We don’t need any healers.

伊勢内宮 太陽写真

Those who are related to modern medical institutions and spiritual healers are quite different in its meaning. God’s will is reflected in modern medical science and it has been developing. I keenly realize difficulties of doctors and nurses, having experienced the case of my former teacher. Self sacrifice, a risk of management of a hospital, suffering from diseases caused by spirits and so on— I think they deserve their adequate remuneration.

  • those who~ 〜する人々
  • be related to A Aに関係している
  • modern  現代の
  • medical institution 医療機関
  • quite まったく
  • meaning 意味
  • will 意思
  • be reflected 反映している
  • develop 発展する
  • keenly realize 痛感する
  • difficulties 大変さ
  • experience 経験する
  • former teacher 恩師
  • self sacrifice 自己犠牲
  • management 経営
  • suffer from A Aを被る
  • disease 病気
  • cause 引き起こす
  • and so on など
  • deserve 値する
  • adequate 十分な
  • remuneration 報酬

However, I never approve spiritual healers who try to get money by suggesting God or mystic energy of the universe or other dimensional world. Many people who have almost no hope of recovering even by undergoing modern medical treatment are apt to depend on healers as their last hope. Many of them, pinning their last hope on the healers, are willing to pay high fee of some treatment or buy some healing goods when charged, however expensive. This is a deed of making others expect something good in the name of God or the universe and betraying them. They are doing business using an invisible world. There are many healers like swindlers who sells air available for free.

  • approve 認める
  • suggest ほのめかす
  • mystic 不思議な
  • dimensional 次元の
  • recover 回復
  • undergo 受ける
  • be apt to~ 〜しがちである
  • depend on A Aに頼る
  • pin A on B AをBに託す
  • be willing to~ 進んで〜する
  • charge 請求する
  • however~ どれくらい〜でも
  • deed 行ない
  • expect 期待する
  • in the name of A Aの名の下に
  • universe 宇宙
  • betray 裏切る
  • invisible 見えない
  • swindler 詐欺師
  • available 入手可能な
  • for free 無料で

If they truly heal others, they need to perceive their past karma, the karma of their family line, and some spirits obsessing them. Healers without such abilities, who’ve got a license for money, are making money oppressed with doubts and anxieties at the bottom of their heart. Encouraging themselves with a license certificate or a manual they got from a society, they are making money, deceiving themselves and withering their conscience, namely inherent god.

  • perceive 知覚する
  • past 過去の
  • family line 家系
  • obsess 憑依する
  • license 免許
  • oppressed with A Aに押しつぶされながら
  • doubt 疑い
  • anxiety 不安
  • encourage 励ます
  • certificate 修了証
  • society 協会
  • deceive 騙す
  • wither しぼます
  • conscience 良心
  • namely すなわち
  • inherent 内在する

God exists in everyone and is omnipresent in the world. It is the origin of life given for free. God is like air.Who can keep the life energy to himself and sell it by piece ? It’s as if  you said “the air you breathed was given by me, so pay for it” and charged him.

  • exist 存在する
  • omnipresent 遍満している
  • origin 源
  • keep A to oneself Aを独占する
  • sell A by piece Aを切り売りする
  • as if S+V あたかもSがVするかのように
  • breathe 吸う

When I used to have people coming for my free advice on holidays, miraculous things happened to them. But I never said I did it, for those miraculous things are caused by their ancestral spirits or inherent god. Though I applied a match to the train so to speak, I affirmed that it was your own power which made it burn.

  • used to~ 以前〜していた
  • miraculous 奇跡的な
  • happen 起こる
  • ,for S+V というのもSはVするからです
  • ancestral 先祖の
  • apply a match 火をつける
  • train 導火線
  • so to speak いわば
  • affirm 断言する
  • burn 燃える

Humans cannot be truly healthy without rousing your energy breath arising from within. The energy has already been there. Energy force injected by others might improve your health at first, but I’m sure you end up in shortening your life span. Symptoms of your body are going to get worse later. This is because it causes the same phenomenon as a transfusion of a different type of blood spiritually. Your original blood is the best.

  • humans 人間
  • rouse 呼び覚ます
  • breath 息吹
  • arise 生じる
  • from within 内側から
  • already すでに
  • inject 注入する
  • improve 改善する
  • at first 最初は
  • I’m sure… きっと…
  • end up in ~ing 結局は〜することになる
  • shorten 短くする
  • life span 寿命
  • get worse 悪化する
  • later 後に
  • This is because S+V これはSがVするためなのです
  • phenomenon 現象
  • transfusion 輸血
  • blood type 血液型

Healers make a pile making their clients’ health much worse. In addition, they unconsciously make their clients repeat customers to increase the sale. If their clients stop coming due to improvement of their health, it is pay healers who will get in trouble the most. Pay healers are 100 % no good, no matter what they are. Their personality never fails to change due to making money.

  • make a pile 荒稼ぎする
  • in addition 加えて
  • unconsciously 無意識に
  • repeat customer リピート客
  • increase   増加させる
  • sale 売上げ
  • due to A Aのために
  • pay 有料の
  • get in trouble 困った事になる
  • no good ダメ
  • personality 性格
  • never fail to~ 必ず〜する

Holding memorial services for you ancestors, who are the origin of your life, and reminding yourself of gratitude to holy spirits can call back your breath of energy. By the way, if you have any trouble with your body, why don’t you go to a hospital first?

  • memorial service 供養
  • ancestor 先祖
  • remind oneself of A Aを想起する
  • gratitude 感謝の気持ち
  • holy spirit 神霊
  • call back A Aを呼び戻す
  • by the way ところで
  • why don’t you ~? 〜してはどうですか?

I Ka Shi Te I Ta Da I Te  A Ri Ga To U Go Za I Ma Su

Thank you so much for keeping us alive.