FAQ 21


I, as a wife, want my husband to be honest and sexually upright, too. There are a lot of adult-entertainment businesses in the city. I cannot blame the women sweepingly who work there because some have to do that kind of job because of family background. I won’t condemn the single men who get the sexual service for money, either. However, isn’t it right that I should regard it as a kind pf adultery for a married man to visit such place? Does he deserve some punishment? I wanna hear your opinion.

  • wife 妻
  • husband 夫
  • honest 正直な
  • upright 清廉な
  • sweepingly 一概に
  • condemn 咎める
  • single 独身の
  • regard A as B AをBとみなす
  • adultery 不倫
  • deserve 値する
  • punishment 罰
  • opinion 意見


Being troubled with sexual habits of human beings is one of the most important acetic trainings in this world. There is no limitation to chasing for other-sex peers.

  • be troubled 悩む
  • habit 習慣
  • acetic training 修行
  • limitation 限界
  • chase for A Aを追い求める
  • other-sex peer 異性

But I want you to remember one thing—that there is a spiritual fact that one of the causes of diseases of the uterus is a husband’s sexual play outside his home. Saliva and a body fluid are washed away on a superficial level, but spiritual dirt remains no matter how hard you try. It takes at least three days for the dirt to disappear. If a spiritual mark of another woman’s body liquid touches a wife’s womb, rejection of her spiritual body is caused even if she doesn’t know her husband is having an affair.

  • cause 原因
  • disease 病気
  • uterus 子宮
  • saliva 唾液
  • body fluid 体液
  • on a superficial level 表面的には
  • dirt 垢
  • remain 残る
  • at least 少なくとも
  • disappear 消える
  • womb 子宮
  • rejection 拒絶
  • even if S+V たとえSがVするとしても
  • have an affair 不倫をする

This rejection response is one of the causes of cervical cancer and endometriosis. Without her husband’s care for his wife, she would suffer from some problem in later years. It is effective to have your husband use a condom if you’re suspicious of him.

  • rejection response 拒絶反応
  • cervical cancer 子宮がん
  • endometriosis  内膜症
  • suffer from A Aに苦しむ
  • in later years 晩年に
  • effective 効果的な
  • suspicious 疑っている