Regarding Blood and Spiritual Magnetism, Something Original Is the Best


I hear that members of the Imperial family and very important persons all over the world have their blood collected little by little when they’re healthy and it stored so that they won’t use any blood of others in an emergency. Because to use their own blood is safer and more suitable than others’ blood.

  • the Imperial family 皇室
  • collect 集める
  • emergency 緊急事態

In the medical history of Japan, the problem occurred many times of patients being infected by AIDS or hepatitis due to blood transfusion or blood products. People in general can do nothing about it as they can’t store their blood. When necessary, you have to try to live getting a blood transfusion. Also, it is important that you donate your blood.

  • infect 感染させる
  • hepatitis 肝炎
  • blood transfusion 輸血
  • in general 一般の
  • donate 献じる

With regard to visible blood, there are many ways not to use others’ blood as much as possible, but when it comes to spiritual healing, the exact opposite understanding and treatment of it are getting around at the present day. Some people are spending money on spiritual products so that they can take in the spiritual magnetism of others and others are trying to be controlled by their guru by sharing a certain symbolic spiritual product to put on and spiritual vibration with the guru. In my opinion, blood transfusion and to wear spiritual magnetism of others are the same kind of thing and especially there is a fatal risk in accepting spiritual magnetism of healers who take money from people.

  • with regard to A Aに関しては
  • when it comes to A Aということになると
  • opposite 逆の
  • take in A Aを取り込む
  • magnetism 磁気
  • fatal 致命的な
  • risk 危険

In the future, when the nature of spiritual magnetism is unravelled by science, it will be proved as a past fact that spiritual treatment or spiritual groups practicing spiritual healing reduce people’s life force and debase their spirituality.

  • unravel 解明する
  • prove 証明する
  • conduct 行う
  • reduce 減らす
  • life force 生命力
  • debase 低下させる

Since the dawn of history, there has never been any individual belonging to a spiritual group who reached spiritual enlightenment. It is not until you leave gurus who impede your spiritual magnetism that your spiritual development begins. Only those who succeed in keeping their own original magnetism can reach spiritual enlightenment–the one who keeps away from any other magnetism and refines and develops his/her own magnetism until the very end. Those who are subordinate to gurus are likely to grow up spiritually only after they leave spiritual groups or transmigrate to another world.

  • spiritual enlightenment 悟り
  • impede 阻害する
  • succeed in ~ing  〜するのに成功する
  • refine 精錬する
  • transmigrate 転生する

Regarding blood and spiritual magnetism, something original is the best. There is nothing you have to replenish from others. All you have to do is find what you already have. You have Inner God in your heart, God always being together with you. You’re fragile?No worries! If you’re grateful to your weak body and live accepting it, it is possible that you can live long conversely. Let’s continue with our limited journey of life with the attitude of enjoying everything.

  • regarding A Aに関しては
  • replenish 補給する
  • Inner God 内在神
  • fragile 脆い
  • grateful 有難く思う
  • conversely 逆に
  • limited 限られた
  • attitude 考え方

生かして頂いて ありがとう御座位ます

I Ka Shi Te I Ta Da I Te    A Ri Ga To U Go Za I Ma Su

Thank you so much for keeping us alive.

Only Good Karma Can Get Rid Of Bad Karma


There is an “insane” Buddhist doctrine called Tantra Vajrayāna, upon which Aum Shinrikyo, a Japanese cult group who committed indiscriminate murder, was based and with which its members were inculcated. They believed in this doctrine in the wrong way and killed people without hesitation.

  • insane 狂った
  • doctrine 教義
  • commit 犯す
  • indiscriminate 無差別の
  • inculcate 教え込む
  • hesitation ためらい

Of course, they were interpreting the doctrine wrongly. The guru distorted Tibetan Esoteric Buddhism and used it when he brainwashed the believers. Though I have never read interpretations of this doctrine, what I feel from the name of the doctrine is religious rapture and great mercy. Interpreting the doctrine in the wrong way, Aum Shirikyo get the wrong idea that human beings have sinful karma, so to kill them is to make them rest in peace happily and forever.” I feel that they justified themselves by turning it into the selfish, nonsense idea that they can shoulder the karma of the people by killing them and suffer in place of them and it’s a good ascetic training for them. I don’t know their actual arguments, but I feel so.

  • interpret 解釈する
  • distort 歪める
  • Esoteric Buddhism 密教
  • brainwash 洗脳する
  • rapture 歓喜
  • mercy 慈悲
  • sinful 罪深い
  • justify 正当化する
  • shoulder 肩代わりする
  • in place of A Aの代わりに
  • ascetic training 苦行
  • argument 主張

No one can shoulder or get rid of your personal karma but you, nor can energy bodies like the holy spirit do it. To get rid of your bad karma, you have to make efforts to do good deeds in this World of Reality. There’s no other way to decrease and counteract your bad karma. You have to make good karma on your own. This can be said to be the universal law of action and reaction, activated mechanically.

