FAQ 47


I hear that Amaterasuohomikami turns a mermaid as a personal god. Was there any age when she lived as a mermaid in this World of Reality? Since there has been a legend of a mermaid in Iseshima(伊勢志摩), there seems to be a rumor that a dugong (ジュゴン)might be the mermaid.

  • mermaid 人魚
  • personal god 人格神
  • the World of Reality 現実界
  • legend 伝説
  • rumor 噂


In the long process of evolution, there used to be an age mermaids existed. Strange to say, they worshiped the rising sun. They were a tribe who formed a prototype of the worship of the sun, whose offspring seems t0 have passed on a spiritual current to Ama tribes(海人族)-they are humans- who lived all over Japan. Toyotama-hime(豊玉姫)appearing in a myth is sometimes described as an alligator, but it actually stands for the situation of the Mermaid tribe and its spiritual role.

  • process 過程
  • evolution 進化
  • strange to say 奇妙なことに
  • worship 拝む
  • rising sun 日の出
  • tribe 部族
  • prototype 原型
  • pass on A Aを伝える
  • myth 神話
  • describe A as B AをBと描く
  • stand for A Aを言い表す
  • role 役割