FAQ 42


One of my close friends work as a psychic counselor. I met her about ten years ago, and I think it was not an accident. Did her Kenzokushin(眷属神), a kind of guardian deity, see to it that I met her?

  • close friend 親友
  • psychic 霊能者
  • accident 偶然
  • see to it that S+V SがVするよう取りはからう


Psychics, including me, have some deeper karma than ordinary people and their energy of thought is strong. You have to be careful in associating with psychics. As long as you get along well with a psychic, there is no problem, but once you disagree with the psychic or some trouble happens between you two, the psychic can cast a curse on you unintentionally. Since pay psychics, in particular, receive and are burdened with huge spiritual dirt from their clients possessed with and affected by evil spirits in return for money, to meet such a psychic just once could cause you to be infected with spiritual bad influence the psychic has or your good fortune might be absorbed by him/her. Some psychics use their acquaintances unconsciously as a spiritual sacrifice in place of themselves. So be careful.

  • including A Aを含めて
  • ordinary people 普通の人々
  • energy of thought 想念
  • careful 注意深い
  • associate 付き合う
  • get along well with A Aとうまくやっている
  • once S+V いったんSがVしたら
  • disagree 意見が一致しない
  • curse 呪い
  • unintentionally 無意識に
  • pay 有料の
  • in particular 特に
  • dirt 汚物
  • be burdened with A Aを背負い込む
  • effect 影響
  • evil spirit 悪霊
  • in return for A Aと引き換えに
  • cause A to~ Aが〜する原因となる
  • be infected with A Aに感染する
  • good fortune 良い運
  • absorb 吸収する
  • acquaintance 知人
  • sacrifice 生け贄
  • in place of A Aの代わりに

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