  • get rid of A Aを取り除く
  • make effort 努力する
  • deed 行い
  • decrease 減らす
  • counteract 打ち消す
  • on one’s own 自分で
  • universal 普遍的な
  • activate 発動する

Only in this World of Reality can exist the law by which good karma can counteract bad karma. As for other dimensions, including the World of Gods, it matters which dimension you’re attracted to in the first place, and after entering a dimension, there is no change. So the reason that you come to this World of Reality is that you want to get rid of your bad karma and improve your soul. Taking the risk of adding to your bad karma, you have taken the trouble of coming to this world.

  • dimension 次元
  • matter 重要である
  • attract 引きつける
  • add to A Aを増やす
  • take the trouble of ~ing わざわざ〜する

Seeing the victims of murders, I can feel :

  1. The tragedy was caused in part so that they could get rid of their bad karma they made in the previous life.
  2. The tragedy was partly due to their carelessness in this world.
  3. Some victims didn’t have any bad karma made in the previous life or carelessness in this world.

The souls of the people of no. 3 will go up to a higher dimension than before. This can be said to be because of the action of the law of true Vajrayāna.

  • tragedy 悲劇
  • previous 以前の
  • be due to A Aが原因で

You can do anything you want. You can make a choice what to do in your precious free time when you’re away from work to do for a living. In such a precious time, those are blessed who hold a memorial service for their ancestral spirits they cannot see, expecting nothing in return. By keeping on practicing it, you can accumulate good karma, resulting in getting rid of your bad karma. It doesn’t matter whether you started to do it for your benefit or not. Whether you can keep on doing it or not will reveal your real intention. If you start to practice it only for your own sake, you will stop doing it sooner or later with the thought that it is of no effect. I think that is fine with that. To do good things for others as far as you can and be grateful for your ancestors all the time will lead to true good causes.

  • make a choice 選択をする
  • blessed 幸いな
  • ancestral 先祖の
  • in return 見返りに
  • accumulate 蓄積する
  • result in A Aの結果となる
  • reveal 明らかにする
  • intension 意図
  • for one’s own sake 〜のために
  • sooner or later 遅かれ早かれ
  • of no effect 効果がない
  • as far as S+V SがVする限り

生かして頂いて ありがとう御座位ます

I Ka Shi Te I Ta Da I Te    A Ri Ga To U Go Za I Ma Su

Thank you so much for keeping us alive.

The Problems of Sex, Aging, Sickness and Death Are All for the Development of Your Soul


Each one of you is living in a different environment from others’, playing a main role in your own universe. You have to convince yourself in the small universe. It does’t matter how others judge you.

  • universe 宇宙
  • convince 納得させる
  • judge 評価する

It is foolish that you look at another universe(=others) enviously and feel inferior. Such people as you feel inferior to will also never be content with themselves. People have their own problems and worries you’ll never know. This is a fate all human beings living in the World of Reality have.

  • enviously 羨ましそうに
  • inferior 劣った
  • content 満足した
  • fate 運命

No one can evade the problems of sex (=the nature of men and women), aging, sickness and death in a short lifetime, because they’re all gifts for you to develop your soul. You must feel that they’re something you want to avoid, but still they are all gifts for you.

  • evade 避ける
  • aging 加齢
  • develop 発展させる

After death, human beings will recall all their own personal histories of their souls. Then anyone is sure to regret something, thinking “Now I understand. Everything was necessary and had meanings. I should’ve accepted them more readily without escaping.”

  • recall 思い出す
  • be sure to~ 必ず〜する
  • regret 後悔する
  • necessary 必要な
  • meaning 意味
  • readily 喜んで

The followings are ways for you to be released from this universal law for the development of your soul.

  1. Never cling to your selfish desires in everything you do. (=Abandon your selfish idea.)
  2. Accept the present situations and be grateful for being kept alive.

When you begin to put this into practice, I can hear the moon(= a desire generator) click its tongue.

  • release 解放する
  • universal 宇宙の
  • cling to A Aに執着する
  • abandon 捨てる
  • grateful 感謝して
  • keep A alive Aを生かしておく
  • the present situations 現状
  • generator 発生装置
  • click one’s tongue 舌打ちする

生かして頂いて ありがとう御座位ます

I Ka Shi Te I Ta Da I Te    A Ri Ga To U Go Za I Ma Su

Thank you so much for keeping us alive.

