What My Pet Dog John Taught Me


When I was a high school student, my pet dog, a collie dog, died. His name was John. The hair of his body was black and that around his neck and of his paws was white. John had been kept at another home for the first year of his life, and the family who kept him couldn’t afford to keep him any more, so he was about to be killed at a public health center, when my mother found him and brought him home.

  • paw 足
  • afford to~ 〜する余裕がある
  • be about to~ 今にも〜するところだ
  • public health center 保健所

John had been kept in a cage for a long time since he was born and hadn’t been walked, so his legs were very weak. I was surprised to see a dog for the first time who lost in a short-distance running race with a man. But he was calm and very clever. He was trained easily and kept well to what I said. I still remember that he would often be taken out with my older brother every night for jogging and returned home tired, trailing himself.

  • cage 檻
  • weak 弱い
  • short-distance running race 短距離走
  • calm 穏やかな
  • clever 頭がいい
  • train 訓練する
  • keep to A Aを守る
  • trail 引きずる

Because of malnutrition and poor exercise during his childhood, I suppose, his paws were suddenly crippled one day. It happened when it was about ten years since he came to my house. His collar was already taken off because he stayed in bed all day.

  • because of A Aのために
  • malnutrition 栄養不足
  • crippled 不自由な
  • collar 首輪
  • take off A Aを外す
  • all day 一日中

One day, when I was washing our family car, I felt a sign of something behind my back. Looking back, I found John sitting at my foot. It was about ten meters from his dog house to where I stood. John seemed to have walked there trailing his legs. He was looking me in the eyes lying on his stomach. Then his breath became more and more rough gradually. And gazing at my eyes he closed his eyes just after stretching his paws. It happened only within a few minutes after I noticed him standing behind me.

  • sign 気配
  • turn around 振り返る
  • seem to have pp 〜したように思われる
  • lie on one’s stomach 腹ばいになる
  • breath 呼吸
  • gradually 徐々に
  • gaze じっと見る
  • stretch 延ばす
  • notice 気がつく

There was some dignity about him during the last few minutes. What I perceived instinctively then was that I must not look away from his eyes. Because it occurred to me that it was his greatest happiness and a blessing to be able to die making eye contact with a human being. Strange to say, I was calm with composure then. The atmosphere of the spot may have made me so. Seeing nothing then, I felt something great was coming for him.

  • dignity 威厳
  • perceive 知覚する
  • instinctively 本能的に
  • look away from A Aから目を逸らす
  • occur to A Aの頭に思い浮かぶ
  • blessing 祝福
  • with composure 落ち着いて
  • atmosphere 雰囲気

Many people lose consciousness and die alone in hospital without seeing anyone at the last moment. John was able to pass away when I happened to be outside of the house, but I felt something great guided us to the situation. No sooner had he closed his eyes than I went for my family. My families were surprised to find that he moved on his own and had tears in their eyes, saying that he must have moved his body trailing only his front paws. Seeing his last year, I suppose that he must have suffered from a lot of physical pains all over his body but he always stayed calm and looked as if he accepted the present situations as they were like a seeker for truth. His physical body were full of pains but I think he lived his life to his heart’s content.

  • consciousness 意識
  • pass away 亡くなる
  • happen to~ たまたま〜する
  • guide 導く
  • No sooner had S pp than S’+V’ Sが〜するやいなやS’はV’した
  • tear 涙
  • suppose だと思う
  • suffer from A Aに苦しむ
  • pain 痛み
  • as if S+V あたかもSがVするかのように
  • seeker 求道者
  • to one’s heart’s content 思う存分

Human beings take it for granted that they can live with enough food, clothing and shelter and suffer distress lamenting for their wishes never being realized. Men and dogs are both creatures living between heaven and earth. I hear that the power of Original God will make the present vertical society, called “the age of the outer god”, which  has existed for the past thousands of years, the true horizontal and egalitarian society. The new age is to begin when every living thing faces God one to one. Both humans and animals have something great in their heart. I’m gonna live with nothing to be ashamed of, like John.

  • take A for granted Aを当たり前に思う
  • suffer distress 悲嘆にくれる
  • creature 生き物
  • vertical 縦の
  • outer god 外在神
  • horizontal 横の
  • egalitarian 平等の
  • one to one 1対1で
  • nothing to be ashamed of 恥ずべきものは何もない

I Ka Shi Te I Ta Da I Te  A Ri Ga To U Go Za I Ma Su

生かして頂いて ありがとう御座位ます

Thank you so much for keeping us alive.