It is important not to forget.


It takes you only a few minutes, which is enough, to hold a memorial service with gratitude for your ancestors and the spirits related to you. If you don’t do it everyday, it’s no problem. To do it a couple of times a week would be fine. In short, it is important not to forget the spiritual beings you can’t see and you don’t know. So, as long as its purpose is not to forget the deceased related to you and to direct your mind to them, the simpler the manners of holding a memorial service, the better.

  • related 関係した
  • a couple of times 数回
  • in short 要するに
  • as long as S+V SがVする限り
  • purpose 目的
  • the decesed 故人
  • direcet 向ける
  • manners やり方

When you hold a memorial service, it is the most important thing to just direct your mind to your ancestral spirits and the spirits related to you, but each group of traditional Buddhism has come to persist in the manners and has disputed over it among the groups. For them, the manners are more important than the true purpose of directing a heart to the deceased.

  • Buddhism 仏教
  • come to~ 〜するようになる
  • persist in A Aに固執する
  • dipute 争う

Therefore, as long as there is some manner to show your gratitude in the basis of the service, you don’t necessarily have to follow the manners of Ise Hakusan Dou. It is OK for you to make a change to it originally. Though I recommend you follow the manners of Ise Hakusan Dou which has no useless part by virtue of many years of my experience and is simple and the most effective to have influence on the spirit world, it is important for you to feel right according to your level of spirituality.

  • gratitude 感謝の気持ち
  • make a change 変更を加える
  • originally 独自に
  • useless 無駄な
  • by virtue of A Aのために
  • effective 効果がある
  • have influence on A Aに影響を与える
  • feel right しっくりくる
  • according to A Aに応じて
  • spirituality 霊性

People are apt to assume that the memorial service which is held with time and money and appears difficult to practice is a good one that can have influence on ancestral spirits. Many people are satisfied just by setting up a grand ceremony of a memorial service with a lot of money.

  • be apt to~ 〜しがちである
  • assume 思い込む
  • appear 見える
  • practice 実践する
  • ancestral 先祖の
  • set up A Aを設定する
  • grand 立派な

Memorial services held by traditional religions lack the original purpose of devoting gratitude. It is most important for you to devote gratitude everyday so as not to forget the spirits who have something to do with you.

  • lack 欠く
  • devote 捧げる
  • so as not to~ 〜しないように
  • have something to do A Aと何らかの関係がある

Spirits in pain and in trouble, forgotten, would try to inform those who are related to them of their being. And the living people, receiving this influence without knowing, would have various bad phenomena appear around them. But if you hold a memorial service for the deceased everyday directing your heart not to forget them before being affected by those spiritual influences, undesirable phenomena caused by such spirits won’t happen, because the spirits don’t have to remind you of their being anymore.

  • in pain 苦しんで
  • in trouble 困って
  • try to~ 〜しようとする
  • inform A of B AにBを知らせる
  • influence 影響
  • phenomena 現象
  • undesirable 望ましくない
  • cause 引き起こす
  • remind A of B AにBを思い出させる
  • not … anymore もう〜ない

For example, suppose there is a mother who lost a baby boy, who died mortified,  and that she goes about taking care of the second baby and wishes the second child’s happiness forgetting the first baby. Unless you hold a memorial service for the forgotten baby, the baby will have been in anguish until he rests in peace. The size of a lost baby(Mizuko, 水子) is the same as a living human’s.

  • suppose 考える
  • pass away 亡くなる
  • mortified 無念のまま
  •  in anguish 苦悶した
  • unless S+V SがVしない限り

There is a possibility that the lost baby, watching over the family, will interfere with the relationship between his parents and their second child or his brother and sister in order that they pay attention to himself. A lost baby tends to be very jealous of his brothers especially. If you hold memorial services for your ancestors as a whole everyday, you can sublime such spiritual hinderance in advance.

  • watch over A Aを見る
  • interfere with A Aの邪魔をする
  • relationship 人間関係
  • in order that S+V SがVするように
  • pay attention to A Aに注意を向ける 
  • be jealous of A Aに嫉妬する
  • as a whole 全体として
  • sublime 昇華させる
  • hindearance 障り
  • in advance 前もって

You don’t have to worry about what kind of spirits are asking you for help, for frequently a different spirit who has something to do with you is coming close to you by turns. The memorial service with three incense sticks can make all of the related spirits rest in peace. Ancestral spirits who have already rested in peace will take care of the other wandering spirits. So you don’t have to worry.

  • ask A for B AにBを求める
  • by turns 代わる代わる
  • frequently 頻繁に
  • incense stick 線香

The spirit who needs your memorial service the most will be taken care of first. Als0, if you want some spirit to rest in peace, the spirit will be taken care of preferentially. It is best to leave the things in the spirit world to the spirits. Memorial services with gratitude purify your spiritual body gradually and make it easier for your Inner God to appear on the surface. Then, you come to be in the state of Kannagara(カンナガラ), a state of being with God, and you can feel a sense of security.

  • preferentially 優先的に
  • leave A to B AをBに任せる
  • purify 浄化させる
  • gradually 徐々に
  • Inner God 内在神
  • on the surface 表面に
  • sense of security 安心感

Today too

I Ka Shi Te I Ta Da I Te  A Ri Ga To U Go Za I Ma Su

生かして頂いて ありがとう御座位ます

Thank you so much for keeping us alive.