Inari, a diety of thriving business, is mostly a fearful Dakini-Ten.


Merchants have had faith in Inari(稲荷)since a long time ago. The true god Inari has much to do with Ise Grand Shrine and is the righteous god. The god Inari is the guardian deity of rice, who carries a burden of rice, and also the deity of nourishment and conveyance of rice.

  • merchant 商人
  • have faith in A Aを信仰している
  • have much to do with A  Aと大いに関係がある
  • guardian diety 守護神
  • nourishment 育成
  • conveyance 伝播

Seeing the highest form of the spirit of Inari through my spiritual vision, I can see a figure of an aged man, who belongs to the World of Susanoo(スサノオ). Inari,  who is a Kenzoku-shin(眷属神, a subordinate god)of Susanoo, seems to protect rice with the holy energy of Amaterasuohomikami(天照太御神)in it. And the Kenzoku-shin who is a vassal who works for the Inari takes on a form of a spirit of fox and has rice plants in its mouth and its coat of hair is ocher and shining like a rice plant just before being harvested.

  • figure 姿
  • aged man 翁
  • vassal 従属者
  • take on A Aを帯びる
  • form 形象
  • coat of hair 毛並み
  • ocher 黄土色
  • shine 輝く
  • harvest 収穫する

In fact, however, the true Inari has nothing to do with making money on business. It is a god we should devote our gratitude to for bumper crop in nature. The Inari most people believe in is quite a different thing from the true Inari god. People have tried to use God to make money. The human mind of trying to making God, who gave us our lives,  help us make money is just like a child ordering his parents to work and give him some money. Children should work themselves if they want money.

  • in fact 実は
  • have nothing to do with A Aと関係がない
  • make money お金を儲ける
  • devote 捧げる
  • gratitude 感謝の気持ち
  • bumber crop 豊作
  • try to~ 〜しようとする
  • help A ~ Aが〜するのを助ける
  • order A to~ Aに〜するよう命じる

Disgusted at the greediness of the human beings, Susanoo, who rules Hell too, summoned a spiritual being from Hell who rides on a beast like an ugly Jackal, Dakini-Ten(ダキニ天). It has a fearful look and nothing to do with the fox spirit. Dakini-Ten is permitted to eat souls of the human being who try to use God as a tool of his trade. If you should try to make God work for you to make money, you will be rewarded at first, but later you are to receive the bill and your family members’ lifespan or the health of your offsprings will be influenced for the worse.

  • disgusted 呆れる
  • greediness 欲深さ
  • rule  支配する
  • summon 呼び出す
  • beast 獣
  • ulgy 醜い
  • fearful 恐ろしい
  • permit A to~ Aが〜するのを許可する
  • tool 道具
  • trade 商売
  • reward 報いる
  • at first 最初は
  • bill 請求書
  • lifespan 寿命
  • offspring 子孫
  • be influenced for the worse 悪い影響を受ける

If you have already had faith in Inari, never interrupt. If you stop, you will be forced to pay all the debt on the past bills at once. Then, a number of serious problems will happen to you. From now on, devote only gratitude for the present situations to the Inari you have worshiped, and you can stop the exaction of the debts. By devoting gratitude on your own, you have to change the business Inari into the right kind of Inari. Only those can this who belong to the family line that has worshiped and owned a debt to Inari. The intention to try to use God for a thriving business is a big mistake.

  • interrupt 中断する
  • be force to~ 〜するよう強いられる
  • at once 一回で
  • the present situations 現状
  • exaction 取り立て
  • change A into B AをBに変える
  • intention 心がけ
  • thriving business 商売繁盛

I Ka Shi Te I Ta Da I Te  A Ri Ga To U Go Za I Ma Su

生かして頂いて ありがとう御座位ます

Thank you so much for keeping us alive.