Only in This World Can You Experience Joy, Anger, Grief and Pleasure One After Another


There is a contract employee in my office, who has worked for more than 40 years and whose work is to place an order with outside suppliers. Even if  full-time workers of my company are targeted for downsizing,  he’ll be working as long as he can work.

  • contract 契約
  • employee 従業員
  •  full-time worker 正社員
  • downsizing リストラ

He has a special skill no other workers can imitate. He is more than 24 years older than I and stern with his subordinates as far as his job is concerned. He accepts any severe request from senior managers, while he shows no mercy to middle managers like me, especially salespersons who take an order from our customers. I myself was denounced harshly the other day, when I was being scolded meekly thinking “This is a really good mental training!” My attitude seemed to get on his nerves and at last he said to me “Just go away!” lol

  • imitate 真似る
  • stern 厳しい
  • subordinate 部下
  • as far as A is concerned Aに関する限り
  • senior manager 経営陣
  • show no mercy 容赦しない
  • denounce 罵倒する
  • harshly 厳しく
  • scold 叱る
  • meekly 大人しく
  • get on one’s nerves 気に触る
  • go away どこかに行く

In his position, I could understand his anger very well. He has a chronic disease and a member of his family has a serious disease, too. He cannot quit his job because of the expensive medical expenses. He has entered the National Pension only and won’t get any retirement allowance. That’s why he, having the spirit of a true workman, tries his best to undertake any difficult task from his senior managers without hesitation.

  • chronic 慢性の
  • disease 病気
  • quit 辞める
  • expensive 高額な
  • expense 費用
  • the National Pension 国民年金
  • retirement allowance 退職金
  • undertake 引き受ける
  • hesitation ためらい

And in front of such a man am I, enjoying sales work for many years and looking very young for my age. During our conversations about a job, a little misleading expressions of mine sometimes make him angry and say “How many years have you been in this company!” Oh, scary.

  • for one’s age 年の割には
  • misleading 誤解を招くような
  • expression 表現
  • scary 怖い

It seems that the older he gets, the more easily he gets out of temper. According to a theory of brain science, this is a symptom of aging. The function of controlling anger drops with aging. Many people become gentle after they turn 60. Such people must be living in favorable surroundings. Whenever I see a senior citizen like him who can’t take a long rest doing nerve-fraying work everyday, I always think “He is the very practitioner of austrities.” Scolded by him, I can feel myself straightening up.

  •  get out of temper 怒る
  • theory 説
  • symptom 症状
  • aging 加齢
  • function 機能
  • favorable 順調な
  • surrounding 環境
  • whenever S+V SがVする時はいつでも
  • senior citizen 年配者
  • rest 休み
  • nerve-fraying 神経をすり減らすような
  • practitioner of austrities  修行者
  • straighten up 引き締まる

The other world is where similar spirits get together and a static world in a way. Only this world is where you can experience joy, anger, grief and pleasure one after another and stimuli to your heart never cease, into which you were born of your own accord so that you can grow up. So you should not regret having been born but accept anything that is to happen to you with gratitude while you’re alive in your short life.

  • the other world あの世
  • static 静的な
  • in a way ある意味で
  • experience 経験する
  • one after another 次から次へと
  • simuli 刺激
  • cease 止む
  • of one’s own accord 自らの意思で
  • gratitude 感謝の気持ち
  • alive 生きている

生かして頂いて ありがとう御座位ます

I Ka Shi Te I Ta Da I Te    A Ri Ga To U Go Za I Ma Su

Thank you so much for keeping us alive.

It’s an Irony That Wealth Weakens Mind and Poverty Strengthens Mind


In a news program I was watching last night, there was a report on the rise in rice price in Thailand and the Philippines. Armed soldiers were selling government-controlled rice at half the market price. As soon as a military truck arrived, people made a long line. It took many hours for some people to get there. Many of them standing in line failed to buy the rice and were sent back as all the rice was sold out soon while they were waiting. Having the appearance of being about to burst into tears, a housewife who couldn’t buy it, asked by a Japanese TV reporter, said “I haven’t eaten rice for many days! I just wanna live like a human being ! We are humans just like you!”

  • armed 武装した
  • soldier 兵士
  • as soon as S+V SがVするとすぐに
  • military 軍用の
  • fail to~ 〜することができない
  • appearance 表情
  • be about to~ 今にも〜するところだ
  • burst into tears どっと泣き出す

I was shocked to see the sad face of the housewife who had a lot of children to feed, but I felt her strong life energy at the bottom of her face. In Japan, a lot of people commit suicide because of not doing well with personal relations with all income to buy as much rice as they want. Could the housewife understand the agony of such Japanese people? If she could change places, she would be happy to do it.

