Be careful with static eletcricity


Among my colleagues, there is a male employee whose parents carry out a big agricultural business on a farm. I hear that they grow rice mainly and vegetables, too. He sometimes gets emotionally exhausted from work and I have often been worried about him. But strange to say  he often gets totally refreshed mentally and physically after weekends. Though he has still a lot of things to do, he comes to the office refreshed. He not only looks better on the surface, but also his spiritual aura gets thicker.

  • colleague 同僚
  • male 男性の
  • employee 従業員
  • carry out A Aを行なう
  • agricultural 農業の
  • mainly 主に
  • emotionally 精神的に
  • exhausted 疲労した
  • strange to say 奇妙なことに
  • get refreshed リフレッシュする
  • not only A but also B AだけでなくBも
  • on the surface 表面的に
  • aura オーラ
  • thick 厚い

Interested, I asked him how he spent his holidays. He said that he usually gets up early in the morning and messes about with the soil, fertilizing crops and pulling weeds and then idle the whole afternoon watching TV and taking a nap and that the more he is suffering mentally, the more he messes about with the soil.

  • ask A B AにBを尋ねる
  • spend 過ごす
  • get up 起きる
  • mess about A Aいじりをする
  • soil 土
  • fertilize 肥料をやる
  • crop 作物
  • weed 雑草
  • idle だらだらと過ごす
  • whole 全体の
  • take a nap 昼寝をする
  • the 比較級〜, the 比較級… 〜であればあるほどますます…

I feel unnecessary static electricity goes off from my body when I touch plants or soil. Unnecessary static electricity accumulated in human bodies seems impurities with my spiritual eyes. In Shinto, a purification ceremony is performed with Haraegushi(祓串), a stick of a white tree with a branch of a plant called “Cleyera japonica”(榊)attaching to it. By cutting through the air with the stick, static electricity at the place is neutralized. The most powerful plant which can get rid of static electricity is perhaps a leaf of a hemp used to be used a long time ago.

  • unnecessary 不必要な
  • static electricity 静電気
  • go off 出る
  • plant 植物
  • accumulate 蓄積する
  • impurities 穢れ
  • spiritual eye 霊眼
  • purification ceremony お祓いの儀式
  • perform 行なう
  • branch 枝
  • neutralize 中和させる
  • get rid of A Aをなくす
  • perhaps 恐らく
  • hemp 大麻
  • used to~ 以前=していた
  • a long time ago 昔

I have heard that porters dwelling in a mountain who help climbers wear a copper wire on their wrist. Doing so makes a difference in the degree of exhaustion. It improves physical endurance. This is because the copper wire discharges the static electricity accustomed in the body.

  • porter ポーター
  • dwell 住む
  • copper wire 銅線
  • wrist 手首
  • degree 度合い
  • improve 改善する
  • endurance 持久力
  • discharge 放電する

People who get easily frustrated should wear clothes or an underwear made of natural material which doesn’t take on static electricity. If possible, they should avoid nylon material as bedclothes for their health. When I use a blanket of 100% nylon, I feel very tired on waking up. Be careful with nylon material which crackles. This static electricity gives stress to cells and may be one of the causes of cancer.

  • get frustrated イライラする
  • underwear 下着
  • natural 自然の
  • material 素材
  • take on A Aを帯びる
  • if possible 可能なら
  • aviod 避ける
  • bedclothes 寝具
  • wake up 目覚める
  • be careful with A Aには注意する
  • crackle パチパチ音がする
  • cell 細胞
  • cause 原因
  • cancer ガン

I Ka Shi Te I Ta Da I Te  A Ri Ga To U Go Za I Ma Su

生かして頂いて ありがとう御座位ます

Thank you so much for keeping us alive.

thunderbolt is purification of impurities of humans’ thought


Thunderbolts these days seem different from what they used to be. The position they rumble feels much lower than before. It is often said that a thunderbolt is a sign of the change of season. This year too, it has become cold in the morning and at night after a strike of lightning.

  • thunderbolt 雷
  • these days 近頃の
  • what they used to be 以前のもの
  • rumble 鳴る
  • than before 以前よりも
  • sign 合図
  • the change of season 季節の変わり目
  • a strike of lightning 落雷

Thunderbolt(雷) is called “Kaminari”(神成り) in Japanese, meaning a phenomenon of God becoming energy and appearing. The word “Kaminari”(神鳴り)feels also like “God cries”.

  • mean 意味する
  • phenomenon 現象
  • appear 現れる
  • cry 泣く

The reason why the temperature goes down right after thunder roars may be that plants wake up from languor of summer, stimulated by the thunder. Plants wake up and begin to emit an enzyme actively.

  • reason 理由
  • temperature 気温
  • go down 下がる
  • roar 鳴る
  • wake up 目覚める
  • languor だるさ
  • stimulate 刺激する
  • emit 放出する
  • enzyme 酵素
  • actively 活発に

Plants are beings which can communicate with holy spirits. For example, it has been said that a maidenhair tree should not be planted in a private garden because it is easy for spiritual beings to dwell within the tree. Maidenhair trees have been planted in precincts of shrines and temples since a long time ago. A shape of a leaf of a maidenhair tree in a sacred place looks like a hand of Tengu(天狗), a long-nosed goblin in my spiritual sight.

  • communicate 通じている
  • holy spirit 神霊
  • maidenhair tree 銀杏の木
  • plant 植える
  • private 個人の
  • garden 庭
  • dwell within A Aに宿る
  • precincts 境内
  • shrine 神社
  • temple 寺院
  • a long time ago 昔
  • shape 形
  • sacred 神聖な

Maidenhair trees are easy for Tengu to dwell in. As long as a person living in a house with a garden where a maidenhair tree is planted is as high in spiritual level as the long-nosed goblin, there is no problem. But otherwise, in my image, the person’s energy would be absorbed by the goblin.

