A tragedy of a man who believed in Outer God.


A doctor, who I owned a lot, told me about a certain story which caused a problem more than 30 years ago in a medical association of those days. So I’ll write about it.

  • owe 恩義がある
  • certain ある
  • cause 引き起こす
  • medical association 医学界
  • those days 当時

A priest of highest rank, who belonged to a traditional Buddhism with a long history, fell sick and entered a large university hospital. The diagnose found that he had cancer. But he was old and his cancer was the kind of cancer which progresses slowly, so it was not an emergency case.

  • priest 僧侶
  • belong to A Aに属している
  • traditional 伝統的な
  • fall sick 病気になる
  • diagnose 診断
  • cancer ガン
  • progress 進行する
  • emergency 緊急の

In those days, a notice about cancer was not yet given a thought nor under consideration. The person in question had achieved a lot of feats of religious ascetic trainings, won a lot of public honors and had been regarded as a living Buddha.

  • notice 告知
  • give A a thought Aを考慮する
  • under consideration 検討中の
  • achieve 成し遂げる
  • feat 偉業
  • ascetic training 修行
  • honor 名誉
  • regard A as B AをBとみなす

A doctor and a professor in charge, taking it into consideration that the patient held an important post and the operation could affect his future plans, told him about the cancer so that he could concentrate on the treatment.

  • in charge 担当の
  • take A into consideration Aを考慮に入れる
  • patient 患者
  • operation 手術
  • affect 影響を与える
  • concentrate 集中する
  • treatment 治療

Thinking him to be a man who reached the stage of spiritual awakening, they expected that he would accept the fact and face the treatment honestly. But the result was unexpected. The priest was very much shocked to hear the notice and ceased to eat anything.

  • spiritual awakening 悟り
  • expect 期待する
  • accept 受け入れる
  • face 立ち向かう
  • unexpect 予期せぬ
  • cease to~ 〜するのをやめる

He had believed in Buddha for many years and helped to get rid of cancer of a lot of people. He wondered again and again why he had to be the one that had cancer and what he had done. Three months after the notice he died of disease other than cancer .

  • get rid of A Aをなくす
  • wonder かなと思う
  • disease 病気
  • other than A A以外の

This incident was reported as a shocking story to the medical association of those days and a method of notice about cancer began to be discussed among medical practitioners as well who meet patients directly.

  • incident 出来事
  • report 報告する
  • discuss 議論する
  • medical practioner 開業医

This is a tragedy of a man who has strong faith in Outer God. A man who never sees God in his heart and tries to see God outside his heart will be very weak and fragile in the faces of death.

  • tragedy 悲劇
  • Outer God 外在神
  • weak 弱い
  • fragile 脆い
  • in the face of A Aに直面して

Even if such a man sees or feels God outside his heart, it is transient and he knows himself that it was an illusion or it was caused by a wicked spiritual being who tried to deceive him. If you are dependent on anything transient outside of you, you are sure to reveal your true nature and get antsy at the critical moment .

  • even if S+V たとえSがVするとしても
  • transient つかの間の
  • illusion  幻想
  • wicked 邪な
  • deceive だます
  • be sure to~ きっと〜するだろう
  • reveal  露わにする
  • at the critical moment いざという時に
  • get antsy 不安になる

The same thing can be said about those who are dependent on a spiritual healer. As long as they depend on a spiritual healer, their Inner God gets smaller and smaller. The more healing they get, the more their life goes wrong in the long run.

  • as long as S+V SがVする限り
  • Inner God 内在神
  • get small 小さくなる
  • go wrong おかしくなる
  • in the long run 長い目で見れば

This is because a spiritual healing is the same as spiritual transfusion. In the case of actual transfusion, if the blood type is wrong, it causes death. It is possible that the blood you take in is infected with venereal disease or hepatitis. To be sure, if you’re losing your blood, your low blood pressure will improve by transfusion no matter how polluted the blood is. But it grows a crucial problem later.

  • transfusion 輸血
  • infected 汚染されて
  • venereal disease 性病
  • hepatitis 肝炎
  • blood pressure 血圧
  • crucial 致命的な

In the case of a spiritual healing, there may be improvement caused by an illusion for a short period of time. But, you have to remember that the defilement of a spiritual body of healers is horrifying who meet for money their clients who are physically weak and have a lot of problems in mind and body.

  • defilement 穢れ
  • horrifying ぞっとするような
  • in mind and body 心身ともに

To get spiritual healing is more than just your body being wiped with a dirty cloth. It means that you’re injected with defiled spiritual magnetism in the form of spiritual current. The truth is you’re just mistaking the force of repulsion your body originally has against foreign substances for a sense of improvement caused in an early stage.

  • wipe 拭く
  • inject 注入する
  • magnetism 磁気
  • current 流れ
  • repulsion 反発
  • foreign substance 異物
  • sense 感覚

The illusional healing effects will die down gradually and when the force of repulsion of your body disappears, you must be taken ill with a serious disease. Your lifespan is shortened by spiritual healing.

  • effect 効果
  • die down 弱まる
  • shorten 短くする

Human beings should rely on the energy coming from Inner God residing in their heart. The energy has an influence over a man’s immune system.  The energy from inside your body is irreplaceable and your one and only energy. It is the best and safest form of energy you can get by being conscious of God inside yourself.

  • reside 住む
  • influence 影響
  • immune system 免疫力
  • irreplaceable かけがえのない
  • one and only 唯一無二の
  • conscious 意識して

Some healers say that their healing power is special and may say something specious like “I can heal you from within and all the other ways are dependence on the outside.” But this is not true, either. The truth is any spiritual magnetism of others is unnecessary and nothing but harm.

