The economic growth after the war was for people to improve their spirituality


Looking at the belt zone between Ise(伊勢) and Hakusan(白山), I find an interesting point in terms of Japanese modern economic growth. Many of the founders of the modern great Japanese companies such as Omi merchants who were active from Kamakura period to Recent period and Ise merchants in Edo period, are from Toyama prefecture, located on the line of Ise t0 Hakusan. Also, Nagoya City is one of the economically strong areas with a lot of global companies in it.

  • in terms of A Aの観点から
  • economic growth 経済発展
  • founder 創始者
  • merchant 商人
  • active 活動的な
  • prefecture 県
  • located 在る

These are all on the line of Ise-Hakusan. Since long time ago, people who were born in the area of Ise-Hakusan line have come up with new selling systems ,the basis of Japanese economy, or practiced adventurous, world-wide businesses. This area is in the middle of the Japanese Archipelago and is located at the abdominal region of the Great Dragon God(大龍神).The wave motions this Ise-Hakusan line emits are the ones of “creation,” “rebirth,” and “evolution” of the Original God.

  • come up with A Aを思いつく
  • adventurous 冒険的な
  • arichipelago 列島
  • abdominal 腹部の
  • wave motion 波
  • emit 放出する
  • creation 創造
  • rebirth 再生
  • evolution 発展

As Ise shinto(伊勢神道)was originated in Kamakura period, there was a big change in the World of Gods of Japan in Kamakura period. I have been told by a holy spirit that the Sengu(遷宮),the installation of a deity in a new shrine, of the Grand Shrines of Ise(伊勢神宮) , which is to take place in 2013, will be the last in the traditional form. The change of nature and the society will be huge.

  • as in A  Aの場合と同様に
  • originate 生まれる
  • traditional 伝統的な
  • huge 巨大な


What happened in the World of Gods around Kamakura period will happen again, reflected on the World of Reality in this present era. Kamakura period was the age when a samurai with weapons ruled the country for the first time in the Japanese history and the invasion of China into Japan, called Genko(元冠),occured. It was also the age when Buddhism(the Jodo sect, the Jodo-Shin sect, the Nichiren sect, the Zen sect)  introduced from abroad also prospered.

  • reflect 反映する
  • rule 支配する
  • weapon 武器
  • for the first time 初めて
  • invasion 侵略
  • occur 起こる
  • Buddhism 仏教
  • introduce 紹介する
  • propsper 栄える

Toward the new age when the last Sengu will be held, Japanese people living in the present society, who have experienced an economically affluent era, are expected by the World of Gods to bring their spirituality into full play as the next stage of the soul. There was an important meaning in the economical prosperity of Showa era that they had to experience both the affluence in the babble economy and the subsequent void.

  • experience 経験する
  • affluent 豊かな
  • be expected to~ 〜することを期待されている
  • bring A into full play Aを発揮する
  • meaning 意味
  • babble economy バブル経済
  • subsequent 次にくる
  • void 虚無

Normal people would find it difficult to improve their spirituality in the state of starvation. Most people are likely to be more and more selfish as the society develops enough for them to eat well, but the times will flow in such a way that they are forced to turn to the starting point that they are kept alive.  What God expected after making the Japanese economy strong in return for the destruction of nature was that a lot of human beings would have gratitude for being kept alive.

  • improve 改善する
  • starvation 飢餓
  • tend to~  〜する傾向がある
  • selfish 利己的な
  • be forced to~  〜するよう強いられる
  • turn to A Aを見る
  • starting point 原点
  • be kept alive 生かされている
  • in return for A   Aと引き換えに
  • destruction 破壊
  • gratitude 感謝の気持ち

生かして頂いて ありがとう御座位ます


Thank you so much for keeping us alive.

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