  • as long as S+V SがVする限り
  • otherwise もしそうでなければ
  • absorb 吸収する

Just as thunderbolt makes plants wake up, so human beings are influenced by it before they knew it. Spiritually speaking, in a densely populated area, thunder tends to occur and lightning often strikes.

  • Just as S’+V’ so S+V ちょうどS’がV’するようにSはVする
  • before they knew it 知らぬ間に
  • densely populated 人口の密集した
  • tend to~ 〜する傾向がある
  • occur 起こる

In the sky above those densely populated areas, there is a wreath of humans’ thoughts. It seems that clear thought like gratitude or pleasure ascends to heaven, while heavy thought like anger, anxiety, or sadness stays long above the town.

  • a wreath of A 渦巻くA
  • It seems that S+V SがVするように思われる
  • clear 澄んだ
  • gratitude 感謝の気持ち
  • pleasure 喜び
  • ascend 上がる
  • , while S+V 一方SはVする
  • anger 怒り
  • anxiety 不安
  • sadness 悲しみ

Thunderbolt is a kind of purification by God to get rid of cloudiness of humans’ thought. Heavy energy has been growing in the sky all over Japan recently. Thunders have often occurred in a lot of regions and lightning has struck the areas. Why don’t we go off clear energy to avoid the strike of a thunderbolt?

  • purification お祓い
  • get rid of A Aをなくす
  • cloudiness 曇り
  • recently 最近では
  • region 地方
  • go off A Aを出す
  • aviod 避ける

I Ka Shi Te I Ta Da I Te  A Ri Ga To U Go Za I Ma Su

生かして頂いて ありがとう御座位ます

Thank you so much for keeping us alive.

This impure society in the World of Reality is the very best as a place for ascetic training


What I remeber when I hear of The 1000 Day Circumambulation(千日回峰行)is Mr.Yusai Sakai(酒井雄哉), Great Ajari (大阿闍梨,a master in Esoteric Buddhism) of Tendai Sect(天台宗). I still remember watching an NHK documentary program on TV more than 30 years ago about Mr. Sakai’s life and The 1000 Day Circumambulation. What he, a great Buddhist monk who accomplished The 1000 Day Circumambulation for the first time in a while, said in the program was unexpected.

  • hear of A Aについて聞く
  • monk 僧
  • accomplish 成し遂げる
  • for the first time in a while 久方ぶりの
  • unexpected 予想外の

According to him, his life had been full of desires and he had always been worried about money until he was in his thirties and he was totally inept. Because of lack of money, his newly-married wife took on domestic violence from him everyday, and she killed herself two months after marriage. Then he realised how pitiful he was and tried to kill himself in vain and entered into the priesthood for the sake of his wife wishing the act would do her good. He wished he could die during the ascetic training.

  • according to A Aによると
  • full of A Aでいっぱいである
  • desire 欲望
  • worried 心配している
  • in one’s thrties 30代である
  • totally inept 何をやってもダメ
  • because of A Aのために
  • lack of A Aがないこと
  • newly-married 新婚間もない
  • take on A Aを受ける
  • domestic violence 家庭内暴力
  • kill oneself 自殺する
  • realize 気がつく
  • pitiful 情けない
  • try to~ 〜しようとする
  • in vain 無駄に
  • enter into priesthood 仏門に入る
  • do A good Aのためになる
  • wish S+V SがVすればよいのにと思う
  • ascetic training 苦行

In the program, he was hanging his head down and he never looked like a man who went through a glorious ascetic training. I was moved by his simple and honest attitude without vanity.

  • hang one’s head down 首をうなだれる
  • look like A  Aのように見える
  • go through A Aをやり抜く
  • glorious 輝かしい
  • be moved 感動する
  • simple and honest 朴訥とした
  • attitude 態度
  • vanity 虚栄心

I feel his wife was the incarnation of Kannon Bosatsu(観音菩薩), Goddess of Mercy, and her life was to lead him to the Buddhism. As for his soul’s origin,  he was the incarnation of a certain symbolic being related to Mt.Hiei(比叡山) and Enryaku-ji Temple(延暦寺). His soul was such that if he had entered into the priesthood ten years before, he could have achieved The 1000 Day Circumambulation three times.

  • incarnation 化身
  • lead A to B AをBに導く
  • as for A Aに関して言えば
  • origin 出自
  • cartain ある
  • symbolic being 象徴的存在
  • related to A Aに関係した
  • A is such that S+V SはたいそうなものなのでSはVする

Unless you have a special mission like Mr. Sakai, mountain ascetic practices by an ordinary person would result in a poor, self-satisfied religious practice which wastes your precious time of life. Ascetic training in a closed, arranged environment where you can concentrate on yourself alone is fortunate in a sense. If you can look inside your heart in this society full of temptation and love and hate with a lot of families to protect, you can say you are exactly practicing a great ascetic training.

  • unless S+V SがVしない限り
  • mission 任務
  • ordinary 普通の
  • result in A Aという結果になる
  • poor 中途半端な
  • self-satisfied 自己満足の
  • religious 宗教的な
  • waste 無駄にする
  • precious 貴重な
  • closed 閉じられた
  • arranged お膳立てされた
  • concentrate on A Aに集中する
  • fortunate 恵まれている
  • in a sense ある意味で
  • society 社会
  • temptation 誘惑
  • love and hate 愛憎
  • protect 守る
  • exactly まさに

It takes true strength and is admirable to lead a life keeping balance of everything in a society abounding with temptation and freedom. This is exactly the true and admirable ascetic training. More severity lies in a social life, with the number of suicides increasing, than a closed, religious training. It can be said that a soul who failed to accomplish the training in a society in the past life is now training his own soul through a religious ascetic training in order to prepare for the training in a society in the next life.

