actual spiritual invasion into Japan Part 1

伊勢内宮 太陽写真

I remembered yesterday an incident of about 25 years ago, when I was in the middle of searching after truth and visited shrines in Ise(伊勢), Kumano(熊野), and Kyoto(京都) over and over. The time was Showa era, when the World of the Dead was at its peak, so there happened a lot of interesting incidents like comic books.

  • remember 思い出す
  • incident 出来事
  • be in the middle of ~ing 〜する真っ最中
  • search after A Aを探し求める
  • truth 真実
  • over and over 何度も
  • be at one’s peak 全盛期

I was under the influence of 113 Kenzokushin(眷属神), an agent of God.  They had enough power to change reality and make their will come true, so I couldn’t help but follow their will.

  • influence 影響
  • enough A to~ 〜することができるくらいのA
  • reality 現実
  • will 意思
  • come true 実現する
  • cannot help but~ 〜せざるを得ない
  • follow 従う

At that time, I , requested by them, had been carring out Shometsu Shinji(消滅神事), a shinto ritual for destroying spirtual agents escaping to the World of Reality against God’s will. When deities want to interfere with the World of Reality, even they can only have strong influence on the World of Reality by making a human carry out a fixed ritual pattern.

  • request 頼む
  • carry out A Aを実行する
  • destroy 消滅させる
  • escape 脱走する
  • deity 神
  • interfere with A Aに干渉する
  • have influence on A Aに影響を与える
  • fixed 決まった
  • pattern 型

When I carry out the ritual taught by a deity, I can see that an astounding shock wave travels toward a target from heaven and earth shaking space. The deity is not God in a broad sense but a personal god working to settle individual cases. I always knew about the existence of those escaping Kenzoku which I would carry out Shometsu Shinji toward when I was offering an advice on some problem my clients had.

  • astounding びっくりするような
  • shock wave 衝撃波
  • travel 進む
  • target 対象
  • heaven and earth 天と地
  • shake 揺らす
  • in a ~sense 〜な意味で
  • not A but B AではなくB
  • personal god 人格神
  • settle 解決する
  • individual 個々の
  • existence 存在

I’ll tell you about one of my interesting experiences. There were parents who worried about their daughter, whose personality changed when she entered a university and became a member of a religious circle. I asked them to bring as many articles related to the circle as possible. Then they brought secretly to me some organ magazines a certain religious organization published.

  • parent 親
  • enter 入る
  • university 大学
  • religious 宗教の
  • ask A to~ Aに〜するよう頼む
  • article 品物
  • related to A Aに関係した
  • as ~ as possible 可能な限り〜
  • secretly こっそりと
  • organ magazine 機関誌
  • certain ある
  • organization 組織
  • publish 発行する

What surprised me was that the leader of the group was a professor of a famous national university. According to his profile, he visited a museum on a holiday while he was staying in the U.K. on business. An exhibition of Egypt had been held at the museum. When the professor stood in front of a statue of Isis, a goddess of ancient Egypt, he felt as if he was winked at by the statue. He laid up with high fever for three days from that night on.

  • surprise 驚かす
  • professor 教授
  • famous 有名な
  • national university 国立大学
  • according to A Aによると
  • museum 博物館
  • the U.K.  英国
  • on business 仕事で
  • exhibition 展示会
  • statue 像
  • Isis イシス神
  • goddess 女神
  • ancient 古代の
  • wink ウインクする
  • lay up  寝込む
  • high fever 高熱
  • from A on Aから

I felt that it was at the very time that an evil spirit in the World of the Dead, related to Isis, got into the professor’s body deeply. And after he came back to Japan, he began to hear a voice of Isis. Then the religious organization the professor founded began to hold a group study for female students, business women, and housewives for the purpose of spreading the worship of the goddess.

  • evil 邪悪な
  • get into A Aの中に入り込む
  • voice 声
  • female 女性の
  • housewife 主婦
  • for the purpose of ~ing 〜するために
  • spread 広める
  • worship 崇拝

Looking over the organization magazine, I felt my Kenzokushin beginning to get angry gradually. In the latter half of the magazine, there was a report about a ritual where the professor had the goddess possess its female members at the precinct of major Shinto shrines across Japan in order to “purify” those shrines. He said in the report that their final destination was Ise Grand Shrine.

  • look over A Aをざっと読む
  • get angry 怒る
  • gradually 徐々に
  • the latter half 後半
  • ritual 儀式
  • possess 憑依する
  • precinct 境内
  • major 主要な
  • in order to~ 〜するために
  • purify 浄化する
  • destination 目的地
  • Ise Grand Shrine 伊勢神宮

What worried the parents most, in view of what their daughter said, was that the group had a teaching of approving of and recommending free sex. I took a look at the professor, the leader of the group, with my psychic power.

…To be continued.

  • worry 心配させる
  • in view of A Aの点から見て
  • teaching 教え
  • approve 是認する
  • recommend 勧める
  • take a look at A Aを見てみる

Today too,

I Ka Shi Te I Ta Da I Te  A Ri Ga To U Go Za I Ma Su

生かして頂いて ありがとう御座位ます

Thank you so much for keeping us alive.