  • feed 養う
  • relation 人間関係
  • with all A Aがあるにも関わらず
  • income 収入
  • agony 苦悩
  • change places 立場を変える
  • be happy to~  喜んで〜する

It seems that as human beings satisfy their requirements taking them for granted, they become weak- hearted. In addition, once people have attained the state of materially rich, they are likely to have evil passions trying to keep their possessions and faces. Shakuson, for example, said “Throw away everything that causes evil passions(=desires)” and did abdicate the throne.

  • It seems that… …であるようだ
  • satisfy 満たす
  • requirements 必要
  • take A for granted Aを当たり前と思う
  • weak-hearted 心が弱い
  • in addition 加えて
  • once S+V 一旦SがVしたら
  • attain 成し遂げる
  • materially 物質的に
  • be likely to~ 〜しそうである
  • evil 邪悪な
  • passion 情熱
  • keep one’s face 面目を保つ
  • throw away A Aを捨てる
  • abdicate 捨てる
  • throne 王位

I feel that in the present age, human beings are allowed to have things that cause desires unless they forget gratitude for them, for to throw them away reluctantly will also cause bad karma to arise. What became of the family and country Shakuson abandoned?  The succession to the throne came to an end and his country was invaded after all. Many people were killed. In those days, Shakuson had no choice but to leave everything behind in order to become a priest and seek for the truth. If he were living in this present age, he would be leading a well-balanced life. I’m sure he would hold to a middle path.

  • the present age 現代
  • be allowed to~ 〜するのを許されている
  • unless S+V SがVしない限り
  • gratitude 感謝の気持ち
  • reluctantly いやいやな気持ちで
  • arise 生じる
  • What become of A? Aはどうなるのか?
  • abandon 捨てる
  • succession 継承
  • invade 侵略する
  • in those days 当時は
  • have no choice but to~ 〜するしかない
  • in order t0~ 〜するために
  • priest 僧
  • seek for A Aを探し求める
  • middle path 中道

As lives become comfortable, human beings tend to leak mental energy wastefully, which scrapes their life energy. If you were so poor that you can’t eat enough food, you couldn’t worry about things, struggling through the day and then you, paradoxically, would have a strong heart because you don’t waste your mental energy. It’s ironic, isn’t it? If you keep an attitude of gratitude to everything you do, it’s possible that you have both the richness and strength of your heart.

  • comfortable 快適な
  • leak 漏らす
  • wastefully 無駄に
  • scrape 削る
  • struggle 奮闘する
  • paradoxically 逆説的に
  • ironic 皮肉な
  • gratitude 感謝の気持ち

生かして頂いて ありがとう御座位ます

I Ka Shi Te I Ta Da I Te    A Ri Ga To U Go Za I Ma Su

Thank you so much for keeping us alive.

Teachings and the Ways of Spiritual Trainings Change with the Times


“I Ka Shi Te I Ta Da I Te    A Ri Ga To U Go Za I Ma Su, ” meaning “Thank you so much for keeping us alive,” will be the most powerful prayer in the future ahead. Prayers or congratulatory addresses have their freshness date and differ in effectiveness depending on the times. Kotodama(言霊), or the spirit of language, is living and so it changes with the times. To remember the words “I Ka Shi Te I Ta Da I Te A Ri Ga To U Go Za I Ma Su” in everyday life causes human beings to change and evolve spiritually. Why don’t you get started?

  • prayer 祈り
  • congratulatory address 祝詞
  • differ 異なる
  • depending on A Aに依って
  • cause A to~  Aが〜する原因となる
  • evolve 進化する
  • get started 始める

This is part of the first article of this blog I wrote this day a year ago. Time flies so fast. Human beings have a tendency to think of what ancestors in the past  believed in as a sure thing and believe it without doubting. But was it socially accepted from the beginning? No. At first people considered it something weird, different from traditional moral. Christ, for exapmle, was regarded as a heretic, persecuted and executed in public. Shakuson(釈尊) was assailed by traditional Brahman preachers, too.

  • article 記事
  • tendency 傾向
  • think of A as B AをBと考える
  • doubt 疑う
  • accept 受け入れる
  • heretic 異端
  • persecute 迫害する
  • execute 処刑する
  • assail 攻撃する

Also, Shinran (親鸞)said in the traditional Buddhist society in those days “Men who committed sins, once they resolve to reform themselves, are likely to reconsider their conducts humbly and believe in Amitabh Buddha wholeheartedly.” People mistook his saying for the idea that villains are more likely to attain Buddha hood than ordinary people, and what he said caused controversy in the society. Buddhist scholars must have made a fool of him at first, thinking “He’s weird.” But later his teaching was to be very popular among people.