  • It takes A to~ 〜するにはAが必要だ
  • strength 強さ
  • admirable 立派な
  • lead a life 生活を送る
  • keep balance バランスを取る
  • abound with A Aでいっぱいの
  • true 真実の
  • severity 厳しさ
  • lie in A Aに在る
  • suiceide 自殺者
  • the number of A Aの数
  • increase 増加する
  • fail to~ 〜することができない
  • the past life  前世
  • in order to~  〜するために
  • prepare for A Aの準備をする
  • the next life 来生

There are a lot of successful business leaders in the modern age who practiced religious, ascetic training so hard in the past age. This impure society in the World of Reality is the very best of all the places for ascetic training.

  • successful 成功した
  • modern 現代の
  • impure 穢れた
  • the World of Reality 現実界
  • the very best  最高の

If you realize the preciousness of normal things in daily lives and feel grateful for anything, you are blessed, for such a person’s soul can be said to have already accomplished some religious ascetic training in the previous life.

  • preciousness 貴重さ
  • normal things 普通のこと
  • grateful 感謝している
  • be blessed 幸いである
  • , for S+V というのもSがVするからです
  • daily life
  • be said to have pp 〜したと言われている
  • already すでに
  • previous 以前の

I Ka Shi Te I Ta Da I Te  A Ri Ga To U Go Za I Ma Su

生かして頂いて ありがとう御座位ます

Thank you so much for keeping us alive.

Fortune changes


Talking of divination or fortune telling, Takashima Ekidan(高島易断) is famous in Japan. Mr. Kaemon Takashima(高島嘉右衛門), the founder of Takashima Ekidan, is very interesting person.

  • talking of A Aと言えば
  • divination 易
  • fortune telling 占い
  • famous 有名な
  • founder 創設者
  • interesting 興味深い

He was also a great businessman and supported the Meiji Restoration financially from behind the scenes and contributed to bringing back Japan to the country that centered around the Emperor. He communicated with most of the leading spirits of the Restoration. Also, he made the first red-light district in Yokohama and controlled the disorder of the underworld. He was a great figure who was broad-minded enough to deal with all sorts of good and evil.

  • support 支える
  • the Meiji Restoration 明治維新
  • financially 財政的に
  • from behind the scene 陰から
  • contribute to A Aに貢献する
  • bring back A to B AをBに戻す
  • center around A Aを中心とする
  • the Emperor 天皇
  • communicate 交流する
  • leading spirit 志士
  • red-light district 遊郭町
  • control 統制する
  • disorder 無秩序
  • underworld 裏世界
  • figure 人物
  • broad-minded 心の広い
  • …enough to~ 〜することができるくらい十分…
  • deal with A Aに対処する
  • all sorts of A あらゆる種類のA
  • good and evil 善と悪

His soul was sent from the World of Gods of Japan. Many outstanding figures were born around the Meiji Restoration, in a variety of fields such as politics, economy and religion. The Meiji restoration was so important a turning point to Japan that the World of Gods influenced it strongly through the World of the Dead. Souls who can have practical influences on the World of Reality, dealing with all sorts of good and evil, like Mr. Takashima, belong to the line of Susanoo(スサノオ). 

  • soul 魂
  • the World of Gods 神界
  • outstanding figure 傑物
  • a variety of A 様々なA
  • field 分野
  • such as A 例えばAのような
  • politics 政治
  • economy 経済
  • religion 宗教
  • turning point 節目
  • influence 影響する
  • the World of the Dead 幽界
  • practical 実践的な
  • line 系統

In the spiritual world of Susanoo’s line, hierarchical worlds composed of 9 classes are made up in each of the World of Gods, the World of Spirits, the World of Reality and the World of Hell. Numerous number of souls belong to each class. A soul highest in rank in the World of Fierce Gods in the spiritual world of Susanoo’s line transmigrated into Mr. Takashima. Now his soul has gone up to Heaven after he played an important role in the World of Reality.

  • hierarchical 階級的な
  • composed of A Aから構成される
  • numerous number of A 無数のA
  • highest in rank 最高位の
  • fierce god 鬼神
  • transmigrate  転生する
  • play a ~role 〜な役割を果たす

With his soul being such, his divination must have never failed in the World of Reality because the World of Hell was large in those days. The World of Fierce Gods is in charge of and rules destinies of humans. His soul belongs to the line of the World of Gods so it is said that he prohibited strictly making divination a tool of business, saying “I’ll never trade in divination.” He was really able to see through the future. He knew the horrible destination of people who made money by using another world.

  • must have pp 〜したに違いない
  • fail 失敗する
  • in those days 当時は
  • be in charge of A Aを担当している
  • rule 支配する
  • destiny 運命
  • prohibit 禁じる
  • strictly 厳しく
  • trade in A Aを売り物にする
  • destination 行き先
  • another world 異世界

Nowadays many gurus who are connected to Deivildom have pretend to be a holy man, making money hand over fist by using invisible worlds. Thier acts are nothing but the doing of Devildom because they exploit those in trouble. There are many people who call themselves a spiritual healer and do business activities around the country. Such people are selling their conscience (=inner god) to the Devil. I wish they could realize the deadly sin of using God’s name while they’re alive.

