The Risk of Chinkonkishin and SaniwaーThe Second Part


I have never visited Kono-jinja shrine(籠神社) . According to one of my Kenzokus, it is an old shrine and not so bad one, but it’s not worth a visit. Trying to know the reason, I found that the true deity of the shrine has been hidden. My spiritual reading showed that the true deity is Kunitokotachi-ohkami(国常立太神).

  • worth a visit 行く価値がある
  • deity 神
  • hide 隠す

I feel that the remains of memory of the time Hakusan dynasty(白山王朝)used to be have been passed on in this shrine . Since this shrine is far from Mt.Hakusan moderately, it has been a good place for them to be hidden and passed on. In view of the relation to Mt.Hakusan, the true foundation of Kono-jinja goes back tens of thousands years ago. I assume that the true deity has been hidden intentionally for the past 2000 years with Amatsu-kami(天津神) being the leading role.

  • remains 残り
  • dynasty 王朝
  • pass on A Aを伝える
  • moderately 適度に
  • in view of A Aの点からみて
  • relation 関係
  • foundation 創建
  • go back  遡る
  • assume 思う
  • intentionally 意図的に
  • leading role 主役

I met Mr.O and was shown into the parlour. We had a pleasant chat over a cup of tea. What I sensed first was that he had a dark complexion. This was a spiritual black color. But I knew that the color was not due to vulgar spiritual wave motion, though I was on the alert. Talking with him, I concentrated on consciousness to see a huge black sea snake, which was a Kenzoku of Kono-jinja. This was the first time I saw a Kenzoku whose shape was that of a sea snake, which shows that Mr.O’s relationship with Kono-jinja is deep.

  • be shown into A  Aに案内される
  • parlour 客間
  • over a cup of tea お茶を飲みながら
  • sense 感じ取る
  • complexion 肌の色
  • be due to A Aが原因である
  • vulgar 低級な
  • wave motion 波動
  • be on the alert 警戒する
  • concentrate  集中する
  • sea snake 海蛇
  • relationship 関係

Mr.O, I remember even now, was so thin and his complexion was so black that his appearance struck me as a black snake. The more deeply a man is possessed with a spiritual being behind him , the more he comes to resemble the spirit. So it’s important for psychics to be neat and tidy.

  • strike A as B  AにBという印象を与える
  • be possessed with A Aに憑依される
  • come to~ 〜するようになる
  • resemble 似る
  • be neat and tidy 清潔感がある

As this spirit with the shape of a sea snake is related to the World of Ryugu-shin(龍宮神界)of the Sea of Japan, it seems to have posseessed him and made him write a book called “The Revelations of Ryugukai”(龍宮海神示) by automatic writing. The kind of spiritual being that makes a living human perform something weird is not allowed to exist any more in the age of Inner God, whether or not it is related to a shrine. It is to vanish because of spiritual light of the sun. The revelations of a sea snake, or Nagamono(長物), a low-level creature with a long body, are nothing more than the consciousness of Nagamono after all. The human being is a sacred being with Inner God in his heart.

  • be related to A Aに関係がある
  • the Sea of Japan 日本海
  • automatic writing 自動書記
  • weird 奇異な
  • be allowed to~ 〜するのを許されている
  • Inner God 内在神
  • whether or not S+V SがVしようがしまいが
  • vanish 消える
  • revelation 神示
  • be nothing more than A Aに過ぎない
  • sacred 神聖な

Well, Mr.O was watching my face, too. Then, he asked me to let him do Saniwa(審神), and led me to the front of his shinto altar. There were two hanging scrolls on either side of the altar and he told me to sit in front of it. Mr.O took an Iwabue(岩笛), a round stone whistle, which had black luster and was as large as two clenched fists, out of a sumptuous bag made of brocade. An Iwabue is a stone one or two holes of which are made naturally by only drops of water from above over thousands of years. It depends on God’s will whether or not you can get an Iwabue. An artificial one cannot provide spiritual sound.

  • ask A to~ Aに〜するよう頼む
  • let A ~ Aに〜させる
  • shinto alter 神棚
  • hanging scroll 掛け軸
  • either side 両側
  • round 丸い
  • black luster 黒光り
  • clenched fist 握りこぶし
  • sumptuous 豪華な
  • brocade 錦織
  • depend on A A次第である
  • will 意思
  • artificial 人工の

After Mr.O read Norito(祝詞), an address to the gods, and uttered Kotodama(言霊)for spirit pacification, he began to whistle the Iwabue. The sound was very high-pitched and comfortable to hear. I, however, have never had any spiritual reaction to a spiritual incantation occur to me. It doesn’t work on me. And this has to do with the fact that I was born into this world keeping my consciousness of the previous life. Similarly, an anesthetic hardly works on me, either, nor do I get drunk if I concentrate on my consciousness. Such being the case, I have to pay a lot for food and drink, so I sympathize with alcohol on purpose lol.

  • utter 発する
  • spirit pacification 鎮魂
  • high-pitched 高い
  • incantation まじない
  • due to A A のために
  • have to do with A Aと関係がある
  • previous life 前世
  • similarly 同様に
  • anesthetic 麻酔
  • hardly ほとんど〜ない
  • get drunk 酔う
  • such being the case そのようなわけなので
  • sympathize 同調する
  • on purpose わざと
  • lol 笑

Therefore, I thought nothing would happen to me this time again. Mr.O had been whistling the Iwabue for a while, when a breeze began to hit my face. The room was closed but it was so strong that my bangs moved. I soon realized the breeze was caused by spiritual wave motion. So I opened my eyes slightly toward where the breeze came from. What I saw there was …. To be continued.

  • therefore それゆえ
  • for a while しばらくの間
  • breeze かすかな風
  • bang 前髪
  • cause 引き起こす
  • slightly わずかに
  • to be continued 続く

Today too

I Ka Shi Te I Ta Da I Te  A Ri Ga To U Go Za I Ma Su

生かして頂いて ありがとう御座位ます

Thank you so much for keeping us alive.