らしげに
  • remove 取り除く
  • questions and answers 問答
  • medium 霊媒
  • unbelievably 信じられないくらいに
  • anachronistic 時代錯誤
  • seeing that S+V SがVするところをみると
  • make a judgement 判断を下す
  • confess 告白する
  • ability 能力

With the World of the Dead coming to an end, if he had true spiritual ability, he couldn’t say such a shameful thing. In a word, he is nothing more than a resident who lives in a world of “a psychic play”, like schoolchildren play Kokkurisan(こっくりさん), a spiritual play to conjure up a spirit.

  • come to an end 終わる
  • in a word 要するに
  • nothing more than A Aに過ぎない
  • resident 住民
  • play 遊び
  • schoolchildren 小学生
  • conjure up A Aを呼び出す

If you should play with sympathy with a low-level spiritual world like this, the last days of your life would never be good. If you tried to make money using your spiritual ability, you would have to keep on attracting your clients, saying or performing something bizarre. Psychics like this would feel like condemning his/her clients trying to holding a memorial service for their ancestors or visiting a shrine by himself, for these conducts affect the psychic’s business.

  • sympathy 感応
  • the last days of life 人生の末路
  • keep on ~ing 〜し続ける
  • attract 引き付ける
  • feel like ~ing 〜したい気がする
  • memorial service 供養
  • ancestor 先祖
  • shrine 神社
  • conduct 行為

The right divine possession is unnoticeable for the person in question. Since God and the person has become one flesh, his acts and thought coincide with God’s will. This is the state of Kannagara.

  • divine possession 神懸かり
  • unnoticeable 気がつかない
  • person in question 当該の人
  • since S+V SはVするので
  • become one flesh 一体に成る
  • coincide 一致する
  • state 状態

If you can talk with spiritual beings, your state of mind is in danger. Dissatisfaction with the present situation or feeling of escaping from reality can cause dissociation of personality. In such case, when you’ve got rid of your discontent with efforts, the conversation with invisible beings will be gone.

  • be in danger 危険である
  • dissatisfaction 不満
  • present situation 現状
  • escape from reality 現実逃避する
  • dissociation of personality 人格分離
  • discontent 不満
  • with efforts 努力して
  • be gone なくなる

To hold a memorial service for your ancestors with gratitude , offering incense sticks and using Tanzaku(短冊), a strip of paper,  and to remind yourself of gratitude to God would make both your guardian spirits and your physical body stronger.

  • gratitude 感謝の気持ち
  • offer 捧げる
  • incense stick 線香
  • remind oneself of A Aを想起する
  • guardian spirit 守護霊
  • physical body 肉体

I Ka Shi Te I Ta Da I Te  A Ri Ga To U Go Za I Ma Su

Thank you so much for keeping us alive.