FAQ 18


I have lived for 41 years having grudge against my parents. My father, who was addicted to alcohol, abused me sexually and I cannot forget the pain in my heart even now. I don’t wanna see even Father’s face. I know the importance of gratitude or forgiveness at heart though. For a little girl, scars of sexual abuse do remain for her entire life. Everytime I see such news on TV, I feel painful and too sorrowful to bear coz I remember my own scar. How should I tidy up my mind and move on?

  • grudge 恨み
  • addicted 中毒の
  • abuse 虐待する
  • sexually 性的に
  • pain 痛み
  • importance 重要性
  • gratitude 感謝の気持ち
  • forgiveness 赦し
  • remain 残る
  • entire 全体の
  • everytime S+V SがVする度に
  • sorrowful 悲しみでいっぱい
  • bear 耐える
  • tidy up A Aを整理する
  • move on 進んで行く


You must have seen a hell, mustn’t you? For a child who has no one to turn to, there is a very slight difference between such experience and death. First of all, you should hold a memorial service for you own spirit. To a memorial tablet for your ancestors, you should say in your heart “Thank you so much for keeping YOUR NAME alive” and offer an incense stick.You might think it’s weird because you’re still alive. But your spirit at that time has still existed separated from the present you. Please offer an incense stick to yourself remembering yourself in those days. At first, you would shed tears remembering the fear and pain of the past, but as you repeat this memorial service, the spiritual body of the wandering spirit of yourself in the past would be sublimed and fade away. It is good to offer an incense stick for yourself after the flames of three incense sticks go out.

  • hell 地獄
  • turn to A Aに頼る
  • slight わずかな
  • difference 違い
  • first of all まず第一に
  • memorial tablet 霊位
  • offer 捧げる
  • incense stick 線香
  • weird 奇妙な
  • exist 存在する
  • the present 現在の
  • at first 最初は
  • shed 流す
  • tear 涙
  • fear 恐怖
  • pain 苦しみ
  • spiritual body 霊体
  • wander 彷徨う
  • sublime 昇華する
  • fade away 消えてなくなる
  • go out 消える

FAQ 17


I wish I could live everyday with an honest, kind and peaceful mind, clinging to nothing. What do you think from a spiritual point of view of my wish that I wanna make a lot of money from my business and live a life of luxury and ease with my family? I run my own company and I think I know that if I did my business only to satisfy my desires, it would reach a limit soon. It is so hard to just continue my company I launched, and I’ve often been made to think about it.

  • honest 正直な
  • kind 優しい
  • peaceful 穏やかな
  • cling to A Aに執着する
  • point of view 視点
  • luxury 贅沢
  • ease 安楽
  • run 経営する
  • satisfy 満足させる
  • desire 願望


It is a great thing for you to do your best in the job to make your family happy. It can be a great ascetic training for your soul to develop. But if you made money at the expense of others, it wouldn’t work out well in the end. Spiritually speaking, some negative phenomenon as much as the profit you made would happen to you later. Now, you might ask how much you are allowed to make profit. Make you conscience its standard. And to make your conscience reveal itself, you have to hold a memorial service for your ancestors with gratitude everyday.

  • ascetic training 修行
  • develop 成長する
  • at the expense of A Aを犠牲にして
  • others 他人
  • in the end 結局は
  • negative 否定的な
  • phenomenon 現象
  • profit 儲け
  • be allowed to~ 〜するのを許される
  • conscience 良心
  • reveal oneself 現れる
  • memorial service 供養
  • ancestor 先祖
  • gratitude 感謝の気持ち

FAQ 16


The company I work for is an old, typical vertically-structured society. It’s a kind of monstrous company, where an employee who tries to win promotion at the expense of his colleagues and is able to appeal himself well can only get promoted. The executives of my company are all lacking in moral. You said that the present vertical “moon” society will be replaced with a horizontal “sun” society, but I cannot help but wonder how that kind of thing will happen. Is the day coming when the present social system will change?

  • typical 典型的な
  • vertically-structured society 縦社会
  • monstrous 化け物のような
  • employee 従業員
  • promotion 昇進
  • at the expense of A Aを犠牲にして
  • colleague 同僚
  • exectutive 役員
  • lack 欠ける
  • moral モラル
  • present 現在の
  • replace A with B AをBと取り替える
  • horizontal 水平的な
  • cannot help but~ 〜せざるを得ない
  • wonder how S+V どのようにSはVするのかしら


When the company gets into trouble in profit, it will pay dearly. In the future ahead, the world economy will take a weaving course. As the economy of Japan also weaves out, such a halfway company will be hard to survive. An ideal office worker who can survive in the future is one who works hard as if he were a sole proprietor in the organization and is able to cooperate with the other colleagues. Don’t be troubled about promotion in a small world like a company.

  • get into trouble 
  • profit 利益
  • pay dearly ひどい目にあう
  • economy 経済
  • take a weaving course 迷走する
  • half-way 中途半端な
  • survive 生き残る
  • ideal 理想的な
  • as if S+V あたかもSがVするかのように
  • sole proprietor 個人事業主
  • cooperate 協調する
  • be troubled 気をもむ

FAQ 15


I have held a memorial service for my ancestors with incense sticks. Is there any special kind of scent the spirits like? I’m wondering which incense sticks to buy because a lot of kinds of incense sticks are sold at the store.