  • specious もっともらしい
  • from within 内側
  • unnecessary 不必要な
  • nothing but A Aに過ぎない
  • harm 害

I Ka Shi Te I Ta Da I Te  A Ri Ga To U Go Za I Ma Su

生かして頂いて ありがとう御座位ます

Thank you so much for keeping us alive.

Amaterasuohomikami is hidden at the bottom of the Lotus Sutra.


I think Kenji Miyazawa’s poem “Not losing to the rain”(雨ニモ負ケズ) is a great one. He is a Bodhisattva(菩薩) in terms of Buddhism. A soul of a high dimension seems to have come down to this world to do merciful deeds because of love toward the people.

  • in terms of A Aの観点から
  • Buddhism 仏教
  • dimension 次元
  • come down to A Aに降りてくる
  • merciful 慈悲深い
  • deed 行為
  • because of A Aのために

At first I thought he had been a famous man in his previous life, but that’s not true. But I found about 5% of the spirituality of Nichiren(日蓮)existing in his soul in this world. Generally speaking, if more than 30% of the spirituality of intense character of an individual who lived in the past exists in a person, it can be said that the person is transmigrated from the individual. If so,  much of the same kind of karma as that of a past life will occur in the World of Reality.

  • at first 最初は
  • previous 以前の
  • spirituality 霊性
  • exist 存在する
  • generally speaking 一般的に言えば
  • intense 強烈な
  • character 正確
  • individual 個人
  • transmigrate 転生する
  • the same A as B Bと同じ
  • occcur 起こる

Since Kenji Miyazawa has some kind of connection to Nichiren, he must have felt a deep response to the Lotus Sutra(法華経). The view of the world of the Lotus Sutra underlies the basis of fairy tales he wrote. Though his life was calm and modest, in contrast to the life of Nichiren, I feel that his passion for the Lotus Sutra was very strong like a flame.

  • since S+V SはVするので
  • connection つながり
  • response 感応
  • the Lotus Satra 法華経
  • underlie 〜の下にある
  • basis 基礎
  • fairy tale 童話
  • calm 穏やか
  • modest 控えめな
  • in contrast to A Aとは対照的に
  • flame 炎

I can feel the spirituality of mercy of Kannon(観音)on the common people, everywhere in the Lotus Sutra, which was compiled more than 500 years after the death of Shakuson(釈尊). There seems to have been a group who healed and saved the people of the lowest class in the caste system, who were ignored even when the teachings of Shakuson were being promulgated, and inherited the doctrine. I feel that the Lotus Sutra is what the group elaborated for many years and completed.

  • mercy 慈悲
  • common people 庶民
  • compile 編纂する
  • There seems to have been A Aがあったように思われる
  • heal 癒やす
  • save 救う
  • caste system カースト制
  • ignore 無視する
  • promulgate 布教する
  • inherit 受け継ぐ
  • doctrine 教義
  • elaborate 練り上げる
  • complete 完成させる

A spiritual being who had effects on the process of the compilation of this Lotus Sutra was Sun God. It can be said that it was Amaterasuohomikami(天照太御神). Judging from the spirituality underlying the Lotus Sutra, you can also say Amaterasuohomikami equals Kannon.

  • judging from A  Aから判断すると
  • equal 等しい

I feel Nichiren knew Amaterasuohomikami exists at the bottom of the Lotus Sutra. And I feel that among the mandalas Nichiren wrote was the one with the words Amaterasuohomikami written largely in the center. After his death, it seems to have been hidden intentionally by his disciplines who managed the religious order. The origin of Nichiren’s soul is very interesting. I’d like to reveal it at the right time.

  • bottom 奥
  • among A  Aの中に
  • discipline 弟子
  • religious order 教団
  • origin 出自
  • reveal 明らかにする

I Ka Shi Te I Ta Da I Te  A Ri Ga To U Go Za I Ma Su

生かして頂いて ありがとう御座位ます

Thank you so much for keeping us alive.


nitiren 日蓮2

A riddle of Nihon Shinto-What is Kukurihime-kami ?


I visited Hakusan-Hime shrine in Ishikawa prefecture today. There was an important Shinto ritual at home on New Year’s day, and a lot of guests came to my house on the second day, so I visited the shrine today. Though I visited the shrine at the end of the year, I did it again to get an Ofuda(お札), a type of household amulet issued by a Shinto shrine.

  • prefecture 県
  • ritual 儀式
  • issue 発行する

Unfortunately I don’t like the structure of the main building of this shrine. A purification ceremony was being performed before a lot of people sitting straight today in front of the shinto altar in the main building. Visitors have to put their hands together behind the people receiving the purification ceremony. Where visitors receive the purification ceremony should be separated from the main building like Ise Grand Shrine(伊勢神宮). It is not pleasant that visitors have to pray toward the backs of the people receiving a purification ceremony when a shinto priest is shaking Haraegushi(祓え串), a kind of wooden stick for a purification ceremony. I’m on my guard so that people’s spiritual dirt won’t come to me.

  • structure 構造
  • purification 浄化
  • sit straight 正座する
  • shinto altar 神棚
  • separate 分ける
  • pleasant 心地のよい
  • shinto priest 神官
  • be on one’s guard 気をつけている

I put the new Ofuda I got today in my household shinto altar. I felt holy energy connecting Hakusan-Hime shrine with a spiritual line. Hakusan-Hime okami(白山ひめ大神)is identified with Kukurihime-kami(くくりひめ神). Also, since the word Hime(姫)  means “princess,” it is thought of as a goddess. I interpret the word as “secret(秘め).” It is a secret, hidden god.

