A merciful heart resolves problems.


While we are awake, an idea comes to our mind one after another. We are always thinking about something different vaguely even while watching TV. When we have some trouble, for example, we are always worried about it no matter what we are doing. It’s easy to say “Don’t worry,” but it can’t be helped. We can be careful not to worry so much as to hurt our body in an early stage, though.

  • awake 目が覚めている
  • one after another 次から次へと
  • vaguely 漠然と
  • careful 注意深い

Cult religions have recommended to those in trouble various kinds of prayers, trainings or personal mantras.  People are likely to feel at ease thinking of the prayer as effective because they paid a lot of money. How about self-observation or free mantra? It’s all the same. They are just escaping from their problems by doing some other tasks instead of worrying. Probably they would feel anxious thinking ” Am I doing the right thing?”  because it was free of charge. As a matter of fact, not a few religious organizations abuse the human psychology of serious people who can feel relieved if they pay.

  • cult religion 新興宗教
  • recommend 勧める
  • various 様々な
  • prayer 祈祷
  • be likely to~  〜しそうである
  • feel at ease 安心する
  • effective 効果のある
  • How about A?  Aはどうですか?
  • observation 観察
  • all the same やはり同じ
  • escape 逃げる
  • instead of A Aの代わりに
  • feel anxious 不安になる
  • free of charge 無料の
  • feel relieved 安心する

For example, we attach a moving toy to a baby bed so that the baby who has just begun to see things won’t cry. Because babies cry when there is nothing to see. They don’t cry as long as their attention is fixed on something. They have a pure heart and such behavior  is a human instinct. And  those who are exploited by a cult group are deceived by the application of this instinct.

  • attach くっつける
  • so that S+V SがVするように
  • as long as S+V SがVする限り
  • fix 固定する
  • pure 純粋な
  • behavior 振る舞い
  • instinct 本能

The truth is many of the prayers you pay for just pretend to be “done.” If the prayers are too complicated for a layman to imitate, they are considered to be better.But it’s just a sense of security at the sight of a prayer acted on their problems.

  • pretend ふりをする
  • complicated 複雑な
  • layman 素人
  • imitate 真似る
  • consider A to be ~ Aは〜であると考える
  • a sense of security 安心感
  • at the sight of A Aを見て
  • act on A Aに作用する

Shakhamuni Buddha practiced every kind of severe asceticism and ascetic training, including self-observation, and they were so severe that he almost died. What he realized at that time was that he could never reach enlightenment through religious, ascetic trainings.  He was determined to accept death and waiting for it, though it was not his true intention, when a woman who was watching over him came and gave him her milk porridge given to her by another person. On eating it, he was moved by her merciful heart and caught a glimpse of enlightenment. He was saved both physically and mentally thanks to her merciful heart.

  • Shakhamuni Buddha 釈尊
  • severe asceticism 苦行
  • ascetic training 修行
  • including A Aを含めて
  • almost 危うく〜しそうになる
  • enlightenment 悟り
  • watch over A Aを見守る
  • milk porridge 乳粥
  • be moved 感動する
  • merciful heart 慈悲の心
  • catch a glimpse of A Aをちらりを見る
  • thanks to A Aのお蔭で

If you make your merciful heart develop taking care of others, a grateful heart for everything comes to appear somehow. And if you always try to be grateful for everything in your daily lives, a merciful heart develops in yourself. When you are troubled;


1.  Accept your problems thinking that it is only when you’re kept alive that you can experience them and that no worries last forever, and don’t take your eyes off or run away from your problems.

2. Hold a memorial service with gratitude for both your ancestral spirits and the spirits related to you.

3. Devote gratitude to the Holy Spirit.


If you put into practice these things above, each life of yours will improve without fail because Heaven and Earth, yourself and holy spirits work well together.

  • develop 育つ
  • others 他人
  • grateful 感謝の
  • accept 受け入れる
  • be kept alive 生かされている
  • last 続く
  • take one’s eyes off A Aから目を逸らす
  • ancestral 先祖の
  • related 関係した
  • gratitude 感謝の気持ち
  • devote 捧げる
  • holy spirit 神霊
  • improve 改善する
  • without fail 必ず
  • Heaven and Earth 天と地

I Ka Shi Te I Ta Da I Te  A Ri Ga To U Go Za I Ma Su

生かして頂いて ありがとう御座位ます

Thank you so much for keeping us alive.

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