Owners of a Buddha statue have to be determined to have spiritual handicaps.


Some people privately possess a statue of Buddha, but the intention is important. If they think they want to heal wandering spirits through a service for the statue and in order to do it they don’t care if their family’s fortune declines, such benevolent people can possess a statue of Buddha.

  • possess 所有する
  • statue of Buddha 仏像
  • intention 意図
  • heal 癒やす
  • wandering 迷う
  • care 気にかけない
  • fortune 運気
  • decline 衰える
  • benevolent 奇特な

But if they want one for not public but their own benefit, like they want one so that it will protect them, or  hoping for some fortune, they have misunderstood. Unfortunate things contrary to expectation would happen to them.

  • public 公的な
  • benefit 利益
  • protect 守る
  • hope for A Aを期待する
  • misunderstood 誤解した
  • unfortunate 不運な
  • contrary to A Aに反して
  • expectation 期待

As in dolls, wandering spirits who don’t rest in this world tend to go into objects whose shape is a human. They still have attachment to this world but because of the lack of a physical body, they obsess such objects so that they can contact with a living human. Or some spirits obsess such things of a human shape because they have no one to hold a memorial service for them and try to escape from pain.

  • as in A Aの場合と同様に
  • rest 落ち着く
  • tend to~ 〜する傾向がある
  • object 物体
  • shape 姿
  • attachment 執着
  • the lack of A Aがないこと
  • obsess 憑依する
  • contact 接触する
  • escape 逃れる
  • pain 苦しみ

Objects with a human shape are easy for wandering spirit to come into, much more a statue of Buddha. Wandering spirits around the house will gather at the statue. When you hold a memorial service for your ancestors using three incense sticks, the third one is for the other spirits.  And only wandering spirits who have something to do with you can come close. With your ancestral spirits who have already rested in peace watching out, those wandering spirits who have nothing to do with you cannot approach you.

  • much more A Aはなおさらだ
  • gather 集まる
  • have something to do with A Aと何らかの関係がある
  • watch out 見張る
  • approach 近づく

I myself possess a statue of Benzaiten(弁財天) due to a certain karma. I heard that the owners of the statue met with a series of misfortunes and had to part with it, so that it was sold to several owners. Now that I have had it more than 15 years, what I think is that it would be hard to possess it unless the owner has some spiritual sense and can hold the right kind of memorial service, because the statue of Benzaiten has the spirituality of gods within. To possess it with selfish mind could decrease the owner’s life energy. If there’s anyone who wants it, I’ll present it to you anytime lol.

  • a certain ある
  • meet with A  Aに遭う
  • a series of A 一連のA
  • part with A Aを手放す
  • now that S+V SがVする今
  • unless S+V SがVしない限りは
  • selfish 利己的な
  • life energy 生命力
  • lol 笑

Wood fiber can be a place for various spirits to perch on, so a wooden statue of Buddha is especially easy for spirits to enter. To have such a spiritual object or commodity as attracts wandering spirits nearby would make the owner mentally unstable. There is a possibility that the owner gets depression because his own spiritual magnetism is eroded with other spiritual magnetism emitted by spirits who come close to him. Feeling depressed for a long time, the owner could make a wrong judgement or fall ill.

  • fiber 繊維
  • perch on A Aに留まる
  • especially 特に
  • commodity 商品
  • unstable 不安定な
  • possiblilty 可能性
  • depression 鬱
  • magnetism 磁気
  • erode 侵食する
  • emit 放つ
  • judgement 判断
  • fall ill 病気になる

However hard ancestral spirits want to protect their offsprings, they will have difficulty protecting their offsprings if they have to avoid the spiritual obstacle caused by the unnecessary spiritual magnetism. In this way, to possess a statue of Buddha out of selfish greed is to decrease the owner’s original gaiety. His ancestral spirits will be watching over him with a lot of anxiety.

  • however〜 どれくらい〜でも
  • ancestral 先祖の
  • offspring 子孫
  • avoid 避ける
  • obstacle 障害
  • unnecessary 不要な
  • have difficulty ~ing 〜するのに苦労する
  • in this way このように
  • selfish 利己的な
  • greed 欲
  • gaiety 陽気
  • watch over A Aを見守る
  • anxiety 不安

Should there be any person among the readers of this blog who possesses such a spiritual object, please abandon your selfish mind and heal wandering spirits because it is the karma of your own making. It might be ascetic training you brought on yourself.

  • abandon 捨てる
  • heal 癒やす
  • ascetic training 修行
  • bring A on B AをBに招く

This is a reason why those people look happier and do better in this world who are not interested in spiritual things at all and do nothing spiritual. It is surprising that there are a lot of benevolent people who dare to have spiritual handicaps spending money.

  • interested 興味がある
  • surprising 驚くべき
  • praiseworthy 奇特な
  • dare t0~ 〜する勇気がある

I Ka Shi Te I Ta Da I Te  A Ri Ga To U Go Za I Ma Su

生かして頂いて ありがとう御座位ます

Thank you so much for keeping us alive.

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