FAQ 26


The entrance of my house faces the Kimon(鬼門、demon’s gate), northeast, and the bathroom the Ura-Kimon(裏鬼門、back demon’s gate), southwest. The location of the entrance cannot be changed. Is there no problem if I hold a memorial service for my ancestors?

  • entrance  玄関
  • face 向く
  • location 位置


In this case, it is good to put a holly tree or a Sakaki plant or a pine tree outside of the entrance door, if possible. If there is no such place to plant them, you can put them on a small place for a bonsai. Evil spirits are afraid of thorny trees. So if you can change approach angle to your house by putting some thorny trees on the path to the entrance, you can avoid the problem of Kimon the best. When you do it, you might feel unusual and a little bit inconvenient, but you can fix the problem. Evil spirits are good at moving straightforward, so they find it difficult to intrude into a house if the approach angle to the entrance is changed.

  • holly tree 柊
  • pine tree 松
  • evil spirit 悪霊
  • afraid  怖がる
  • thorny 刺のある
  • approach angle 進入角度
  • inconvenient  不都合
  • fix 解決する
  • be good at ~ing 〜することが得意である
  • straightforward まっすぐ
  • intrude 侵入する

As Kimon originally means a path of gods, it is best to sweep and keep it clean. It, the place in the direction of northwest,  is the best place to set a household Shinto altar. Also, by holding memorial services for your ancestors in your house, negative vibes coming from the direction of the Kimon can be neutralized.

  • originally 元々は
  • mean 意味する
  • sweep 掃除する
  • negative vibe 邪気
  • neutralize 中和する