  • nowadays 近頃は
  • guru 教組
  • be connected to A Aに繋がっている
  • Devildom 魔界
  • pretend to be~ 〜であるふりをする
  • holy man 聖人
  • make money hand over fist 荒稼ぎをする
  • invisible 目に見えない
  • be nothing but A Aに他ならない
  • doing 所業
  • exploit 搾取する
  • those in trouble 困った人々
  • call oneself A Aを自称する
  • around the country 全国で
  • conscience 良心
  • inner god 内在神
  • the Devil 悪魔
  • wish  〜であればよいなと思う
  • realize 気がつく
  • deadly sin 大罪
  • alive 生きている

Mr. Takashima would often say, ” I’m confident in telling a fortune exactly, but I can never tell a fortune of the person who has right faith.” His saying points out a deep meaning—that the future of the person who has right faith will change in a good directionIf you hold a memorial service for your ancestors with gratitude and always be thankful to God, you don’t have to worry about good or bad luck based on your birth date. You are not affected at all by your star determined by the time of your birth.

  • would often~ よく〜したものだ
  • confident 自信がある
  • exactly 正確に
  • right 正しい
  • faith 信仰
  • saying 言っていること
  • point out A Aを指摘する
  • meaning 意味
  • in a good direction よい方向に
  • hold a memorial service  供養を行う
  • ancestor 先祖
  • gratitude 感謝の気持ち
  • thankful 感謝に満ちて
  • don’t have to~ 〜する必要はない
  • worry 心配する
  • birthdate 生年月日
  • affect 影響する
  • not … at all まったく…ない
  • determine 決定する
  • birth 誕生

I Ka Shi Te I Ta Da I Te  A Ri Ga To U Go Za I Ma Su

生かして頂いて ありがとう御座位ます

Thank you so much for keeping us alive.

a man with the earth in his eyes


I drop in at a section of books on spiritual worlds in a bookstore several times a year. I do it in order to find out what kind of people come to the front and check the level of spirituality of this age. Many of them are obsessed by spiritual beings belonging to the World of the Dead, but on rare occasions I come across a book on a genuine holy man.

  • drop in at A Aに立ち寄る
  • section  売り場
  • in order to~ 〜するために
  • find out A Aを見つけ出す
  • come to the front 世に出る
  • spirituality 霊性
  • age 時代
  • author 著者
  • be obsessed  憑かれている
  • belong to A Aに属する
  • the World of the Dead 幽界
  • on rare occasions たまに
  • run into A Aに出くわす
  • come across A Aに出くわす
  • genuine 本物の
  • holy man 聖者

One of those who I felt is genuine is Ramana Maharshi. He was born in the modern India and is a fabulous holy man. When I took a book which introduced Ramana Maharshi and opened it, I found a black and white picture of him taken close-up. As soon as I saw his eyes in the picture, I could see a whole image of the earth through my spiritual vision. Surprisingly, the earth was in his eyes. The iris of his eye was the earth. I had never seen such a person before.

  • modern 現代の
  • fabulous 伝説の
  • introduce 紹介する
  • black and white 白黒の
  • close-up アップで
  • as soon as S+V SがVするやいなや
  • whole 全体の
  • vision 視力
  • surprisingly 驚くべきことに
  • iris 黒目

This man is among a small number of people who have merged into the shared consciousness of the human race. He may be the only one who has done it in the last 200 years.

  • merge into A Aに溶け込む
  • shared 共有された
  • consciousness 意識
  • the human race 人類

According to my psychic reading, this man had a heart attack when he was a teenager and experienced death nearby, which experience caused him to be absorbed in meditation with the questions such as “What is a human being?”, “Who am I?” being the key. I feel the direction of his meditation was right. His consciousness was directed toward his inner god inside himself.

  • according to A Aによると
  • heart attack 心臓発作
  • teenager 10代の人
  • experience 経験する
  • death 死
  • nearby 間近に
  • cause A to~  Aが〜する原因となる
  • be absorbed in A Aに熱中する
  • meditation  瞑想
  • human being 人間
  • key 鍵
  • direction 方向
  • meditation 瞑想
  • direct 向ける
  • inner god 内在神

Ubusunano-kami(産土神), a holy spirit involved with one’s birth, of this man was the spirit of a mountain,  the one leading to Shiva. It was lucky that he could reach a mountain in connection with the holy spirit, led by his inner god. Meditation toward his inner god in the mountain affected him so much that he was able to merge into the shared consciousness of the human race, which can be rarely achieved by humans.

  • be involved with A Aに関与している
  • lead to A Aに繋がる
  • in connection with A Aと関係がある
  • affect 影響を与える
  • so ~ that S+V とても〜なのでSはVする
  • rarely めったに〜ない

Who am I ? —” I “, whom we all think to be our own personality and individuality , is nowhere to be found after all. All and everything is nothing but an expression of the Original God. All is one.

  • personality 個性
  • individuality 個体
  • be nowhere to be found どこにも見つけられない
  • after all 結局は
  • all and everything 総て
  • nothing but A Aに過ぎない
  • expression 表現
  • the Original God 根源神

I Ka Shi Te I Ta Da I Te  A Ri Ga To U Go Za I Ma Su

生かして頂いて ありがとう御座位ます

Thank you so much for keeping us alive.

About Silver Birch


When I take a book and just riffle through the pages, I can feel the history of the author’s soul, its level, and a spiritual being behind the author. With regard to George Ivanovich Gurdjieff and Aleister Crowley, for example, their books feel so heavy in terms of the heaviness of a soul, apart from good and evil.  To be sure, a stream of spiritual energy comes into my body from their books. If a person has a strong, practical psychic power, I approve him even if he calls himself “a master” or “a sorcerer”.

  • riffle through A Aをぱらぱらとめくる
  • spiritual being 霊的存在
  • with regard to A Aに関しては
  • in terms of A  Aの観点から
  • apart from A Aは別として
  • to be sure 確かに
  • stream 流れ
  • practical 実践的な
  • approve 認める
  • even if S+V たとえSがVするとしても
  • sorcerer 魔術師

As for the world famous Silver Birch, there was a fad of it more than 20 years ago here in Japan, too. Silver Birch has been thought of as the original text of spiritualism. When I took one of the books at a bookstore at that time, my first impression was “huh?” due to its spiritual frivolity. Riffling through the pages, I felt consciousness of humans, which was the consciousness of two professional editors of a publishing company dealing in religious books. It was consciousness of Maurice Barbanell and Hannen Swaffer.