  • holy 神聖な
  • connect つなぐ
  • since S+ V SはVするので
  • princess 姫
  • think of A as B AをBと考える
  • goddess 女神
  • interpret A as B AをBと解釈する
  • secret 秘密の

The description about the existence of Hakusan dynasty which existed before the rule of Emperor of Jimmu(神武天皇)has been removed from the ancient history books of the Kojiki(古事記) and Nihonshoki(日本書紀). The rebellious mind against this seems to have been hidden in this name of Hakusan-shin(白山神). Kukurihime-kami has been said to be a mysterious god who appears just once in a supplementary biography of Hihon-Shoki, the Chronicles of Japan(日本書記) . She is a goddess, who is powerful enough to make her parents, Izanagi(イザナギ)and Izanami(イザナミ), who are the original gods creating the World of Gods of Japan(日本神界),  reconcile.

  • existence 存在
  • dynasty 王朝
  • exist 存在する
  • rule 支配
  • remove 取り除かれる
  • ancient 古代の
  • rebellious mind 反発心
  • appear 登場する
  • supplementary biography 外伝
  • reconcile 仲直りする

Izanagi, Father god and Izanami, Mother god were having a huge fight as if they tried to kill each other at a border between this world and the other world, when Kukurihime-kami appeared suddenly and she took a message from her mother and then she added some enigmatic word to the message and whispered it to her father. On hearing this, Izanagi went back to the World of Gods convinced.

●What is the true identity of Kukurihime-kami appearing at this time?

●What was the enigmatic word Kukurihime-kami whispered?

●The relationship between Hakusan-Hime-okami and Kukurihime-kami

These questions have been regarded as riddles for many years in Shinto. I’m going to reveal the questions little by little.

  • huge fight 大げんか
  • border 境界
  • the other world あの世
  • suddenly 突然
  • enigmatic 謎の
  • whisper 囁く
  • convinced 納得して
  • true identity 正体
  • riddle 謎
  • reveal 明らかにする
  • little by little 少しづつ

I Ka Shi Te I Ta Da I Te  A Ri Ga To U Go Za I Ma Su

生かして頂いて ありがとう御座位ます

Thank you so much for keeping us alive.


kukuri はくさん

Inari, a diety of thriving business, is mostly a fearful Dakini-Ten.


Merchants have had faith in Inari(稲荷)since a long time ago. The true god Inari has much to do with Ise Grand Shrine and is the righteous god. The god Inari is the guardian deity of rice, who carries a burden of rice, and also the deity of nourishment and conveyance of rice.

  • merchant 商人
  • have faith in A Aを信仰している
  • have much to do with A  Aと大いに関係がある
  • guardian diety 守護神
  • nourishment 育成
  • conveyance 伝播

Seeing the highest form of the spirit of Inari through my spiritual vision, I can see a figure of an aged man, who belongs to the World of Susanoo(スサノオ). Inari,  who is a Kenzoku-shin(眷属神, a subordinate god)of Susanoo, seems to protect rice with the holy energy of Amaterasuohomikami(天照太御神)in it. And the Kenzoku-shin who is a vassal who works for the Inari takes on a form of a spirit of fox and has rice plants in its mouth and its coat of hair is ocher and shining like a rice plant just before being harvested.

  • figure 姿
  • aged man 翁
  • vassal 従属者
  • take on A Aを帯びる
  • form 形象
  • coat of hair 毛並み
  • ocher 黄土色
  • shine 輝く
  • harvest 収穫する

In fact, however, the true Inari has nothing to do with making money on business. It is a god we should devote our gratitude to for bumper crop in nature. The Inari most people believe in is quite a different thing from the true Inari god. People have tried to use God to make money. The human mind of trying to making God, who gave us our lives,  help us make money is just like a child ordering his parents to work and give him some money. Children should work themselves if they want money.

  • in fact 実は
  • have nothing to do with A Aと関係がない
  • make money お金を儲ける
  • devote 捧げる
  • gratitude 感謝の気持ち
  • bumber crop 豊作
  • try to~ 〜しようとする
  • help A ~ Aが〜するのを助ける
  • order A to~ Aに〜するよう命じる

Disgusted at the greediness of the human beings, Susanoo, who rules Hell too, summoned a spiritual being from Hell who rides on a beast like an ugly Jackal, Dakini-Ten(ダキニ天). It has a fearful look and nothing to do with the fox spirit. Dakini-Ten is permitted to eat souls of the human being who try to use God as a tool of his trade. If you should try to make God work for you to make money, you will be rewarded at first, but later you are to receive the bill and your family members’ lifespan or the health of your offsprings will be influenced for the worse.

  • disgusted 呆れる
  • greediness 欲深さ
  • rule  支配する
  • summon 呼び出す
  • beast 獣
  • ulgy 醜い
  • fearful 恐ろしい
  • permit A to~ Aが〜するのを許可する
  • tool 道具
  • trade 商売
  • reward 報いる
  • at first 最初は
  • bill 請求書
  • lifespan 寿命
  • offspring 子孫
  • be influenced for the worse 悪い影響を受ける

If you have already had faith in Inari, never interrupt. If you stop, you will be forced to pay all the debt on the past bills at once. Then, a number of serious problems will happen to you. From now on, devote only gratitude for the present situations to the Inari you have worshiped, and you can stop the exaction of the debts. By devoting gratitude on your own, you have to change the business Inari into the right kind of Inari. Only those can this who belong to the family line that has worshiped and owned a debt to Inari. The intention to try to use God for a thriving business is a big mistake.

