FAQ 24


I’ve been plagued by my daughter for a long time. I wanted to get out of my house, wished I could die, and almost had my family break down. Today, she emailed me saying ” I think I’m obsessed by some evil spirit, so I’ll have myself exorcised.” I replied that she must not do such thing at a questionable place and buy anything spiritual. But, is it better to have her exorcised of evil spirits as she wishes? In that case, where should we go? I live in Kanto region but we could visit Ise Grand Shrine if we need to.

  • plague 悩ます
  • break down 崩壊する
  • be obsessed 憑かれている
  • evil spirit 悪霊
  • exorcise お祓いをする
  • reply 返事をする
  • must not~ ~してはいけない
  • questionable 怪しい
  • region 地方


Basically, you can do it at the most important provincial shrine. But it is nothing more than diverting her temporally. Misfortune and obsession have much to do with the state of s spiritual line of a family lineage. To hold a memorial service for your ancestors with gratitude using three incense sticks and as a result of it to make their protection stronger would improve spiritual problems. In your daughter’s case, however, it is not a spiritual problem but the one which her selfishness causes.

  • basically 基本的には
  • provincial  地域の
  • shrine 神社
  • nothing more than A Aに過ぎない
  • divert  気をそらす
  • temporally 一時的に
  • misfortune 不運
  • have much to do with A Aと大いに関係がある
  • state 状態
  • family lineage  家系
  • ancestor 先祖
  • incense stick 線香
  • protection 守護
  • improve 改善する
  • selfishness わがまま 

A purification rite taking place at Geku(外宮)of Ise Grand Shrine(伊勢神宮)where shrine maidens dance is really good. It’s worth visiting in order to feel Japanese culture as well.

  • rite 儀式
  • take place 行なわれる
  • shrine maiden  巫女
  • worth ~ing 〜する価値がある
  • in order to~ 〜するために
  • as well 〜もまた