Where weird phenomena are sold is full of danger.


Anyone who, unfortunately, has visited a religious cult, a pay psychic, or a pay spiritual healer knows something in common. They know that there are some places where various kinds of extraordinary weird phenomena take place, like a man in the place begins to speak incomprehensible words abruptly or dance shaking his body, or a spirit possessing a man comes out and begins to complain with his mouth.

  • religious cult 宗教団体
  • pay 有料の
  • in common 共通に
  • extraordinary 異常な
  • weird 奇妙な
  • phenomena 現象
  • incomprehensible 意味の分からない
  • abruptly 突然に
  • possess 憑依する
  • complain 不平を言う

Both the eventologist and the visitors are pleased to see such a phenomenon thinking wrongly that such weird phenomena are caused because they have true spiritual power. The eventologist alleges that he can heal and save the spirit and make the visitor happy because he could make the spirit appear on the surface. This is a very dangerous condition and phenomenon they don’t understand anything about.

  • eventlogist 主催者
  • pleased 喜んで
  • allege 主張する
  • appear  現れる
  • surface 表面
  • condition 状態

Spiritually speaking, where this kind of weird phenomena take place or the eventologist tricks money out of the visitors in exchange for the phenomenon is a very dangerous and filthy place leading to Devildom. Many of the visitors are moved by its curiosity and believe this is a good thing.

  • trick だまし取る
  • in exchange for A Aと引き換えに
  • filthy 穢れた
  • lead to A Aにつながる
  • Devildom 魔界
  • be moved 感動する
  • curiosity 物珍しさ

A man protected by his steadfast ancestral spirits, seeing such a weird place, would have a strong feeling of wrongness and leave the place right away, while those who have various worries are attracted to such a place. Once they’ve got involved with such a place, true spiritual problems or troubles will befall them, so that they will have to visit the place repeatedly.Though most visitors to such a place don’t have any spiritual trouble in fact, they are made into a repeater who are willing to pay a lot of money because they’ve got spiritual dirt and a relation with the eventologist.

  • steadfast しっかりした
  • ancestral 先祖の
  • a feeling of wrongness 違和感
  • right away すぐに
  • worries 悩み
  • attract 惹きつける
  • once S+V いったんSがVしたら
  • get involved with A Aと関わる
  • befall 降りかかる
  • repeatedly 繰り返し
  • make A into B AをBにする
  • be willing to~ 〜するのを厭わない
  • relation 関係

It is surprising that there are a lot of eventologists who hold such meetings leading to Devildom even in the present age. Now is the last moments of  the World of the Dead and Devildom. In exchange for money, they have been preventing people from awakening of their Inner God and becoming independent by binding them to a false outer god.

  • surprising 驚くべき
  • prevent A from ~ing Aが〜するのを妨げる
  • awake 目覚める
  • bind A to B AをBに縛り付ける
  • false 偽の

Seeing unfortunate things befall him and those around him, the visitor, however dull he is, comes to realize that something is wrong, for by looking back, he can understand that though there was some ostensible improvement temporarily, his surroundings have been getting worse gradually. Shinto priests of orthodox shinto shrines would abhor such weird phenomena taking place.

  • dull 愚鈍な
  • come to~ 〜するようになる
  • ostensible 見せかけの
  • improvement 改善
  • temporarily 一時的に
  • get worse 悪化する
  • priest 神官
  • orthodox 正統の
  • abhor ひどく嫌う

It has been validated repeatedly for the last 100 years that weird behavior caused by possession brings a group or an individual unfortunate results. There was a famous religious man in the past who had achieved a state of Kannagara(カンナガラ), a state of mind of living always with God. And those who did such weird behavior would stop behaving like that as soon as they stood in front of him.

  • validate 検証する
  • result 結果
  • state 状態
  • as soon as S+V SがVするやいなや

No weird phenomenon happens before a righteous man.To touch his aura would make anything evil disappear and wandering spirits come to themselves. This is the right kind of spiritual power. So it is important for us to pay attention to our Inner God and carry on memorial services for our ancestral spirits with gratitude. There are good times and bad times in the course of our lives. To go through a life working honestly will leads you to True God.

  • righteous 正しい
  • disappear 消える
  • come to oneself 正気に帰る
  • pay attention to A Aに注意を払う
  • carry on A Aを続ける
  • gratitude 感謝の気持ち
  • go through A Aを経験する
  • lead A to B AをBに導く

Pay spiritual healers who have worked long time tend to have some problems with their physical body. It often happens that when a client visits a spiritual healer with expectation, the client is surprised to see the weird appearance and behavior of the healer.

  • tend to~ 〜する傾向がある
  • with expectation 期待して
  • appearance 外見

As is often the case with such a spiritual healer as has become too weak to appear before a client, the healer is likely to begin to advertise “remote healing,” in which the healer doesn’t have to show up. Because such spiritual healers hurt their own soul and spiritual body in exchange for money and confine their Inner God by telling lies, actual problems are sure to appear on their physical body gradually.

  • as is often the case with A Aにはよくあることだが
  • too…to~ とても…なので〜することができない
  • advertise 広告する
  • remote 遠隔の
  • show up 姿を表わす
  • hurt 傷つける
  • confine 押し込める
  • be sure to~ 必ず〜する

Though they might have some reason to do the business, like they cannot earn enough from a decent job, or cannot get a job anymore,  I feel sorry for their karma of their having chosen to do such a sinful deed which exploits the unfortunate. Thinking such healers have also their parents who gave birth to them, I hope they will realize what they are doing while they are alive.

  • decent job 正業
  • feel sorry 残念に思う
  • sinful 罪深い
  • deed 行い
  • exploit 搾取する
  • the unfortunate 不幸な人々
  • give birth  産む
  • alive 生きている

I Ka Shi Te I Ta Da I Te  A Ri Ga To U Go Za I Ma Su

生かして頂いて ありがとう御座位ます

Thank you so much for keeping us alive.