  • Buddhist society 仏教界
  • commit 犯す
  • sin 罪
  • resolve 決意する
  • reform 改める
  • reconsider 反省する
  • humbly 謙虚に
  • wholeheartedly 一心に
  • mistake A for B AをBと間違って捉える
  • villain 悪党
  • attain Buddha hood 悟る
  • controversy 論争
  • make a fool of A Aを馬鹿にする

The times go on with changes. The age of wars, scarcity, cultural development, affluence and security, and disputes —the times change by turns, crossing each other. Similarly, teachings and the ways of spiritual training have to match with the times, the current of magnetism of the earth, and natural environment in order to be practical. If you persist in the obsolete ways of the past times, you can’t cause any change.

  • scarcity 不足
  • by turns 代わる代わる
  • similarly 同様に
  • current 流れ
  • magnetism 磁気
  • persist in A Aに固執する
  • obsolete 時代遅れの

By the way, when I was a little child, I would often watch TV programs of discussing people’s troubles over money, sexual problems or illness etc. Being a child, I didn’t understand them well, but I loved watching such TV shows somehow. I knew there were a lot of unfortunate people. With a doctor giving a piece of advice to a man with some mental problem, and a Buddhist monk telling about the problem of tombs, what I was thinking was always the same: “They have to relieve their ancestral spirits in the right way.” Though I was a child, I felt it a shame that there was no means of truly solving problems in the world.

  • would often~ よく〜したものだ
  • somehow どういうわけか
  • unfortunate 不幸な
  • tomb 墓
  • relieve 楽にする
  • shame 残念な事
  • means 手段
  • solve 解決す

Now, I’m really happy to have been able to write articles on this blog almost everyday over the past one year. I couldn’t have done that without my health, job and family. I’ve been fortunate enough to update articles everyday feeling a stare of a certain great will. I’m feeling as refreshed as if I started to write an article for the first time.

  • fortunate 幸運な
  • stare 視線
  • will 意志
  • feel refreshed 清々しい
  • for the first time 初めて

生かして頂いて ありがとう御座位ます

I Ka Shi Te I Ta Da I Te    A Ri Ga To U Go Za I Ma Su

Thank you so much for keeping us alive.

Japan Should Become an International Rescue Power


When I was a kid, I had a dream of getting rich to be an owner of a huge tanker ship which could retrieve oil from the sea in oil efflux accidents. In the Showa Period, the news was often broadcast on TV that a ship transporting oil went aground killing a lot of sea animals. The footage was shocking of seabirds and dophins dying in agony.

  • retrieve 回収する
  • efflux 流出
  • broadcast 放送する
  • transport 輸送する
  • go aground 座礁する
  • in agony 苦しんで

I remember that the last part of O0harae-no-kotoba(大祓詞)clearly says that thanks to the daughters of Susanoo(スサノオ), depuration of the sea makes all bad things like sins and impurity come to nothing. In short, as long as the sea is kept clean, bad things on the earth can be removed.

  • thanks to A  Aのお陰で
  • depuration 浄化作用
  • sin 罪
  • impurity 汚れ
  • in short 要するに
  • remove 取り除く

I’m not rich enough to own such a ship, but I think it’s still needed. If Japan has a huge ship like a plant, at part of the defense cost, with a function of retrieving old or garbage on the sea and renewing or burning it, and uses it on the sea around the world gratuitously, it will be admired by the rest of the world.

  • defense cost 防衛費
  • renew 再生する
  • gratuitously 無償で
  • admire 賞賛する

I think that if Japan contributes to the whole world gratuitously by taking actions as well as contiributing money, the country will be the one protected by foreign countries much better than it tries to defend itself by military force. All it has to do is transfer half of the Self-Defense Forces personnel to an international rescue team and construct a defense system with sophisticated weaponry.

  • contribute 貢献する
  • take actions 行動する
  • as well as A Aだけでなく
  • defense 守る
  • military force 軍事力
  • transfer 配置換えする
  • construct 構築する
  • sophisticated 高度な

Swiss, for example, has been perceived as a special country once it declared itself to be a permanently neutral country. Japan should put into practice the idea above while it is one of the world industrial powers and can afford to do it. Japan can’t go on without good relations with foreign countries due to the lack of natural resources and the low food self-sufficiency rate.