  • interrupt 中断する
  • be force to~ 〜するよう強いられる
  • at once 一回で
  • the present situations 現状
  • exaction 取り立て
  • change A into B AをBに変える
  • intention 心がけ
  • thriving business 商売繁盛

I Ka Shi Te I Ta Da I Te  A Ri Ga To U Go Za I Ma Su

生かして頂いて ありがとう御座位ます

Thank you so much for keeping us alive.



Deities often use a couple of animals.


There is an associated shrine called Izougu(伊雑宮), or to be exact “Izawa-no-miya”, near the ocean a litte far from Naiku(内宮) of Ise Grand Shrine(伊勢神宮). The holy spirit called Amaterasuohomikami(天照太御神), which looks like a sphere of light of a sun disc, still exists there.

  • associated shrine 別宮
  • to be exact 正確に言えば
  • sphere 球体
  • sun disc 日輪
  • exist 存在する

When a big festival is held here annually, two large sharks come in the ocean near the shrine. People living in this region rarely see such large sharks in the near ocean. Local fishermen know the sharks, and it has been believed since a long, long time ago that in the year when two sharks are witnessed, the year turns out to be a bumper year. Fishermen watch them silently putting their hands together. The two “husband and wife” sharks stay in the shallow water for a couple of hours calmly and go offshore to disappear. Are they coming to present an offering for the festival? Or to get something from the mother god? This is a true story which has been handed down in Isobe-cho(磯辺町)of Ise region.

  • annually 年に一回
  • rarely めったに〜ない
  • local 地元の
  • witness 目撃する
  • turn out to be~ 〜であるとわかる
  • bumper year 豊作(漁)の年
  • shallow  浅い
  • offshore 沖に
  • offering お供え物
  • hand down A Aを伝える

Deities that could have influence on the nature, or  Heaven and Earth have tendency to use animals when they want to manifest their will in the World of Reality. They never speak to a particular person directly nor make the person write down something automatically. The animals used by the deity are often a couple of male and female especially when the deity is in the high-level dimension. I’ve heard that in the animal world , when animals are husband and wife,  if one dies the other dies soon after.

  • deity 神
  • influence 影響
  • tendency 傾向
  • manifest 表す
  • will 意思
  • particular 特定の
  • dimension 次元

As is often the case with the human beings, in any country that is so affluent and peaceful that the people forget life and death of the human beings, adultery and sexual immorality tend to spread. During Japan’s period of rapid economic growth after the war, people were busy trying to live, so there were less troubles of adultery and lethal damage cases than in recent years. In the world of gods, all the holy spirits sprang from the couple of Izanagi (イザナギ)and Izanami (イザナミ), who were born from the Original God. They never adopted Polygamy. Here lies the answer.

  • as is often the case with A Aにはよくあることですが
  • affluent 豊かな
  • peaceful 平和な
  • so~that S+V SがVするくらい〜
  • adultery 不倫
  • immoraliry 不道徳
  • tend to~ 〜する傾向がある
  • spread 広がる
  • be busy ~ing 〜するのに忙しい
  • lethal damage 傷害致死
  • recent years 近年
  • spring from A Aから生じる
  • Polygamy 一夫多妻

Serving in a company,  I often hear about a man or a woman who is married but keeps committing adultery one after another. When I see such a person through my spiritual vision,

1. They often have a trauma between parent and child deep in their heart. Becoming an adult, they find peace of mind or a way to let off steam in the opposite sex trying to make up for the loss of love normally given by their parents or to release stress. They always seek for someone else unconsciously, being choosy about the partner. They are never satisfied unless they turn to their heart.

  • commit 犯す
  • one after another 次から次へと
  • let off steam ストレスを発散する
  • the opposite sex 異性
  • seek for A Aを探し求める
  • choosy 好みがうるさい
  • satisfied 満足した
  • unless S+V SがVしない限り
  • turn to A Aに向かう

2. Some people who commit adultery are often possessed by spiritual beings. Also, there are cases that among ancestral spirits is a spirit who adheres to sexual desire and is unrelieved. Because of such a spirit, an offspring commits adultery unnoticed. In this case, by holding a memorial service for ancestors with gratitude, they will be able to stop committing the suxual immorlity.

  • possess 憑依する
  • ancestral 先祖の
  • adhere to A Aに執着する
  • desire 欲望
  • unrelieved 安心していない
  • unnoticed いつの間にか

3. Some people are under the influence of spiritual dirt attached by some spiritual being. New religious groups, especially the ones that call themselves Christian-related, are often the cause. Such religious groups are often from abroad. When I see their background through my spiritual vision, I sometimes see a  spiritual being which has a black body of half- bull and half-human and has a huge, black erect penis and tail. These groups have in fact strong influence on the real world in terms of money. If such spiritual dirt were attached to you, your marriage life would go wrong or an immoral relationship between a man and a woman would occur, and you would end up leading a miserable life.

  • attach くっつける
  • cause 原因
  • erect 起立した
  • tail 尻尾
  • marriage 結婚
  • end up~ing 〜するはめになる
  • miserable 不幸な

In Japan too, if money-making religious groups have its spiritual being looking like a giant snake behind their back, they will become a hotbed of adultery and the believers will be made to collect money. If you practice memorial services for your ancestors with gratitude and always remind yourself of gratitude to God, you can avoid such adultery as could disrupt your marriage life.

