FAQ 29-30

Question 29

A woman whom I’ve started dating with recently has a strong desire to kill herself and has attempted suicide before. I’m sure she is the one who must never commit suicide, so I’m doing the best I can for her. Having met her seems the inevitable and I’m doing as many things as possible for her, of my own will, by my own judgement and at my own risk. Do you have any advice or a few words of caution as to how to deal with such a person as wishes to commit suicide?

  • desire 願望
  • attempt 試みる
  • suicide 自殺
  • the best one can 可能な限りのこと
  • the inevitable 必然
  • of one’s own will 自ら進んで
  • by one’s own judgement 自分の判断で
  • at one’s own risk 自分の責任で
  • caution 注意
  • as to A  Aに関して
  • deal with A Aを扱う


Generally speaking, there are two main reasons for a person to want commit suicide.

1. The case where the spiritual body and physical one of a person are separated from each other because of strong self-denial or past incidents the person wants to forget such as rape or abuse.

2. The case where a person is possessed with a spirit of a dead person, including an ancestral spirit, who induces others to commit suicide.

If she practices holding memorial services for her ancestors with gratitude using three incense sticks and Yorishiro such as a memorial tablet or a short strip of paper, she will get better. It is sometimes difficult for the person in question to do it, but this is her own karma too. All you can do for her is to think “Thank you so much for keeping her alive,” calling her name in your mind. There being a possibility that you are affected by the evil spirit as the reaction, it’s important that you don’t neglect to hold a memorial service for your ancestors.

  • generally speaking 一般的に言うと
  • spiritual body 霊体
  • separated 分離した
  • self-denial 自己否定
  • incident 出来事
  • abuse 虐待
  • be possessed with A Aに取り憑かれている
  • including A Aを含めて
  • ancestral spirit 先祖霊
  • induce A t0~ Aに〜するよう誘う
  • practice 実践する
  • the person in question 当該者
  • possibility 可能性
  • affect 影響する
  • reaction 反動
  • neglect 怠る

Question 30

My husband’s niece killed herself last year, when she was 18. She took to my husband and he was affectionate to her, too. He received an article left in her room, a Japanese girl doll with bobbed hair who looks like her somehow, and set it in our living room. The doll was really pretty but had a dark expression on its face which I thought was similar to her own, so everytime I saw the doll I started to feel sick. I persuade my husband to give up the doll and decide to have it burned at a shrine for the repose of her soul. Hearing that dolls can be burned at a shrine near my house, I took the doll to the shrine and had it burned last fall. After the ritual for burning the doll was over, we got out of the shrine in the evening, when a big dark cloud flew into a clear sky and spread all over the sky and we were caught in a big thunderstorm. I was shivering at the night wondering if I offended the god of causing thunder because I took the wicked doll to the shrine. Has the doll rested in peace now?

  • niece 姪
  • take to A Aになつく
  • affectionate 愛情深い
  • article 品
  • with bobbed hair おかっぱ頭の
  • somehow どことなく
  • expression 表情
  • everytime S+V SがVする度に
  • feel sick 気分が悪くなる
  • persuade A to~ Aを説得して〜させる
  • repose 安息
  • shiver 震える
  • rest in peace 安らかに眠る


What you did is the right thing to do. The niece’s soul possessed the doll because of her attachment to this world. If you had done nothing about it, she would have made your husband depressed and induced him to commit suicide. Be careful about dolls because wandering spirits tend to possess them, even normal ones, wanting a physical body. Dolls left by the deceased who committed suicide are especially easy for wandering spirits with many regrets to possess. The doll seems to have been given to her by one of her acquaintances due to the resemblance to her. Her thought energy was so strong because she was young that it caused the thundercloud. It’s important that you hold a memorial service for your ancestors with gratitude using three incense sticks and Yorishiro for the sake of her too.

  • attachment 執着
  • depressed 鬱の
  • wandering 彷徨える
  • tend to~ 〜する傾向がある
  • acquantance 知人
  • due to A Aのために
  • regret 後悔
  • resemblance 類似
  • for the sake of A Aのために

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