  • perceive A as B AをBと認識する
  • declare A as B AをBと宣言する
  • permanently neutral country 永世中立国
  • put A into practice Aを実行に移す
  • industrial power 工業大国
  • relation 関係
  • natural resources 天然資源
  • self-sufficiency rate 自給率

For Japan to survive, it needs to be an international rescue power which saves other countries. Japan has become a major economic power thanks to the power of the local holy spirit Amaterasu-oho-mi-kami(天照太御神), who try to protect this country by all means. The reason why the Original God shows partiality to Japan is also because it has the duty of contributing to the world in the end. It is God’s will that Japan’s economic development has been achieved not by the national strength of its own but by the dependence on other countries. Japan can never break off relations with foreign countries.

  • local 地元の
  • by all means 絶対に
  • partiality えこひいき
  • duty 義務
  • development 発展
  • dependence 依存
  • break off A Aを断ち切る

Big natural disasters have often occurred in the world recently. To invoke the motherly love of Amaterasu-oho-mi-kami, you, living in the World of Reality, need to remind yourself of gratitude for being kept alive in your daily lives, which moves God truly.

  • occur 起こる
  • recently 最近
  • invoke 発動させる
  • motherly 母の
  • gratitude 感謝の気持ち

Abusing the name of God, some gurus who don’t live right in the World of Reality are holding events under the slogan of world peace and advertising for participants in some ritual at a sacred place, but they are just being held for the profit of the gurus. The righteous God never responds to prayers or appeal of such foolish gurus as earn their living abusing the name of God. What kind of spirit responses to such an event? — an animal-like spirit full of greed. Anyone could understand that God never countenances any events whose purpose is making money. God is full of love, who asks nothing in return. God only gives.

  • abuse 悪用する
  • sacred place 聖地
  • profit 利益
  • earn  稼ぐ
  • greed 欲望
  • countenance 加担する
  • purpose 目的
  • in return お返しに

生かして頂いて ありがとう御座位ます


Thank you so much for keeping us alive.

When the next “Eejanaika” movement occurs, it’s showtime.


The thought came to my mind today that what the Original Being fears most might be “naught.” Naught means nothing. The theory that the universe was the size of a soccer ball when it began is the main theory now, but a question remains−Why did the universe begin?  I feel that the Original Being must’ve been bored as there had been nothing for a long,long time.

  • come to one’s mind 頭に思い浮かぶ
  • fear 恐る
  • naught 無
  • bored 退屈して

Problems people have are different from person to person. Some are distressed as seriously as if their problem were a matter of life and death. The problem is a really serious matter for them. Others may think the problem doesn’t seem so serious that they don’t understand why they’re worrying about it, though.

● I want that jewlry so much that I can’t sleep at night nor have I a peaceful mind during the day.

● If I fail the entrance exam of that university, I want to die.

● My husband has died leaving me five children. I don’t know what to do.

● My company may go bankrupt because of the financial problems.

● I have a serious disease and I’ve been told that my days are numbered.


  • from person to person 人によって
  • be distressed 悩む
  • as if S+V SがVするかのように
  • serious 深刻な
  • during the day 日中
  • entrance exam 入試
  • what to do どうしたら良いのか
  • go bankrupt 破産する
  • disease 病気

Every person has his own problems. Even if you don’t have any problems now, you may be worried thinking of a possibility that some problem might happen in the future. Human being tend to worry imagining the case of losing what they have now. If you cannot help worrying about some problem, it’s advisable that you observe it objectively without trying to escape. As long as you live trying your best, the problem will solve itself in time.

  • possibility 可能性
  • tend to~ 〜する傾向がある
  • cannot help ~ing 〜せざるをえない
  • advisable 賢明な
  • observe 観察する
  • objectively 客観的に
  • as long as S+V SがVする限り
  • solve 解決する

It is having nothing to worry about that what the Original Being fears most. You have some problems? Good for you! Seen from the eyes of the Holy Spirit, human lives are really short. Only while you’re alive can you worry. Even the Original Being fears the state of nothing. Some conventional religions seek for “nothing”, but is it the right thing to do? Were you to have nothing to worry about, you’d  be bored. It is the best life for you to live with gratitude for the present situations without refusing problems to come.

  • alive 生きて
  • conventional 従来の
  • seek for A Aを探し求める
  • gratitude 感謝の気持ち
  • refuse 拒む

At the end of the Edo Period, a movement called “Eejanaika(ええじゃないか)” meaning “Never mind” occurred among the people, in which they visited Ise Grand Shrine(伊勢神宮)from all over Japan once in a life time. It is said that talismans of Ise Grand Shrine came down from the sky all over the country. I feel the truth is that the sonno(尊皇), or supporters of the doctrine of overthrowing the Shogunate and restoring the Emperor, scattered various kinds of talismans intentionally because they wanted the society to go back to the age when the Emperor holds sovereign power with Ise Grand Shrine being the moral support.