  • money-making お金儲けの
  • hotbed 温床
  • believer 信者
  • collect 集める
  • remind oneself of A  Aを想起する
  • avoid 避ける
  • disrupt 崩壊させる

I Ka Shi Te I Ta Da I Te  A Ri Ga To U Go Za I Ma Su

生かして頂いて ありがとう御座位ます

Thank you so much for keeping us alive.

Filial piety is the way to God. – Part 2


The nose on these spiritual men’s face looked irregularly big. They look just like Tengu(天狗), a long-nosed goblin. But they are slightly different from Tengu of a natural spirit. Their bodies are like those of humans. In that sense, they may be more advanced beings than Tengu.

  • irregularly 異常に
  • advanced 進化した

As is often the case with all spiritual beings of the line of Tengu, they look like a luminous body flying in the air when they move in the World of Reality. They are often described as UFO. A single luminous body which is witnessed by people and changes its body are often the spiritual body of Tengu.

  • as is often the case with A Aにはよくあることだが
  • luminous body 発光体
  • describe A as B AをBと述べる
  • witness 目撃する

When Mr.M, a psychic, was possessed by them in his forties, he suddenly vomited a large amount of blood, enough to fill a washbowl, and almost died. After he recovered, he found himself having a supernatural power. Human blood plays the important spiritual role of connecting a physical body to a spiritual one. He seems to have had his blood changed into spiritual blood by the spirit group. There have been incidents where UFO extracts blood from animals in foreign countries. A lot of mysterious things concerning blood are often caused by spiritual beings in the lower dimension of the World of the Dead. His case is different from this in dimension, though.

  • possess 憑依する
  • suddenly 突然
  • vomit 吐く
  • washbowl 桶
  • recover 回復する
  • supernatural power 神通力
  • play a role 役割を果たす
  • connect A to B AをBと繋ぐ
  • physical 肉体的な
  • seem to have pp 〜したように思われる
  • incident 事件
  • extract 抜き取る
  • dimension 次元

Mr.M was assigned by the spirit group near the World of Reality to realize people’s personal wish. The group is one of the marginal groups belonging to the righteous God, so there is no problem with that. But, generally speaking, when a miracle happens to people, there will be “an exchange of values” that they have to lose something in return. You have to remember that life is completely fair.

  • assign A to~ Aに〜する任務を与える
  • marginal 末端の
  • generally speaking  一般的に言えば
  • in return for A Aと引き換えに
  • completely 完全に
  • fair 公平な

Mr.M’s sayings and actions were often excessive. I think, actually, his face and appearance looked like that of a big Tengu. One of my old acquaintances I’m much obliged to has once met Mr.M. When he was dying from fever as a child, his parents asked Mr. M to pray for his recovery and he was saved. He visited Mr.M before entering a medical school to say a word of thanks to him. Mr. M said to the acquaintance of mine “God stands by you,” and favored him and invited him to stay with him for about a week. What he witnessed during the stay was all surprising.

  • excessive 過度な
  • apearance 姿
  • acquaintance 知人
  • be obliged to A Aにお世話になる
  • fever 熱
  • medical school 医学部
  • stand by A Aのそばに立つ
  • favor 気に入る
  • invite A to~ Aに〜するよう招く
  • surprising 驚くべき

He saw with his own eyes Mr.M get rid of the chronic pain of a visitor by nodding just once, and cure a physically handicapped person having trouble in arms and legs in a moment. A lot of people visited Mr. M from all over Japan from morning till night.

  • get rid of A Aをなくす
  • chronic 慢性の
  • pain 痛み
  • nod うなずく
  • cure 治す

What surprised him most was like this; when he and Mr.M went out into the garden, they saw a transport airplane of the U.S. Occupation Army flying over a nearby mountain. Mr.M told him to see the plane so that he could see the scene of him getting it down. Mr.M put his arm toward the plane and shouted at it and then it went down abruptly. Just before it crashed into the mountain, Mr. M lowered his arm and the plane went up again. Mr. M showed various miraculous phenomena to him.

  • transport airplane 輸送飛行機
  • occupation army 占領軍
  • so that S+V SがVするように
  • abruptly 突然に
  • lower 下げる
  • various 様々な
  • phenomena 現象

Well, the age Mr.M lived was the time when the World of the Dead in the early Showa Era was most powerful. I feel that the reason he showed a number of miracles and mysterious things to people was to make them believe his sayings. I feel what he wanted to say to people was like this: The nearest way to feel happy in this world is

1. to be devoted to your parents as long as they are alive and if they are gone, to hold memorial services for them with a will

2. to worship the Sun

What he wanted to say most was the former.

  • Showa Era 昭和
  • a number of A 数多くのA
  • the nearest way 近道
  • devoted 献身的な
  • as long as S+V SがVする限り
  • be gone いない
  • with a will 熱心に

In recent years, the number of murder cases between parent and child has been increasing. In some cases,  a parent and his/her child in this world killed each other in the previous life. They chose the relationship of parent and child by consent which would cause mental conflict in order to pay the huge debt (karma) at a time, but they were defeated by the karma and added to it.

  • in recent years 近年
  • murder 殺人
  • increase 増える
  • previous 以前の
  • relationship 関係
  • by consent 同意して
  • mental conflict 心の葛藤
  • in order to~ 〜するために
  • debt 負債
  • defeat 打ち負かす
  • add to A Aを増す

Some people say that their parents ask too much of them. It is better to do what they can do, to be sure, because there is no one but has requested too much of his parents as a child, right?  Those who could practice filial piety but didn’t will surely regret later when their parents pass away. Those who cannot so much as regret over the death will have their life go toward the same circumstances as their parent’s life.