  • as for A Aに関して言えば
  • world famous 世界的に有名な
  • fad ブーム
  • think of A as B AをBだと考える
  • original text 原典
  • impression 印象
  • due to A Aのために
  • frivolity 軽薄さ
  • consciousness 意識
  • human  人間
  • professional プロの
  • editor 編集者
  • publishing company 出版社
  • deal in A Aを扱う
  • religious 宗教的な

Then I did a psychic reading as to where the contents of the book came from. The base of their spiritual knowledge and what affected them most was Emanuel Swedenborg. Swedenborg is genuine. I can feel even now the tracks of his really having come and gone in spiritual worlds. Also, Christian moral consciousness, Buddhism and Indian thought, whose roots trace back t0 Ancient Shinto, are mixed in the base of their consciousness.

  • as to A Aに関して
  • content 内容
  • genuine 本物の
  • track 跡
  • moral 道徳の
  • trace back to A Aに遡る
  • Ancient Shinto 古神道
  • be mixed 混在している

The contents of the books of Silver Birch are not bad in itself. Since the books were compilations of spiritual essence of all times and places by professional writers who were familiar with religious thoughts, there is no harm spiritually, either. However, I don’t approve of anything spiritually insubstantial or unpractical.

  • in itself それ自体では
  • compilation 編集したもの
  • all times and places 古今東西
  • be familiar with A Aに精通している
  • harm 害
  • however しかしながら
  • insubstantial 実体のない
  • unpractical 実践的でない

I have said nothing about Silver Birch for many years. I have been asked about it many times but replied evasively, for to ask someone about Silver Birch reveals his true spiritual ability or level. But why am I saying this now ? Because the modern spiritualism is a castle in the air. Selfish interpretation of famous foreign books to do spiritual business, a pyramid organization abusing spiritual knowledge in the name of God, deceptive acts using foreign words—the modern spiritualism has lost its true mission and spiritual truth.

  • many times 何回も
  • reply evasively お茶を濁す
  • , for S+V というのもSはVするからです
  • reveal 明らかにする
  • ability 能力
  • modern 現代の
  • a castle in the air 砂上の楼閣
  • selfish 自分勝手な
  • interpretation 解釈
  • pyramid organization ねずみ講
  • abuse 乱用する
  • in the name of A A の名の下で
  • deceptive ごまかしの
  • mission 使命
  • truth 真実

As is, many people will leave the spiritual truth and won’t be able to get any absolute peace of mind. The origin of all religions and spiritualism is Ancient Shinto arising from Japan. The essence of Ancient Shinto boils down to  ” to devote gratitude for being kept alive.” Whether or not you can do this simple thing. Whether or not you are conscious of it—there is a turning point of your soul right here. This thought is fair even to the people who live in an unexplored land, too.

  • as is このままでは
  • absolute 絶対的な
  • peace of mind 安心
  • origin   原点
  • arise from A Aから発生する
  • boil down to A Aに要約される
  • devote 捧げる
  • gratitude 感謝の気持ち
  • keep A alive Aを生かしておく
  • whether or not S+V SがVするかどうか
  • be conscious of A Aを意識している
  • turning point 分かれ道
  • right here まさにここに
  • fair 公平な
  • unexplored land 未開の地

Salvation of the human race never exists in spiritualistic seminars asking for a lot of money. Such people who attend this kind of thing(=a beast)are going to be more and more mentally unstable. Now is the age when things separated from the spiritual truth are accompanied by harmful side effects on mind and body. Let’s search for God inside yourself.

  • salvation 救い
  • the human race 人類
  • exist 存在する
  • seminar セミナー
  • ask for A Aを求める
  • attend 出席する
  • mentally 精神的に
  • unstable 不安定な
  • separete 離れる
  • be accompanied by A Aを伴う
  • harmful 有害な
  • side effect 副作用
  • search for A Aを探す
  • inside A Aの中に

I Ka Shi Te I Ta Da I Te  A Ri Ga To U Go Za I Ma Su

生かして頂いて ありがとう御座位ます

Thank you so much for keeping us alive.

September 11 was the beginning of the beast


September 11 is the date when Multiple Simultaneous Terrorism acts in the U.S. occurred. For the purpose of preventing this kind of terrorism from happening again, the U.S. government decided to go to war against Afghanistan and Iraq. The number of the victims who are civilians has exceeded that of the victims in the terrorism on September 11 and has been on the increase.

  • date 日付
  • Multiple Simultaneous Terrorism acts in the U.S. アメリカ同時多発テロ
  • occur 起こる
  • for the purpose of ~ing 〜するために
  • prevent A from ~ing Aが〜するのを防ぐ
  • government 政府
  • go to war 戦争を行なう
  • victim 犠牲者
  • civilian 民間人
  • exceed 超える

The problem is the war has been conducted for the prevention of terrorism and there is a high possibility that the U.S government will go to war first against another country. Should this kind of war be repeated, the superpowers couldn’t back out, which would lead to the final battle. In that case, the terrorist attack on September 11 would have triggered it.

  • conduct 行なう
  • prevention 防止
  • possibility 可能性
  • Should S be pp もし万が一Sが〜されるならば
  • repeat 繰り返す
  • superpower 大国
  • back out 引く
  • lead to A Aをもたらす
  • the final battle 最終戦争
  • trigger 引き金となる

Talking of the end of the world, Nostradamus’s Great Prophecies are famous in Japan. Among them, the most famous is :

“In the year 1999 and seven months, The Great King of Terror shall come from The Sky. He will bring to life the King of the Mongols. Before and after, Mars rules happily.”