  • the Edo Period 江戸時代
  • movement 運動
  • occur 起こる
  • overthrow 転覆させる
  • the Shogunate 幕府
  • scatter ばらまく
  • intentionally 意図的に
  • sovereign power 主権
  • moral support 精神的支柱

In those days, epidemics, poverty and uncertainty about the future were prevailing all over the country. The situations of those days may be similar to those in the present Japan in a way. In such uneasy circumstances, the talismans fell from above. It is said that misfortunes happened to those who treated the talisman without respect. The “Eejanaiaka” movement occurred as the result of a sense of insecurity of people and strange phenomena occurring then. The Shogunate was overthrown after the movement and the Meiji Restoration began.

  • in those days 当時は
  • epidemic 疫病
  • 貧困 poverty
  • uncertainty 不安
  • prevail 蔓延する
  • similar 似ている
  • in a way ある意味で
  • misfortune 不運
  • treat 扱う
  • a sense of insecurity 不安感
  • phenomena 現象
  • the Meiji Restoration 明治維新

Were all the talismans scattered then man-made? Not all of them. I feel that there must’ve been talismans with simple words “Ise-huda” or “Amaterasu” on them, which were spiritually materialized talismans. The sonno, who made use of talismans of Ise Grand Shrine intentionally, were made to achieve the Restoration by the Holy Spirit of Ise in a broader sense.

  • man-made 人の作った
  • materialized 物質化した
  • make use of A  Aを利用する
  • achieve 成し遂げる
  • sense 意味

Well, the present age is about to change greatly again like never before. The Holy Spirit of Ise has already begun to move in a lively way. The “Eejanaika” movement was brought about with the talismans falling down from the sky as a start. The next “Eejanaika” movement will occur with various talismans of “language expression” being scattered to the world on the Internet as a start, which will cause all human beings to make a pilgrimage to Ise from around the world. This realized, a magnificent dream of human beings will come true.

  • like never before 過去にないように
  • in a lively way 活発に
  • bring about A Aを引き起こす
  • with A as a start Aをきっかけに
  • lead A to~ Aに〜するよう仕向ける
  • make a pilgtimage  巡礼をする 
  • magnificent 壮大な
  • come true 実現する

生かして頂いて ありがとう御座位ます


Thank you so much for keeping us alive.

Future can be changed easily.


Around 2000, a man called John Titor, who called himself “a man coming from 2036” was writing in an online bulletin board in the U.S. He said that once a lot of people knew that he came to the world of 2000 from the future of 2036 and he was a man of future, what were to happen in the future could be different from the future he knew. According to him, the intervention in the past brings about the intervened future, the not-intervened future and other futures like the movie “Back to the Future.”

  • bulletin board 掲示板
  • once S+V 一旦SがVしたら
  • according to A Aによると
  • intervention 干渉
  • bring about A Aをもたらす

I thought his story was like the movie “Terminator.” I have made a psychic reading about this man who call himself John Titor. He is a white man around 60 and he is an American growing white mustache on the face. He’s from a state near the West coast and after graduating from MIT joined a certain famous company and was engaged in the basic design of hardwares and the development of basic softwares. He seem to have written about the future of the world in the online bulletin board just for fun after he retired from the company. His story was based on the analysis of world affairs, so I think it’s interesting.

  • psychic reading リーディング
  • mustache 髭
  • graduate 卒業する
  • be engaged in A Aに従事する
  • development 開発
  • retire 引退する
  • analysis 分析
  • world affairs 世界情勢

I feel that the idea is true that plural futures exist at the same time, for every time I make psychic readings about the past I can perceive another past which failed to be projected onto the World of Reality behind the past which did happen. It may be said that though the unrealized past didn’t happen it did exist potentially.

  • plural 複数の
  • perceive 近くする
  • in parallel 並行して
  • fail to~ 〜しない
  • project 投影する
  • potentially 潜在的に

What I’ve mentioned above corresponds to my own theory that bad dreams never happen. Every time I have a bad dream, I’m delighted at it. When I have a good dream, on the other hand, I try to live with caution for a while so as not to be off guard. When I dream a bad dream in the space inside my head, the bad thing is happening there, so it’s done inside the dream world. Such things almost never happen in the World of Reality.

  • correspond 一致する
  • theory 理論
  • delighted 嬉しい
  • on the other hand 一方
  • with caution 注意して
  • for a while しばらく
  • so as not to~ 〜しないように
  • off guard 油断して

In making a spiritual reading, it is important to decide which world to see among the worlds existing in parallel. For example, I have had a vivid dream of a super-huge meteorite having struck the midpoint of the Atlantic Ocean between New York and London in the future to come. In the dream, a huge tsunami which arose then crossed the European continent over the Mediterranean Sea and stoppted at the sea of Japan, while the tsunami toward the opposite direction swallowed all the U.S. continent.