  • ask A of B  AをBに求める
  • It is better to~ 〜したほうが良い
  • There is no one but~ 〜しない人はいない
  • regret 後悔する
  • pass away 亡くなる
  • the same A as B Bと同じA

I Ka Shi Te I Ta Da I Te  A Ri Ga To U Go Za I Ma Su

生かして頂いて ありがとう御座位ます

Thank you so much for keeping us alive.

Filial piety is the way to God. – PART 1


Filial piety, to love your parents, is the way to God. This is not a mere moral sense. It has a true practical spiritual power. If you rightly want Inner God to manifest itself and protect you, you must not go deep in the mountains to for Takigyo(滝行), to stand under a waterfall, nor pray for something to deities for example, because such deeds will only cause you to be possessed by wandering spirits unnecessarily.

  • filial piety 親孝行
  • mere 単なる
  • moral sense 道徳観念
  • practical 実践的な
  • Inner God 内在神
  • manifest oneself 顕現する
  • must not~ 〜してはいけない
  • pray  祈る
  • deity 神
  • deed 行い
  • cause A to~ Aが〜する原因になる
  • pessess 憑依する
  • wander 彷徨う

In the new age ahead, which can be called “the age of daytime” spiritually speaking, traditional spiritual practices will have the opposite effect to what was intended. Filial piety will be 100 times more powerful in spiritual power than such practices in that age. It is the time of resurgence of ordinary morals and the age that curious phenomena are to disappear is beginning.

  • daytime 昼間
  • traditional 伝統的な
  • the opposite effect 逆効果
  • intend 意図する
  • rusurgence 復活
  • ordinary 普通の
  • curious 奇妙な
  • phenomena 現象
  • disappear 消える

The relationship between parent and child is apt to be the one causing mental conflicts because they are like each other. But they are connected with each other by a strong invisible bond no matter what. It doesn’t matter whether or not they are related by blood. Both good actions and bad ones you take toward someone who is closely related to you by some karma never fail to return to you.

  • relationship 人間関係
  • be apt to~ 〜しがちである
  • conflict 葛藤
  • each other お互い
  • connect 結びつける
  • invisible 眼に見えない
  • bond 絆
  • no matter what 何があろうとも
  • matter 重要である
  • related 関係している
  • blood 血
  • never fail to~ 必ず〜する

When I think of filial piety, I always remember a certain psychic. He exerted his extraordinary psychic power in this World of Reality from the early Showa Era to the 1940s. Unfortunately, a lot of new religious groups which worshiped him as their guru were founded and they all have been reduced to different ones at present.

  • certain ある
  • psychic 霊能者
  • exert 発揮する
  • religious group 宗教団体
  • worship 崇める
  • found 設立する
  • be reduced to A Aに成り果てる
  • at present 現在は

I don’t know him, Mr. M, personally nor do I know the teachings he left. He is the man only a few people know. But I still remember him because the spiritual current was huge which flowed into my mind on hearing his name.

  • personally 個人的には
  • teaching 教え
  • on ~ing 〜するとすぐに
  • current 流れ
  • flow into A Aに流れ込む

It is easy to have a spiritual vision about someone who is possessed by a spiritual being transmitting its messages of its own accord. Seeing him with my spiritual eyesight, I think Mr.M practiced filial piety very hard with a pure heart without taking any defiant attitude toward his stern parents, engaged in farming until he was in his mid-forties. I can see that his parents were very stern and formal.

  • spiritual vision 霊視
  • transmit 伝える
  • of one’s own accord 自分で
  • defiant 反抗的な
  • stern 厳しい
  • engaged 従事して
  • farming 農業
  • formal 堅苦しい

It seems that Mr.M practiced filial piety purely under such conditions and never neglected reverence to the gods and Buddha. One day, a spirit group, who had been watching over him, approved him and possessed him. Mr.M was the one who was possessed posteriori.

  • It seems that… …であるように思われる
  • neglect 怠る
  • reverence 崇敬
  • approve 認める
  • posteriori 後天的に

This spirit group belonged to a rare spiritual line. I know only a few people so far who are related to this kind of spirit group. This group is not bad at all. It exists in a spiritual dimension near the ground. It is a group composed of those spirits who live in a spiritual dimension in the underworld of the earth and one of the spiritual groups belonging to Shambala.

  • belong to A Aに属する
  • rare 珍しい
  • so far 今の所
  • dimension   次元
  • be composed of A Aから構成されている
  • underworld  地下世界

Since the group belonged to the world near this world, they could have exerted an extraordinary spiritual power in the World of Reality. The power of realizing what people wanted might be more than that of divine spirits.

  • since S+V SはVするので
  • could have pp  〜することができただろう
  • divine 神の

By the way, the figures of spiritual beings living in this Shambala world are almost the same as the human beings. There is a certain feature common to all their faces. It is … TO BE CONTINUED.

  • by the way ところで
  • figure 姿
  • feature 特徴

I Ka Shi Te I Ta Da I Te  A Ri Ga To U Go Za I Ma Su


Thank you so much for keeping us alive.

Don’t put a faraway god before a nearby god.


The Inner God existing in the hearts of the people who were born here in Japan leads to Amaterasuohomikami(天照太御神). Even if parents are both white, I feel their child has a seed of Amaterasuohomikami. Even in the case of them being Christian, you can say the same thing. To connect with a soul and get pregnant in this country, the seed of Amaterasuohomikami is essential.