There are many interpretations about this sentence, including the matter of authenticity of  Nostradamus himself.

  • talking of A Aと言えば
  • prophecy 予言
  • famous 有名な
  • interpretation 解釈
  • sentence 文
  • including A Aを含めて
  • matter 問題
  • authenticity 真贋

Now, let me interpret it a little. Seeing Nostradamus with my psychic vision, he had the ability to get a vision of the future in fragments. But visions he received were only fragmentary pictures without explanation by a spiritual being behind him. So he must have had no ability to specify the age and time of the vision. However, he wrote the date clearly only in the poem above. I asked the spirit behind him why it was so.

  • psychic vision 霊視
  • ability 能力
  • in fragments 断片的に
  • explanation 説明
  • specify 特定する

If you turn “1999” upside down, you can get “6661”— “666” and “1.” “666” means “beast” and “1” means ” beginning.” The spirit told me that “1999” was a secret language of “the year of the beginning of the beast.” “1999” didn’t mean the age. Though there are some interpretations about it such as one that “666” is “616”,  according to the spirit, people in those days Nostradamus lived recognized “666” as “beast.”

  • turn A upside down Aを逆さまにする
  • mean 意味する
  • beast 獣
  • secret language 隠語
  • according to A Aによると
  • recognize A as B AをBと認識する

Wondering what age the prophecy referred to, I did psychic reading about the vision he saw. All I got was a scene of a modern jumbo jet seen from below. He wouldn’t have understood what this is at all. It is said that he wrote about this scene in a letter, where he described it as “a huge bird”,  and sent it to one of his relatives or his son.

  • refer to A Aに言及する
  • scene 場面
  • modern 現代の
  • not…at all まったく〜ない
  • describe A as B AをBと描写する
  • relative 親戚

I feel that what he saw is exactly the terrorist attack on September 11. The prophecy can be interpreted as “When the beast(=the international arms dealer) starts a terrorist attack from the sky, it triggers off the king(= the fundamental and immortal law) reviving in the East.” By the way, the spiritual beings behind him were Archangel Michael and John.

  • exactly まさに
  • arms dealer 武器商人
  • revive 蘇る
  • fundamental 根本的な
  • immortal 不滅の
  • law 法
  • the East 東洋
  • by the way ところで

Today too, I Ka Shi Te I Ta Da I Te  A Ri Ga To U Go Za I Ma Su

今日も 生かして頂いて ありがとう御座位ます

Thank you so much for keeping us alive.

The burning cart from Hell calls for a suicide without mercy


Today, I’m going to talk about a sad tale of the supernatural. The following is a story I heard from my maternal grandmother when I was a school boy, and it was around the end of the Pacific War.

  • sad 悲しい
  • tale of the supernatural 怪談話
  • maternal grandmother 母方の祖母
  • the Pacific War 太平洋戦争

There was a farmhouse near grandmother’s house in which a mother-in law and a young married couple lived. One day, the husband had to leave the house because of conscription, when his wife was pregnant. About half a year after he left home, the wife gave birth to her eldest son. Three months later, a telegraph arrived saying his husband fell in battle.

  • farmhouse 農家
  • mother-in law 姑
  • married couple 夫婦
  • one day ある日
  • because of A Aのために
  • conscription 徴兵
  • pregnant 妊娠した
  • half a year 半年
  • give birth to A Aを産む
  • eldest son 長男
  • telegraph 電信
  • fall in battle 戦死する

According to my grandmother, the wife had been bullied harshly by the mother-in law from the start of the marriage life. The mother – in law may have felt that her son was taken away by his wife. Feeling sorry for the wife, my grandmother would often encourage her secretly.

  • according to A Aによると
  • bully いじめる
  • may have pp 〜したかもしれない
  • take A away Aを奪う
  • feel sorry for A Aを可哀想に思う
  • encourage 励ます
  • secretly 陰で

The wife killed herself three days after receiving the telegraph, leaving her infant behind. Having lost her husband she could only rely on, she gave up hope for the future.

  • kill oneself 自殺する
  • receive 受け取る
  • leave A behind Aを置いて行く
  • rely on A Aに頼る
  • give up hope 絶望する

My grandmother had eight small children then and her youngest child was still an infant. Several days after the wife killed herself, the mother-in law came to her to ask her to give the breast to the baby, saying that if she did so in the morning and evening two times a day, she could have a bowl of rice every day.

  • infant 乳児
  • ask A to~ Aに〜するよう頼む
  • give the breast 乳を飲ます
  • a bowl of A 一杯のA

My grandmother was ready to undertake it because she was running short of food during the war with a lot of children at home and also she was very sorry for the baby. Every time she visited the mother-in law’s house to give the breast to the baby, she heard the baby crying because of hunger at the entrance of the house.

  • be ready to~ 喜んで〜する
  • undertake 引き受ける 
  • run short of A Aが不足する
  • every time S+V SがVする度に
  • hear A ~ing Aが〜しているところを耳にする
  • hunger 飢え
  • entrance 入り口

One evening, she couldn’t hear the cry of the baby. Thinking the baby was unusually sleeping well, she opened the sliding screen of the room where the baby was sleeping silently. When she looked into the room, she saw a figure bending over the baby in a state of sitting, who was looking down at the sleeping baby’s face. The baby looked happy moving its hands and feet, when she found something was wrong. The back view of the figure looked gray and slightly transparent. She recognized the figure. It was the dead wife. When my grandmother came back an hour later, the gray figure was already gone and the baby was crying for milk.

