FAQ 31-32

Question 31

As far as a problem is concerned with me, I can think of it as my fault and myself as responsible for it no matter it’ the problem of the past or the present. But I’m worried about what my husband did. According to him, he had visited the grave of TAIRA no Masakado’s head at his turning points in life since he was a student who were supposed to take a university entrance exam.

  • as far as S+V SがVする限り
  • think of A as B AをBと考える
  • fault 過失
  • responsible 責任がある
  • according to A Aによれば
  • grave 墓
  • be supposed to~ ~することになっている

He went to the U.S. two years age to obtain a license. At this time too, he visited the grave to pray for success just before leaving Japan though he had made efforts for getting the license, which was mainstream in the U.S. He told me that during the visit to the grave he saw shining orange words in front of  the grave and everytime he visited the place he got some strange feeling. I’m worried about his having seen the words clearly. What does this mean? I feel ill at ease.

  • obtain 手に入れる
  • pray 祈る
  • shine 輝く
  • mean 意味する
  • feel ill at ease 落ち着かない

If this phenomenon is due to my husband’s spiritual dirt, I know it’s wrong to hold a memorial service for our ancestors for the purpose of cleansing it. I hope he will stop praying to some spiritual being too easily and start to hold the memorial service with a pure heart for out future. But, unfortunately, when I talked him about the memorial service the other day he didn’t understand what I was trying to say and I thought it would take a long time for him to hold the memorial service together with me.

  • phenomenon 現象
  • be due to A Aが原因である
  • cleanse 綺麗にする
  • unfortunately 残念ながら
  • the other day 先日

When I think of Masakado, I get a strong impression about him somehow. I know he is responsible for what he did, but is there something I should do or I have to be careful about?

  • impression 印象
  • somehow どういうわけか


Spiritually speaking, the grave is very dangerous. The spirit group of Masakado is calling for your husband, saying “Now that your wish has been realized, come close and serve me.” Your husband is like earless Hoichi who appears in a Japanese ghost story. He is in danger so much that he cannot perceive it himself. The shining orange words are the ones of a contract with a spiritual being in the World of the Dead. As he has benefited in this world owing to the spirit group, he must return the favor by serving it after death. There is nothing you can get for free in this world. If this goes on, he is likely to be called for by the spirit group in the near future. The cause of people dying young is often the contract they exchanged with a spiritual being in the World of the Dead before they realized it. Souls of such people are to be collected before they reach 60 in general. What you can do is to continue holding memorial services for your ancestors with gratitude using three incense sticks and Yorishiro such as a memorial tablet or a short strip of paper.

  • spirit group 霊団
  • now that S+V 今やSはVするので
  • realize 実現する
  • serve 仕える
  • ghost story 怪談
  • be in danger 危険にさらされている
  • perceive 知覚する
  • contract 契約
  • the World of the Dead 幽界
  • benefit 恩恵を受ける
  • owing to A Aのために
  • for free 無料で
  • collect 回収する

Question 32

I’m an owner of a shop. My father died 20 years ago just after I renovated the shop and my three-year-old daughter had a disease of unknown origin when I renovated it again after seven years. After I had a shinto priest purify the place of the shop, she managed to recover. So I’m afraid to renovate my shop. I’m very worried about what to do.

  • owner 所有者
  • renovate 改装する
  • disease 病気
  • of unknown origin 原因不明の
  • purify 浄化する
  • manage to~ どうにかして〜する
  • be afraid to~ 怖くて〜することができない
  • what to do どうしたらよいのか


The next time you renovate the shop, you should ask a shinto priest in a shrine near your shop to perform a purification ceremony at the site before the renovation. To perform the ceremony at the site before construction is to give advance notice to the spirits residing on the land. It is effective that you put a short strip of paper as Yorishiro at an inconspicuous corner of the shop permanently and hold a memorial service for the spirits related to the shop. When you do it, write on the strip of paper “For the spirits related to Mr. so and so’s shop” and offer three incense sticks with gratitude.

  • the next time S+V 次にSがVする時は
  • site 用地
  • construction 工事
  • advance notice 事前通告
  • reside 住む
  • effective 効果がある
  • inconspicuous 目立たない
  • permanenatly 恒久的に
  • related 関係した
  • gratitude 感謝の気持ち