  • the Inner God 内在神
  • exist 存在する
  • lead to A Aに通じている
  • even if S+V たとえSがVするとしても
  • seed 因子
  • Christian キリスト教徒
  • connect 繋がる
  • pregnant 妊娠した
  • essential 必要不可欠な

Personally, I feel a little bit sorry that some Japanese who have Japanese blood in them should have faith in a foreign religion, though I won’t deny others’ religions. I wonder if they can feel God in their heart with their faith in a foreign religion. Or if they can feel the sense of security caused by the right kind of faith during their lifetime.

  • sorry 残念に思う
  • have faith 信仰をする
  • religion 宗教
  • deny 否定する
  • wonder if S+V SはVするのかしらと思う
  • the sense of security 安心感
  • lifetime 生涯

Japan has its unique spiritual individuality as a matter of fact. People living in Japan lead their lives surrounded by such spiritual color. Each country has its own spiritual individuality.Travel abroad is refreshing and interesting because visitors from abroad can naturally feel a different kind of spirituality from that of their home country.

  • individuality 個性
  • as a matter of fact 実際問題として
  • surround 囲む
  • refreshing 新鮮な
  • home country 自国

To have faith in a foreign spirituality here in Japan is like going to a sushi restaurant and ordering spaghetti. It would be quite a long time before you are served the spaghetti. To be sure they could serve you spaghetti (=There is only one God) because they have “three elements”, or fire, water, and a pan common to all the restaurants in the world. But they would have to go out to buy some materials for the spaghetti you ordered. As they have to begin to cook after that, it would take a long time.

  • quite a long time かなりの時間
  • serve A B AにBを出す
  • common 共通の
  • material 材料

While a person who ordered sushi at the sushi restaurant can eat it and feel satisfied soon, the person who ordered spaghetti there has to wait starving for a long time. Is the spaghetti cooked by a sushi chef delicious?  He has to wait(=believe in something) for hours being looked down on by the other guests in the sushi restaurant. As the proverb “When in Rome, do as the Romans do” points out, if you order a right meal(=faith) in the right place, you don’t need to experience an unnecessary sense of hunger.

  • satisfied 満足した
  • starve ひもじい思いをする
  • delicious 美味しい
  • proverb 諺
  • When in Rome, do as the Romans do. 郷に入れば郷に従え
  • point out A Aを指摘する
  • experience 経験する
  • unnecessary 不必要な
  • hunger 飢え

If you live in Japan, there is always a shrine near your house no matter where you live. As long as you devote gratitude there, it all leads to Amaterasuohomikami. In order to reach the Original God you have to establish your solid footing. In Japan, it is Amaterasuohomikami who was entrusted by the Original God to reign this country, the Land of Abundant Rice(瑞穂の国).

  • shrine 神社
  • no matter where S+V どこにSがVしようとも
  • as long as S+V SがVする限り
  • devote 捧げる
  • gratitude 感謝の気持ち
  • in order to~ 〜するためには
  • forge 強化する
  • solid footing 堅い足場
  • entrust A to~  Aに〜するよう任せる
  • reign 統治する
  • the Land of Abundant Rice 瑞穂の国

I Ka Shi Te I Ta Da I Te  A Ri Ga To U Go Za I Ma Su

生かして頂いて ありがとう御座位ます

Thank you so much for keeping us alive.

It’s strange that those who are afraid of spirits should want to use God.


A lot of people are worried or afraid of the existence of spirits. Too much fear of spirits is not good, nor is too little respect. You need a well-balanced attitude toward them. What you must not forget is that being able to take actions in this World of Reality is a privilege given to all living human beings. It is we, not spirits, who live in this world.

  • worried 心配して
  • afraid 恐れて
  • existence 存在
  • fear 恐怖
  • nor また〜でもない
  • well-balanced バランスのとれた
  • attitude 態度

In moving a glass from right to left, for example, some people might be able to move it by using telekinesis with beads of sweat on his brow. But there is no point. You have only to grab and move it lol. The result is the same. To make efforts will brings about much better results than to depend on an invisible, mysterious power.

  • telekinesis 念動力
  • sweat 汗
  • brow 額
  • point 意味
  • have only to~ 〜しさえすればよい
  • grab 掴む
  • result 結果
  • effort 努力
  • bring about A Aをもたらす
  • result 結果
  • depend on A Aに頼る
  • invisible 眼に見えない 

During the school examination season, some students visit a shrine over and over in the middle of the night to pray for success in the test when it is cold outside. What if he catches a cold and has to be laid up with a bad cold? It is preferable in terms of God’s will to study hard at home.

  • examination 試験
  • shrine 神社
  • pray 祈る
  • What if S+V?  もしSがVしたらどうするのでしょうか?
  • catch a cold 風邪を引く
  • be laid up 寝込む
  • preferable 好ましい
  • in terms of A Aの観点から

1. When people want to escape from what they have to make efforts for

2. When people want to know something in advance that they can learn afterward

3. When people want to cure a disease without any efforts such as living an ordered life or eating right etc

Those who are afraid of spirits are likely to depend on and try to use God to realize their selfish desires. Many people like this are afraid of close spirits, yet they care nothing about using God as a gofer.