  • one evening ある夕方
  • unusually 珍しく
  • sliding screen 障子
  • silently 静かに
  • figure 人影
  • bend over A Aに身体を傾ける
  • in a state of sitting 座った状態で
  • look down at A Aを上から見る
  • something is wrong 何かがおかしい
  • back view 後ろ姿
  • gray 灰色
  • slightly わずかに
  • transparent 透けて見える
  • recognize 見分ける
  • be gone いなくなる

One morning, sometime later after the incident, my grandmother, looking toward the entrance of the farmhouse unintentionally, caught two ogres covered with fire standing at the back and front of Daihachiguruma(大八車),a large two-wheeled hand-drawn cart,  with a cage burning with blazing fire on it and drawing it toward heaven.

  • incident 出来事
  • unintentionally 何気なく
  • witness 目撃する
  • ogre 鬼
  • be covered with A Aで覆われている
  • burn 燃える
  • blazing fire 真っ赤な炎
  • draw 引く
  • heaven 天

This vehicle composed of fire was sent from Hell. The day she saw it fell just on the 49th day of the wife’s death. Anyone who commits suicide, even a person in poor, pitiful circumstances like the wife, would be taken to Hell in the vehicle without choice. You may feel sorry for such treatment toward her, but to kill your inner god can never be forgiven.

  • vehicle 乗りもの
  • composed of A Aでできている
  • fall on A  Aに当たる
  • commit suicide 自殺を犯す
  • poor 可哀想な
  • pitiful 不憫な
  • circumstances 境遇
  • without choice 否応無く
  • treatment 扱い
  • inner god 内在神
  • forgive 許す

All human beings have to live to the very end, no matter how shamefully they behave.

  • human beings 人間
  • to the very end 最後まで
  • no matter how~ どれくらい〜でも
  • shamefully 不名誉に
  • behave 振る舞う

Pay psychics and religious groups that chisel money out of people in trouble are shutting up and hurting people’s inner god to make them lose confidence.  The vehicle from Hell will surely come to pick them up.

  • pay 有料の
  • psychic 霊能者
  • religious group 宗教団体
  • chisel A out of B AをBからだまし取る
  • in trouble 困った
  • shut up A Aを押し込める
  • hurt 傷つける
  • lose confidence 自信をなくす
  • surely 必ず
  • pick A up Aを乗せる

I Ka Shi Te I Ta Da I Te  A Ri Ga To U Go Za I Ma Su

生かして頂いて ありがとう御座位ます

Thank you so much for keeping us alive.

too tragic to talk about


There was a special TV program last night(August 5, 2007) on survivors of the Battle of Iwo Jima(硫黄島). It was more of a hell than I had expected.

  • survivor 生還者
  • battle 戦い
  • more of A よりいっそうのA
  • hell 地獄
  • expect 予期する

In the program, three Japanese men were talking about their memories they had never talked about for the last 60 years with tears in their eyes. They were all more than eighty. It was like although they had never been able to talk about it for the past 50 years after the war, now that 60 years had passed and they became old enough to die anytime, they could barely talk about it. They said that they had been wondering to themselves if they were allowed to die without telling the truth of the Battle of Iwo Jima.

  • memory 思い出
  • tear 涙
  • more than A A以上
  • …enough to~ 〜するくらい十分…
  • anytime いつでも
  • barely かろうじて
  • wonder to oneself 自問自答する
  • be allowed to~ 〜するのを許される
  • truth 真実

Many returnees from other battles in foreign countries have told us about the situations of battlefields in many ways since the end of the World War Ⅱ. But what happened on Iwo Jima was too ghastly to talk about, so no one had never been able to talk about it on TV until recently. In fact there was a hell on Iwo Jima.

  • returnee 帰還者
  • sitiation 状況
  • battlefield 戦場
  • in many ways 多くの方法で
  • the World War Ⅱ 第二次世界大戦
  • ghastly 凄惨な
  • recently 最近
  • in fact 実際

At the last situation of the war, combined with what I heard about it before, the Japanese army ran out of ammunition. To kill American soldiers, Japanese ones hid themselves under the dead bodies of the soldiers at midnight and when the enemies came close, they stood up quickly and killed them with a Japanese sword.

  • combine A with B AをBと組み合わせる
  • army 軍
  • run out of A Aがなくなる
  • ammunition 弾薬
  • soldier 兵士
  • hide oneself 隠れる
  • dead body 死体
  • enemy 敵
  • close 近くに
  • stand up 立ち上げり
  • Japanese sword 日本刀

Those Japanese soldiers were all skins and bones in a tattered military uniform and their skin were hideously burned from head to arm by the attack of flame projectors. They looked like a fierce god whose eyes were shining, so many American soldiers lost their mind for fear. “Hitori-issatsu(一人一殺)”, a strategy of each soldier having to kill at least one enemy went on for a long time.

  • skins and bones ガリガリに痩せている
  • tattered ボロボロの
  • military uniform 軍服
  • be hideously burned ひどいやけどをしている
  • attack 攻撃
  • flame projector 火炎放射器
  • fierce god 鬼神
  • lose one’s mind 気が狂う
  • fear 恐怖
  • strategy 戦略
  • at least 少なくとも
  • go on 続く

Iwo Jima is a tropical island with only soil and rocks and without no forest. No drinking water is available there. It is said that just before dying, humans are all anxious for water, which is called “Shinimizu”(死に水),water that is used to moisten the lips of a dying person. The Japanese soldiers fought the battle after the hard labor of digging tunnels over half a year. I wonder how much they wanted to drink water when they were dying of a wound.

