A lesson lies in the disappearance of incense sticks.


Spirits who need to have a memorial service held for them have lost their physical bodies yet remain in a dimension near this world because of regret or lingering affection for this World of Reality

  • yet にもかかわらず
  • remain 残っている
  • because of A Aのために
  • regret 後悔
  • concern 未練

They have to be gone once they have graduated from this World of Reality. No matter how much they have attachment to this world, they’re not allowed to stay here. Unless they leave for another world to go to with no regret or lingering affection for this world, they will cause their descendants, living in this world, troubles by clogging up their family lines.

  • graduate 卒業する
  • unless S+V SがVしない限り
  • cause もたらす
  • clog up A Aを詰まらせる

As they see the smoke of incense sticks offered to them disappearing, they will awake to the principle that even the precious smoke, which turns into whatever they want in the World of the Dead or the World of Spirits, “has to disappear.”

  • principle    理
  • precious 貴重な
  • turn into A Aに変わる

Provided that you hold memorial services for your ancestors with gratitude everyday while you’re alive, one of your ancestral spirits you is sure to come for you after you die. Also, provided you have had a lot of ancestral spirits of yours rest in peace, they will come for you as a group.This is because you have made karma (= a cause)of being welcomed by holding memorial services while you’re alive. What you give is given to you.

  • alive 生きている
  • cause 原因
  • welcome 歓迎する

On the other hand, if you haven’t practiced holding memorial services and after you die you cannot rest in peace because of the state of your mind, you’ll be at a loss  what to do because there’s no one coming for you.Whatever  you do in this world has a meaning and causes some karma. If you do it at all, leave good karma behind. You can choose freely whether you make good karma or bad karma.

  • on the other hand 一方
  • state 状態
  • be at a loss 途方に暮れる 
  • leave A behind Aを置いていく

Seen through the eyes of the holy spirit, lives of human beings are like short plays of a moment. You can play a good role of your own accord and it’s important. What you played never disappears no matter how short it is. But if you force yourself to play, you won’t be able to keep on playing because you’ll be tired. As you practice holding memorial services for your ancestors with gratitude and reminding yourself of gratitude all the time, you will come to feel like playing a good role naturally.

  • moment 瞬間
  • of one’s own accord 自ら進んで
  •  force A to~ Aに〜するよう強いる
  • remind 思い出させる
  • all the time いつも
  • come to~ 〜するようになる
  • feel like ~ing 〜したい気がする

生かして頂いて ありがとう御座位ます


Thank you so much for keeping us alive.

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