  • escape 逃げる
  • in advence 前もって
  • learn 知る
  • afterward 後で
  • cure 治す
  • disease 病気
  • ordered life 規則正しい生活
  • be likely to~ 〜しそうである
  • realize 実現させる
  • selfish 利己的な
  • desire 欲望
  • yet にもかかわらず
  • gofer パシリ

Now that you live in this world after being born with difficulty, are you going to lead an easy life in a hurry without doing anything for your soul? The new era has already begun that you have experience of time passing faster and faster. The speed of change has been accelerating in this age, when troubles also never last long. I hope you enjoy everything happening to you in this world, good or bad, realizing that it is because you are kept alive that you can experience those. The words which lead you to enjoy your life are:

  • now that S+V SがVする今
  • with difficulty 苦労して
  • in a hurry
  • accerelate 加速する
  • last 続く
  • be kept alive 生かされている
  • lead A to~ Aに〜するよう仕向ける

I Ka Shi Te I Ta Da I Te  A Ri Ga To U Go Za I Ma Su


Thank you so much for keeping us alive.

Dieties are to be respected, not depended upon.


The passage “Dieties are holy. I won’t depend on them” in The Book of Five Rings (五輪書)written by Musashi Miyamoto is famous. It can be interpreted as “Dieties are so holy and precious that I don’t want them to do a favor for me. I’ll do it myself instead of praying for help.” The passage has a deeper spiritual meaning than its apparent expression. It expresses exactly the ideal relationship between holy spirits and human beings.

  • passege 一節
  • diety 神
  • holy 神聖な
  • depend on A  Aに頼る
  • interpret A as B AをBと解釈する
  • so ~ that S+V とても〜なのでSはVする
  • want A to~ Aに〜してほしいと思う
  • favor 好意
  • instead of~ing 〜する代わりに
  • pray 祈る
  • meaning 意味
  • apparent 見かけの
  • expression 表現
  • exactly 正確に
  • ideal 理想的な
  • relationship 関係
  • human beings 人間

Human beings in the ancient times did see and feel God in the nature. In the age when there were a lot of humans who could see the figures of God, God was what they should fear, respect, thank, and enshrine. As the selfish mind of ” It’s OK if I’m OK. I don’t care about others’ unhappiness” grew bigger and bigger, the spirituality of the whole human beings deteriorated, and they lost the ability to see the figures of God. Since humans couldn’t see God, they has changed God in meaning from the being they fear, respect and thank to that they ask to do a favor for them.

  • ancient times 古代
  • age  時代
  • figure 姿
  • fear 恐れる
  • respect 尊ぶ
  • thank 感謝する
  • enshrine 祭る
  • selfish 利己的な
  • spirituality 冷静
  • whole 全体の
  • deteriorate 劣化する
  • ability 能力

In the nature which has existed since long long time ago, I can sometimes see  something like reptiles through my spiritual eyes as in the American movie “Alien”  They are enshrined as a deity, which is often sealed up there in fact. It is fearful that you place an order with such a spiritual being for something good, thinking deities are all full of love.

  • exist 存在する
  • reptile 爬虫類
  • seal up A Aを封印する
  • fearful 恐ろしい
  • place an order 注文をする

You might wonder which shrine is good or bad. There is a shrine to be sure where the energy body of mother love has exists miraculously such as Izogu(伊雑宮)of the Ise Grand Shrine. But you had better not pray for something in such a place. The mind of trying to make a diety do you a favor, which is equivalent to using a diety, is selfish. Such a mind would cause yourself the opposite effects or nothing at best. Its all the same even if your prey is one for others or the world. If you really want to do something for others or the world, you have to do the best you can, even if you think you are powerless, instead of praying. It is precious for you to do something for others in this World of Reality. This is what you can do only now.

  • wonder 〜かしらと思う
  • miraculously 奇跡的に
  • such as A Aのような
  • had better not~ 〜しない方がよい
  • equivalent 同等の
  • opposite effect 逆効果
  • at best 良くても
  • all the same やはり同じ
  • the best you can できるだけのこと
  • instead of~ing 〜する代わりに

Actions you take in the World of Reality is more powerful than just an imagination. Should you think that as you lack the ability to take action, you’ll pray to God as a representative of the whole human beings, you should be arrogant. The righteous God has been working for us all the time behind the scene. It just does it in order to offer this environment we are apt to take for granted. If no one were to devote gratitude to God and everyone is always asking for something, God would wither away.

  • action 行動
  • imagination 想像
  • representative 代表
  • arrogant 傲慢な
  • all the time いつも
  • behind the scene 影で
  • in order to~ 〜するために
  • offer 提供する
  • environment 環境
  • be apt to~ 〜しがちである
  • take A for granted Aを当たり前と思う
  • devote 捧げる
  • gratitude 感謝の気持ち
  • wither away 痩せる

Whichever shrine you visit, as long as you devote gratitude to God, only good things will occur. Bad things won’t. Even if some fearful spiritual being is sealed up there, you don’t have to worry. God is always watching you. It is the inner God in your heart.

  • as long as S+V SがVする限り
  • occur 起こる
  • don’t have to~ 〜する必要はない
  • inner God 内在神

By the way, Musashi Miyamoto left great words through desperate efforts of swordsmanship. I feel this is because he was under influence of Taoism. Seeing where his soul came from, I feel really sorry that he had to choose the kind of way of life that could never avoid killing people, though he had no other choice in those days. Whatever reason, you must not kill people who have God in their heart.

  • by the way ところで
  • desparete 必死の
  • effort 努力
  • swordmanship 剣の道
  • influence 影響
  • Taoism 道教
  • soul 魂
  • sorry 残念な
  • avoid 避ける
  • in those days 当時は
  • reason 理由

I Ka Shi Te I Ta Da I Te  A Ri Ga To U Go Za I Ma Su


Thank you so much for keeping us alive.