Ubusuka-kami develops and changes in the course of your life.


A local deity of where women give birth to their children is called Ubusuna-kami(産土神). Macroscopically, Ubusuna-kamis fall into two groups: one is a group of Amaterasuohomikami(天照太御神 )and the other is one of Kunitokotachiohkami(国常立太神). All deities arise from the Original God to make a pyramidal structure, and the two deities are like the first ones to branch off.

  • local 地元の
  • give birth to A Aを生む
  • macroscopically    巨視的には
  • arise 生じる
  • structure 構造
  • branch off 枝分かれする

Deities of the group of Amaterasuohomikami have agrarian, cooperative characteristics such as maternity, kindness, ladylike, and community-rooted activity. On the other hand, deities of that of Kunitokotachiohkami have independent characteristics such as the willingness to make it clear whether something is right or wrong, the search after truth, stubbornness, fondness of travel without settling down.

  • agrarian 農耕の
  • cooperative 強調してきな
  • maternity     母親らしさ
  • ladylikeness おっとりした
  • on the other hand 一方
  • search after truth    求道
  • stubbornness 頑固さ
  • settle down 定住する

Your characteristics as a child were affected to some extent by which line your Ubusuna-kami belonged to, to be sure, but it’s not what you have to worry about. Because Ubusuna-kami(=Inner God)develops and changes depending on how you live and what you believe. This is a grace of God allowed only in the World of Reality.

  • affect 影響する
  • to some extent ある程度は
  • develop 発展する
  • grace 恩寵
  • allow 許す

The first Ubusuna-kami as you were born is only the beginning of your Inner God. Even if the holy energy you used when you came into this world had been the energy of a high ranked spirit, it doesn’t matter. Your Inner God has developed since you came into this world. That your Ubusukanakmi was a high ranked spirit doesn’t mean that you can live your life easily for the rest of your life. Unfortunately, a lot of people live their lives in such a way that their Inner God is replaced with another low-level being.

  • even if S+V たとえSがVするとしても
  • matter 重要である
  • unfortunately 残念ながら
  • replace 取って代わる

If your Ubusuna-kami belonged to the group of Kunitokotachiohkami, it’s better to worship Amaterasuohomikami in this World of Reality. As you have the right faith, your Inner God will come to be replaced with a deity of the group of Amaterasuohomikami. Kurozumi Munetada(黒住宗忠), one of the greatest Shintoists in Edo period, asserted that Amaterasuohomikami is the only deity that is really free of trick.

  • Shintoist 神道家
  • assert 断言する
  • be free of A Aがない
  • trick 癖

The faith is wrong which leads you to unhappiness in the long run. Even if a doctrine says that its purpose is to make your soul develop or ascetic practices are important, it’s like fake stoicism which makes your present situations worse. There must be something wrong in the faith.

  • in the long run 結局は
  • purpose 目的
  • ascetic practice 修行
  • fake 偽の
  • stoicism 禁欲主義
  • present situations 現状

Evil spirits who pretend to be Amaterasuohomikami are comparatively small in number, for the name itself has a great purification power. As I do some spiritual reading about other names of deities than Amaterasuohomikami, I often find out a lot of spiritual beings of the World of the Dead who pass by the name of false names.

  • pretend to be ~ 〜であるふりをする
  • purification 浄化
  • the World of the Dead    幽界
  • pass by A Aでまかり通る

Once you were born into this world, what’s important is now and the future. What matters most is reminding yourself of gratitude everyday, having the right faith, and making efforts to live.

  • remind oneself of gratitude 感謝想起する
  • make efforts 努力する

生かして頂いて ありがとう御座位ます


Thank you so much for keeping us alive.

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