At first I had thought that when we hold a memorial service for our ancestors, we need to offer two incense sticks, one for a husband’s ancestors and the other for a wife’s. But, according to your explanation that the third incense stick covers wife’s ancestors, do we need to offer two incense sticks just for a husband’s ?

  • at first 最初は
  • ancestor 先祖
  • offer 捧げる
  • incense stick  線香
  • husband 夫
  • wife 妻
  • according to A Aによれば
  • explanation 説明


Yes. That’s right. You can trace back to your family line deeply, the name of which you are now using, by offering two incense sticks. For example, suppose there is a young married couple here. When they hold a memorial service, they should offer one incense stick for the male ancestors in the family line of the husband, and the other for female ancestors of his. By doing this, they can relieve the whole ancestors in the husband’s family line.

  • That’s right. その通りです。
  • trace back to A Aを遡る
  • suppose 考える
  • male 男性の
  • female 女性の
  • whole 全体の

The third incense stick is for a wife’s parents’ ancestors. Historically speaking,  there was a name of a house prior to a surname, so your compassion can reach the former through the latter. Most of the spirits who especially need to be relieved are the deceased who died within a hundred years ago. Holding a memorial service, with a family name used now being a key, makes the spirits of ancestors relieved. A state of ancestors never fails to influence their descendants both physically and mentally.

  • historically speaking 歴史的に言えば
  • prior to A Aに先立って
  • surname 姓名
  • compassion 同情
  • most 大部分
  • state 状態
  • never fail to~ 必ず〜する
  • descendant 子孫
  • physically 肉体的に
  • mentally 精神的に

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