FAQ 6-7


How many times should I hold a memorial service with incense sticks for myself?

  • incense stick 線香


As long as you hate yourself, you can do it once a day. In holding it with Yorishiro(=a memorial tablet or Tanzaku etc)   , after the incense sticks stop burning, you can do it again so that your spiritual body will be consoled. First, call your own full name , remembering yourself at the time you had a hard time, and then offer a burning incense stick. And next, say to the old you something like “It’s all right now.” It can be said spiritually that you are living together with the old you in parallel in this world. When the old you remains in anguish, you are affected by it subconsciously, which can lead to some misfortune or misery in this present time. If you were depressed or in the habit of harming yourself,  holding a memorial service for yourself could make you improve.

  • as long as S+V SがVする間
  • memorial tablet 位牌
  • burn 燃える
  • so that S+V SがVするように
  • console 癒やす
  • in parallel 平行して
  • in anguish 苦悶して
  • subconsciously 無意識的に
  • lead to A Aをもたらす
  • misfortune 不運
  • misery 不幸
  • depressed 鬱の
  • harm oneself 自傷する
  • improve 改善する


It has been a few weeks since I started to hold a memorial service with incense sticks, but my son’s behavior is a little bit strange these days. Sometimes he bursts into tears and sometimes says mysterious things or something children wouldn’t say. He sometimes comes and cling to me saying “I’m lonely” without any reason. There’s no trouble in school. Is this due to invisible beings? Even if it is so, I think I should keep on holding memorial services. Am I right?

  • behavior 振る舞い
  • these days 近頃
  • burst into tears 突然泣き出す
  • cling to A Aにしがみつく
  • lonely 孤独な
  • be due to A Aが原因である
  • invisible 目に見えない
  • keep on ~ing 〜し続ける


First of all, you had better not hold the memorial service for you ancestors in the presence of your child. While he’s at home, keep the Tanzaku out of his sight. A Mizuko, (水子, a dead baby’s spirit), is insisting on his existence through your son. If you had not started to hold the memorial service, the Mizuko would have stayed in your son and had bad effects on his life. The Mizuko was made to appear by the memorial service. So keep on doing it at your own pace, and your son’s strange behavior will cease gradually. Also, in offering the third incense stick, say in your heart “Thank you so much for keeping us alive” with a thankful heart to dead babies in your family line, for it can be said that we descendants can live now at the expense of those babies’ lives.

  • first of all まず第一に
  • had better not~ ~しないほうがよい
  • in the presence of A Aのいるところで
  • out of one’s sight 〜の見えないところに
  • insist on A Aを主張する
  • existence 存在
  • effect 影響
  • cease 止まる
  • gradually 徐々に
  • descendant 子孫
  • at the expense of A Aの犠牲を払って

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