  • tropical 熱帯の
  • island 島
  • soil 土
  • rock 岩
  • exist 存在する
  • drinking water 飲み水
  • available 入手可能な
  • be anxious for A Aが欲しくてたまらない
  • moisten 湿らす
  • labor 労働
  • dig 掘る
  • wonder  〜かしらと思う
  • die of A Aが原因で死ぬ
  • wound 傷

Though the TV program told TV viewers enough of such a hellish situation on Iwo Jima, I hear that a part of the program had been deleted. One of the witnesses said shortly in the program that he had still something he couldn’t tell even to bereaved families. Such a story, if told, wouldn’t be understood by Japanese people living in the modern, peaceful age and the witness himself and his family would be tormented. It might be sealed for good.

  • TV viewer 視聴者
  • delete 削除する
  • bereaved family 遺族
  • modern 現代の
  • peaceful 平和な
  • torment 苦しめる
  • seal 封印する
  • for good 永久に

It has been 60 years since the war was over, but even now there is still a possibility anytime that such a hellish situation beyond description can take place on this planet again and be repeated.

  • It has been A since S+V SがVしてからAが経つ
  • possibility 可能性
  • hellish 地獄のような
  • beyond description 描写できないほどの
  • take place 起こる
  • repeat 繰り返す

Though we can live free in this society, a lot of people commit suicide everyday in the modern, peaceful Japan our ancestors left us at the expense of their lives. When I think of the dead soldiers in the Battle of Iwo Jima, we have to say sorry to them if we don’t live to the very end of life however miserable we are now and however handicapped our bodies are.

  • society 社会
  • commit suicide 自殺する
  • ancestor 先祖
  • at the expense of A Aを犠牲にして
  • to the very end 最後まで
  • however~ どれくらい〜でも
  • miserable 惨めな
  • handicapped 不自由な

I Ka Shi Te I Ta Da I Te  A RI Ga To U Go Za I Ma Su

生かして頂いて ありがとう御座位ます

Thank you so much for keeping us alive.

A sad history of Izumo


When I gave a psychic reading about the main building of Izumo Taisha Shrine(出雲大社), which is said to have been a huge one in ancient times, what I saw in my clairvoyanace power was too cruel to write about. It was a scene where pillars bundled with three large trees were planted in the ground to build the main building of the shrine.

  • ancient times 古代
  • clairvoyanace 霊視
  • too…to~ とても…なので〜することができない
  • scene 場面
  • bundled 束ねられた
  • plant 立てる

Soil was first put on a level, vast ground to make a small, trapezoidal hill more than 70 meters tall. Holes were then dug vertically from the top of the hill, whose diameter was as wide as bundled three big trees. About nine vertical holes were dug in all on the trapezoidal hill, whose depth was more than 70 meters.

  • soil 土
  • level 平らな
  • vast 広大な
  • trapezodial 台形の
  • hill 小山
  • diameter 直径
  • in all 全部で
  • depth 深さ

The problem is when those holes were completed. Poor people like slaves who carried out the construction work were thrown alive into the holes. About 20 people were thrown into each hole, and enough stones to fill up the height of 5 meters were thrown down over them from above. Screams beyond description echoed in the holes.

  • complete 完成する
  • slave 奴隷
  • carry out A Aを行なう
  • construction 工事
  • throw A into B AをBに投げ込む
  • alive 生きている
  • enough A to~ 〜することができるくらい十分なA
  • height 高さ
  • throw down A Aを落とす
  • scream 悲鳴
  • beyond description なんとも言えない
  • echo 響く

And after a while, three big trees were bundled to make one huge pillar as long as 60 meters on the top of the trapezoidal hill. Those pillars were assembled under a lying state and were then put into the holes.

  • after a while しばらくすると
  • assemble 組み立てる
  • under a lying state 寝かせた状態で

9 huge pillars were put in the holes and the main building were built on them. The soil of the hill were removed from the top to the bottom and stairs were attached between the pillars in the state of crossing obliquely. After clearing the hill of all the soil, a huge main building appeared which was more than 50 meters tall. Later this large construction project became a model of Hitobashira (人柱), a practice of burying people alive under pillars of buildings to ensure protection.

  • remove 取り除く
  • stair 階段
  • attach 取り付ける
  • in the state of crossing 筋交い状に
  • obliquely 斜めに
  • clear A of B AからBを取り除く
  • appear 現れる
  • model 原型
  • practice 慣習
  • bury A alive 生き埋めにする
  • ensure 確保する
  • protection 保護

Those people who were forced to carry out the construction were inhabitants who had lived in Kinki(近畿)and Chugoku(中国) regions since ancient times. A certain cruel, powerful clan from Kyushu region, who originally immigrated from abroad, captured only young men living in those regions,  send them to Izumo and made them carry out the construction over and over.

  • be forced to~ 〜するよう強いられる
  • inhabitant 住民
  • region 地方
  • a certain A あるA
  • cruel 残酷な
  • powerful clan 豪族
  • originally 元々は
  • immigrate 移民する
  • capture 捕らえる
  • over and over 繰り返し

In short, the construction was carried out in order to prevent a rebellion, make prisoners worn out and rule them by fear. The extraordinarily tall main building was for repetitive destruction as well to make prisoners work over and over. Yes. Izumo used to be a place of banishment in ancient times. A sad history of Japan was there.

  • in short 要するに
  • in order to~ 〜するために
  • prevent 防ぐ
  • rebellion 謀反
  • prisoner 捕虜
  • worn out 疲れ果てる
  • rule 支配する
  • fear 恐怖
  • extraordinarily 異常に
  • repetitive 繰り返しの
  • destruction 破壊
  •  ~ as well ~も
  • a place of banishment 流刑地
  • sad 悲しい

I Ka Shi Te I Ta Da I Te  A Ri Ga To U Go Za I Ma Su

生かして頂いて 有難う御座位ます

Thank you so much for keeping us alive.