foolishness to sell life span by the piece

伊勢内宮 太陽写真

People who receive money from those in trouble taking advantage of their unhappiness, such as pay healers, pay psychics, and leaders of religious cults, tend to die before they reach 60. What is common among them is to receive money in return for some spiritual treatment or faith. The cause of death of such people is likely to be cancer. Most pay healers and psychics begin to turn dark red about 10 years before death. Some of them die of cancer in their forties and others die in their fifties to sixties at most.

  • receive 受け取る
  • in trouble 困っている
  • take advantage of A Aにつけこむ
  • pay 有料の
  • psychic 霊能者
  • religious cult 新興宗教
  • tend to~ 〜する傾向がある
  • reach 達する
  • common 共通な
  • in return for A Aと引き換えに
  • treatment 施術
  • faith 信仰
  • cause 原因
  • be likely to~ 〜しそうである
  • cancer 癌
  • turn 〜になる
  • die of A Aで死ぬ
  • at most せいぜい

Pay healers do the same thing as they sell their life energy and life span by the piece for money. The reason why the sick pay money for them is that they are anxious to get better, so there is strong energy as much as the money they paid. As healers receive the energy and it accumulates, it begins to scrape off their life force. They are influenced by Ikiryo(生霊),a vengeful and dependent spirit, given off from their patients. If healers do some treatment for free, the effect from the patients are less, but because healers give patients a different type of spiritual energy, they still end up in committing a sin of weakening the patients.

  • the same A as B Bと同じA
  • life energy 生命力
  • life span 寿命
  • sell A by the pieace Aを切り売りする
  • the sick 病気の人々
  • be anxious to~ 〜したくて仕方がない
  • accumulate 蓄積する
  • scrape off A Aを削り取る
  • influence 影響する
  • vengeful 復讐心のある
  • dependent 依存心のある
  • give off A Aを発する
  • for free 無料で
  • end up in ~ing 結局は〜することになる
  • commit 犯す
  • sin 罪
  • waken 弱らせる

What I’ve said above would be proved to be right statistically if a follow-up survey of pay healers and their patients were conducted. Unconscious energy from the patients is huge if the treatment doesn’t work despite a great deal of money they paid. Pay healers cannot perceive and protect themselves from the vengeful spirit. They cannot see themselves dispassionately because they are in the middle of making a living by giving spiritual treatments. Those who have the ability to perceive spiritual effects they receive from their patients would never want to be a pay healer from the start. They would rather be a volunteer healer.

  • prove A to be ~ AをBだと証明する
  • statistically 統計的に
  • follow-up survey 追跡調査
  • conduct 行なう
  • unconscious 無意識の
  • work うまくいく
  • despite A Aにもかかわらず
  • a great deal of A 多額の
  • perceive 知覚する
  • protect 守る
  • disppasionately 冷静に
  • be in the middle of ~ing 〜する渦中にいる
  • make a living 生活費を稼ぐ
  • ability 能力
  • from the start 始めから
  • would rather~ むしろ〜したいと思う

If a healer is a volunteer, the patient will thank him/her and even if there is no improvement he won’t have any grudge against the healer. On the contrary, the patient will have gratitude to them for caring. Gratuitous service can be assisted by holy spirits.

  • thank 感謝する
  • even if S+V たとえSがVするとしても
  • have grudge against A Aを恨む
  • on the contrary それどころか
  • gratitude 感謝の気持ち
  • gratuitous 無報酬の
  • assist 助ける
  • holy spirit 聖霊

Well, there is a much more dreadful thing to fear than a vengeful spirit. It is a certain spiritual being behind pay healers. The purpose of the spiritual being is to eat human souls. It has been here in the World of Reality for the purpose. It, a devil, has obsessed a human , made him show various miracles to people, and made him form a religious group. Then the religious group brainwashes the believers so that they will be dependent on the founder or a false god outside of them, by indoctrinating them with a faith of keeping off their inherent god , that is, teaching them that they are sinful and helpless, and making them lose their confidence in themselves. Souls of the humans who have lost confidence in themselves are easy to eat and delicious for a devil.

  • dreadful  恐ろしい
  • fear 恐れる
  • a certain ある
  • being 存在
  • purpose 目的
  • soul 魂
  • the World of Reality 現実世界
  • devil 悪魔
  • obsess 憑依する
  • form 形成する
  • brainwash 洗脳する
  • believer 信者
  • so that S+V SがVするように
  • founder 教組
  • false 偽の
  • indoctrinate A with B AにBを教え込む
  • keep off A Aから離れている
  • inherent 内在する
  • that is つまり
  • sinful 罪深い
  • helpless 無力な
  • confidence 自信
  • delicious おいしい

Pay healers, pay psychics and leaders of religious cults are more or less obsessed by an evil spiritual being. They themselves fall a prey to it in the end. Self-enlightenment seminars, such as Large Group Awareness Training, in fashion these days are also held for the purpose of its sponsor satisfying greed for money and the evil spirit absorbing people’s greed energy in essence. I think it’s unfortunate that people take the trouble to waste money and time to be brainwashed and polluted spiritually and choose to go away from their own inherent god left in their care. They will also lose good fortune.

  • more or less 多かれ少なかれ
  • fall a prey 餌食になる
  • in the end 最後には
  • self-enlightenment 自己啓発
  • in fashion 流行っている
  • these days 最近
  • sponsor 主催者
  • satisfy 満足させる
  • greed 欲
  • absorb 吸収する
  • in essence 本質的に
  • unfortunate 不運な
  • take the trouble to~ わざわざ〜する
  • waste 無駄にする
  • pollute 穢す
  • go away from A Aから離れる

Though entrusted with a part of God, they will get to be unable to believe themselves gradually, lose confidence, and lose their own god, an inherent god, which can be said to be a punishment for trying to take a shortcut to get an easy life for money. Such people are like those who are deceived by a false investment. What is at the bottom of their hearts is a feeling of running away from reality and a greed of wanting an easy life even by an irregular means. 

  • though S+V SはVするけれども
  • entrust A with B AにBを預ける
  • get to〜 するようになる
  • be unable to~ 〜することができない
  • gradually 徐々に
  • punishment  罰
  • take a shortcut 近道をする
  • easy life 楽な生活
  • deceive 騙す
  • investment 投資
  • at the bottom of one’s heart 心の底に
  • run away from A Aから逃げる
  • greed 欲心
  • irregular 不正の
  • means 手段

If you held memorial services for your ancestors with gratitude, you would feel something is wrong with such seminars, and have neither relationship nor connection with them at all. Should you have any connection to them, there must be something you should feel responsible for in yourself.

  • memorial service 供養
  • ancestor 先祖
  • something is wrong with A Aは何かがおかしい
  • neither A nor B  AもBも…ない
  • relationship 関係
  • connection 繋がり
  • Should you~ もし万が一あなたが〜ならば
  • there must be A Aがあるに違いない
  • feel responsible for A Aに対して責任がある

I Ka Shi Te I Ta Da I Te  A Ri Ga To U Go Za I Ma Su

Thank you so much for keeping us alive.

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