FAQ 39


Is it preferable that we don’t care about Daisakkai(大殺界) or Tenchusatsu(天中殺), meaning a unlucky period in life according to a kind of astrology ?

  • preferable 好ましい
  • unlucky 不運な
  • period 時期
  • astrology 占術


You had better not believe it. It’s just statistics. A certain great astrologer says a person’s future sign or results can be changed greatly by eating plain food or having right faith. I feel that those who don’t hold memorial services for their ancestors tend to be subject to the cycle of 12 years linked with the activities of the sun. It is possible that if you lead your life without efforts from force of habit, your life are likely to fall into one of the statistical patterns of the past. And also I feel that in spite of holding memorial services for your ancestors with gratitude and being always grateful to God, if you know some data of astrology and try to use it as reference,  your decision would backfire and cost you your many good chances. Astrology can only analyze the past and the present. You must not decide on your future choice depending on it.

  • had better not~ 〜しない方がよい
  • statistics 統計
  • sign 兆し
  • result 結果
  • plain food 粗食
  • tend to~ 〜する傾向がある
  • be subject to A Aに左右される
  • activity 活動
  • effort 努力
  • from force of habit 惰性で
  • be likely to~ 〜しそうである
  • fall into A Aに分類される
  • in spite of A Aにも関わらず
  • grateful 感謝している
  • backfire 裏目に出る
  • analyze 分析する
  • the present 現在
  • must not~ 〜してはいけない
  • decide on A   Aを決定する
  • depend on A Aに依る

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