  • memorial service 供養
  • ancestor 先祖
  • incense stick 線香
  • scent 香り


The more smoke, the better. A spiritual body before going to heaven looks like Ectoplasm similar to smoke. Ectoplasma resembles the smoke of incense sticks and goes with it. Compassion toward the deceased rides on the smoke and is delivered to the spirit. So the amount of smoke is important. I use incense sticks with a sandalwood fragrance. The upper part of the spiritual world smells very good, while Hell really smells like a ditch. Where a lot of evil spirits gather does smell like a drainpipe. The smoke with good scent can relieve the spirits in need of consolation. Therefore when you hold a memorial service, it is good to offer incense sticks which gives out a lot of smoke and are good smell.

  • smoke 煙
  • spiritual body 霊体
  • look like A Aのように見える
  • similar to A Aに似ている
  • resemble 似ている
  • go with A Aに合う
  • compassion  哀れみ
  • the deceased 死者
  • ride on A Aに乗る
  • deliver 運ぶ
  • amount 量
  • sandalwood  白檀
  • fragrance 香り
  • upper 上位の
  • ditch どぶ
  • evil spirit 悪霊
  • gather 集まる
  • drainpipe 下水管
  • relieve 慰める
  • in need of A Aを必要としている
  • consolation 慰め
  • therefore それゆえ
  • give out A Aを放つ

FAQ 14


I started holding a memorial service for my ancestors the other day. I’ve got a question. I’ve offered a flower I took in my garden to a grave or a Buddhist altar. I have never had any bad effects so far, but should I stop doing this?

  • memorial service 供養
  • ancestor 先祖
  • the other day 先日
  • grave 墓
  • Buddhist altar 仏壇
  • effect 結果
  • so far 今のところ


There is no big problem about that. But when you offer something to God or the spirits of your ancestors, you should buy it no matter how little it costs. Because your action of having trouble to buy something for your ancestors itself is a kind of memorial service for them. It is OK if you take out some flowers in your garden with all your heart. A secret of a memorial service lies in the heart of trying to offer something without saving time and energy. It is this thoughtfulness that is understood by ancestors. So, if you buy something reluctantly, you had better not offer it no matter how expensive.

  • have trouble to~ わざわざ〜する
  • with all one’s heart 心を込めて
  • lie in A Aにある
  • save 省く
  • thoughtfulness 思い遣り
  • reluctantly いやいや
  • expensive

FAQ 13


When I begin to hold a memorial service for my ancestors, my pet dog I’ve kept inside the house comes running wagging its tail. Is it OK my dog being beside me? The other day, I heard from a friend of mine that animals are not  allowed to enter Shrine precincts, so I’m worried a little about it. I wonder how the other readers of this blog who keep their pet animals deal with this problem. Should I keep my pet dog from coming into the room while I’m holding the service?

  • memorial service 供養
  • ancestor 先祖
  • wag 振る
  • tail 尻尾
  • the other day 先日
  • be allowed to~ 〜するのを許されている
  • enter 入る
  • precinct 敷地
  • deal with A Aを扱う
  • keep A from ~ing Aが〜させないでおく


It’s no problem that your pet dog is beside you when you hold a memorial service in your house. As for a shrine, since there is a Kenzokushin(眷属神, a subordinate god running errands for its superordinate god) in a shrine where a true holy spirit exists, you must not let your pet animals defecate in the precincts. I sometimes see a pet owner letting his pet dog do so. I’m sure the owner’ fortune and health will be damaged. Kenzokushin is an unsparing spirit in a way and it is an inflexible and relentless being.

  • as for A Aに関して言えば
  • suboridinate 下位の
  • run errand 使い走りをする
  • superordinate 上位の
  • holy spirit 神霊
  • exist 存在する
  • must not~ 〜してはいけない
  • let A ~ Aに〜させる
  • defecate 糞をする
  • I’m sure… きっと…だろう
  • unsparing 容赦のない
  • in a way ある意味で
  • inflexible 融通が利かない
  • relentless 情け容赦のない
  • being 存在

FAQ 12


I had my pet cat I had kept for 18 years cremated at a cemetery for pets. Then I brought the bones back home and now are beside an incense holder. I have wanted to bury them under the ground of my private garden with a young plant. Is there any problem with that? I’ve been thinking there must have been some karma between the cat and I. I have never kept a cat longer than the cat before.

  • cremate 火葬する
  • cemetery 霊園
  • incense holder 線香立て
  • there must have been A Aがあったに違いない


I know how you feel, but to put the bones of a pet in a room or bury them in a lot is not good for the pet. It is better to bury them at a quiet park far from your house or in the mountain. A cycle for pets to be reincarnated is short, but the compassion of a human for the pet prevents it from being reincarnated.The energy of thought emitted from the family the pet loves reaches its spiritual body very well. So the energy results in pulling back the pet and keeping it suffering as it did at death in this world. This is not good for the pet and the fortune of the family members will wane because of the negative energy of pain from the pet. It is best to send your pet away to the next world.

  • a lot 敷地
  • It is better t0~ 〜した方がよい
  • bury 埋める
  • quiet 静かな
  • reincarnate 転生させる
  • compassion 哀れみ
  • human 人間
  • prevent A from ~ing Aが〜するのを妨げる
  • emit 放出する
  • result in A Aという結果になる
  • fortune 運
  • wane 弱くなる
  • pain 痛み
  • It is best to~ 〜するのが一番よい