Light and Shade on Christmas Day


Christmas is coming. Whenever driving at this time of the year, I hear a variety of Christmas songs on the radio. I never hear the song without remembering a scene of a TV show which was broadcast about ten years ago. It was about orphans in the Philippines who lived surrounded by junk pile.

  • a variety of A 様々なA
  • never…without~ing …すると必ず〜する
  • orphan 孤児
  • surround 囲む
  • junk pile ゴミの山

There is a mountain of trash called Smokey Mountain in the Philippines, where trash is accumulated and smoke is always rising by spontaneous combustion of the trash. The TV program was showing some orphans living there in a group. It was said in the program that a lot of children living there die before they come of age.

  • accumulate 蓄積する
  • spontaneous combustion 自然発火
  • come of age 成人になる

The children search the mountain on bare foot for metals which can be exchanged for money, during which time they often injure their feet. But they don’t do nothing about it, so their feet undergo necrosis and their body is infected and die. Also they become ill to die because of unsanitary water and food they pick up. Of those who die, some are small children of three or four years old.

  • on bare foot 裸足で
  • metal 金属
  • exchange 交換する
  • injure 〜を怪我する
  • undergo necrosis 壊死する
  • unsanitary 不衛生な
  • pick up 拾う

This TV program was filmed just before Christmas. It looked hot there and there was no snow of course. One of the Japanese TV crew interviewed one of those children.

” Christmas is just around the corner, you know. Do you know what Christmas day is?”


“What is it?”

“The day we can get a present…” (His eyes looked sad.)

“Are you happy on Christmas day?”

The child shakes his head silently.

“Why not?”

“No one gives me a present. I don’t need Christmas!” and he ran away.

  • film 撮影する
  • crew 取材者
  • be just around the corner もうすぐ
  • silentely 黙って

As he ran, he tuned to the TV camera and smiled for a moment. He was a pretty boy with big eyes. He may have been about six years old. I still remember his big dark eyes and the white of the eye were sharp and clear. In the Philippines, Christianity is popular, so even an orphan knew the event of Christmas.

  • sharp and clear くっきりとした
  • event 行事

Though Christmas is a festival to congratulate on the birth of Jesus Christ, I can’t help feeling that it is the day to offer gratitude to Polaris. I feel that spiritual wave motions the Original God emits, which produce and raise life, are coming from Polaris. Polaris, moving slowly over a long, long time, might be a kind of faucet of space to produce seeds of life. I feel it to be a very sacred planet.

  • congratulate 祝う
  • cannot help ~ing 〜せざるを得ない
  • offer 捧げる
  • gratitude 感謝の気持ち
  • Polaris 北極星
  • wave motion 波動
  • emit 放つ
  • produce 生み出す
  • raise 育てる
  • faucet 蛇口
  • seed 種
  • sacred 尊い

There is painful disparity of wealth on this planet, but which country is the one that many children smile? Is it Japan? Going back to the basics that we should be happy just to be alive, all human beings are truly precious gifts given by God.

  • painful 悲惨な
  • disparity 不均衡
  • wealth 富
  • go back to the basics 基本に戻る
  • alive 生きている
  • gift 贈り物

I Ka Shi Te I Ta Da I Te  A Ri Ga To U Go Za I Ma Su

生かして頂いて ありがとう御座位ます

Thank you so much for keeping us alive.