  • in parallel 並行して
  • meteorite 隕石
  • strike 衝突する
  • midpoint 中間地点
  • the Atlantic Ocean
  • opposite 逆の
  • swallow 吞み込む

While big earthquakes and disasters often occurred in the neighboring countries such as Russia and China, only Japan was safe and sound somehow. Since Japan was rich in water, which is precious at that time, those countries were about to invade Japan by force of arms so that the peoples in those countries could also take refuge, when the huge meteorite fell down. This dream is too vivid to come true. I must have seen a world which will never projected onto the World of Reality.

  • disaster 災害
  • occur 起こる
  • safe and sound 無事の
  • precious 貴重な
  • be about to~ 今にも〜するところだ
  • invade 侵略する
  • by force of arms 武力で
  • take refuge 避難する
  • come true 実現する

According to a revelation I received,  activities of the earth with a painful deformation began with a big earthquake which occurred around the equator a several years ago. And the area where an earthquake occurs is moving from the equator to the North and South Pole. That is, after earthquakes in China are over, they are going to occur in Russia in turn. However, in the case of China, the people will be plagued with earthquakes for a long time because of huge dams located in China. Unless the Chinese government drains the water in their dams, big earthquakes are likely to occur over and over again.

  • revelation 神示
  • painful 苦しい
  • deformation 歪み
  • equator 赤道
  • that is つまり
  • in turn 今度は
  • due to A のために
  • plague 苦しめる
  • unless S+V SがVしない限り
  • drain 排出させる
  • be likely to~ 〜しそうである
  • over and over again 何度も

By the way, I heard that Edgar Cayce, an American prophet in the past, and Jucelino Nóbrega da Luz, an Brazilian prophet of recent date, suggested that Japan would sink into the sea. But as far as Japan is concerned their prophecies will fail, because they received the revelation from a spiritual being in a dimention below the fifth dimension of World of the Dead of Christian countries.

  • by the way ところで
  • prophet 予言者
  • as far as S is concerned Sに関する限り
  • prophecy 予言
  • dimension 次元
  • the World of the Dead 幽界

It is true that some of the therapies Edgar Cayce taught are helpful because he received the revelations from a world near the World of Reality. But as for Japan their prophecies are nothing to worry about because Japan has Amaterasu-oho-mi-kami(天照御太神)in Ise(伊勢), who is opposite to the spiritual beings behind the prophets. They were just seeing their own catastrophic view of the world the spiritual beings behind them had. The following words can change the future easily:

  • therapy 療法
  • as for A Aに関して言えば
  • opposite 逆の
  • catastrophic 破滅的な
  • view of the world 世界観
  • the following 次の

生かして頂いて ありがとう御座位ます


Thank you so much for keeping us alive.


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The Era That We Live Together With Those In The Past


About a year ago, I wrote in an article of this blog “Large numbers of dimentions are merging into this World of Reality,” which is still under way.

  • article 記事
  • large numbers of A 多数のA
  • dimension 次元
  • merge into A Aに融合する
  • under way 進行中で

To a person who wants to relieve his or her ancestral spirits, will spirits who want to help the person be attracted as well as those in pain. To a person who is angry at and curses others, will spirits who curse human beings come close.

  • relieve 安心させる
  • ancestral 先祖の
  • attract 引きつける
  • in pain 苦しんでいる
  • curse 呪う

What is important from now on is to stop keeping on criticizing yourself or thinking negative things. You had better not take this too easily. It’s important that you try to think positively and encourage yourself no matter how hard your life is. All you have to do is analyze your problems objectively, do the best you can and accept the result with no feeling.

  • stop~ing 〜するのをやめる
  • keep on ~ing 〜し続ける
  • criticize 批判する
  • positively 積極的に
  • encourage 励ます
  • All you have to do is ~ あなたは〜しさえすれば良い
  • analyze 分析する
  • objectively 客観的に
  • accept 受け入れる
  • result 結果
  • with no feeling 淡々と

In the days ahead, human beings living in this World of Reality will live as representatives for spiritual beings of other dimensions as well as their ancestral spirits. The new era begins when each of us lives together with related spiritual beings who lived in the past.

  • representative 代表
  • era 時代
  • related 関係した
  • the past 過去

The circle of transmigration, or living and dying forever, is coming to an end. Those who lived in the past will live together with us living now. Each of us, living at the turning point of the long present civilization, will be a representative for all the spirits who have lived for a long, long time.

  • transmigration 転生
  • come to an end 終わる
  • present  現在の
  • civilization 文明

生かして頂いて ありがとう御座位ます


Thank you so much for keeping us alive.