While You’re Alive, You Are the Main Character Of Your Own Movie

天津 神様

When I was looking over readers’ recent comments of this blog and the world situation, an interesting idea came to my mind this morning. The idea was that human beings are being filmed while they’re alive. Each of us is playing the main role of their movie. During the shooting of their original movie, many people are apt to wonder what happens next in the movie whose story has not been completed yet(= a person who loves fortune telling, for example), or seek for someone’s direction about how to act on camera(=a dependent person). If they want to know the story of the future, they have to act by themselves and make the filming going on.

  • look over A Aを眺める
  • film 撮影する
  • main role 主人公
  • be apt to~ 〜しがちである
  • seek for A  Aを探し求める
  • direction 指示
  • dependent 依存的な
  • go on 進む

If an actor or actress can only act as a director tells them to, they are nothing but robots. They don’t speak ad-libs or have any individuality. Can they get another offer of a new movie(=reincarnation of a soul)? Only when an actor or actress is playing his or her role, expressing their individuality in a limited time of a movie(= a life)can the audience have a great experience.

  • nothing but A Aに過ぎない
  • individuality 個性
  • audience 観客

Suppose you’re watching a movie in which you’re playacting sheepishly, seeking for direction or paying attention to the main character of another movie. What would you think then? You would think “Ah, I should’ve played my role to my heart’s content, adopting what I though of, never looking aside.” Some people are willingly play as an extra in the movie in which another person(=a guru of a religious group)is its main character and their lives end there. No other movie would be more boring than such a movie(= a life).

  • suppose 仮定する
  • sheepishly おどおどと
  • pay attention 注意を払う
  • to one’s heart’s content 思う存分
  • look aside よそ見をする
  • willingly 進んで
  • boring

Well, the content of the recording film never disappears, remaining in the space of the World of Reality in the form of magnetism. Your images, lines, and strange enough what was on your mind are all stored in the space. A feature of the director is shooting a film without saying anything. And if the movie is not praised, the director takes the responsibility in silence. Who do you think the director is?

  • content 中身
  • magnetism 磁気
  • store 保存する
  • feature 特徴
  • praise 称賛する
  • responsibility 責任

生かして頂いて ありがとう御座位ます

I Ka Shi Te I Ta Da I Te    A Ri Ga To U Go Za I Ma Su

Thank you so much for keeping us alive.

Once Born Into the World of Reality, Live Strong Doing Your Best.

天津 神様

I post almost all critical comments about this blog unless they’re extremly wicked ones. But I sometimes delete or decide not to publish such wicked ones, at the direction of one of my Kenzoku-shins(眷属神), a kind of guardian spirit. Some comments are severe, but this is the reality of the world. A myriad of souls have come to this World of Reality from various worlds and stayed all together in the same dimension. It’s natural that different opinions and inclinations cause conflicts among people and you may well feel stress.

  • critical 批判的な
  • unless S+V SがVしない限り
  • delete 削除する
  • severe 厳しい
  • a myriad of A 無数のA
  • dimension 次元
  • natural 当然の
  • opinion 意見
  • inclination 志向
  • conflicts 争い
  • may well~ 〜するのも当然だ

However, it’s not healthy to try to control these conflicts by force and make up seeming peace because in such a society people would not just express their thoughts, hiding them inside.

  • by force 力で
  • make up A Aを作りあげる
  • seeming 上辺の
  • hide 隠す

People are rare who are affectionate enough to tell you some advice you don’t like to hear, yet is good for you. Most people don’t take the trouble to say such advice to another person so as not to be hated. People in general just avoid such another person without saying anything. And the person in question wouldn’t be aware of his/her faults and couldn’t grow up mentally.

  • affectionate 愛情深い
  • take the trouble to~ わざわざ〜する
  • in general 一般の
  • avoid 避ける
  • be aware of A Aに気がつく
  • fault 欠点

There are cases where you’re right and the other person is wrong, of course.  But thanks to the stimulus, you can have the chance to reflect on yourself, thinking “Am I really right?”  This reflection itself triggers of your mental development in the World of Reality, and in order to experience this, you were born into this world with a miraculous probability−at last.

  • the other person 相手
  • thanks to A Aのおかげで
  • stimulus 刺激
  • chance 機会
  • reflect 反省する
  • reflection 反省
  • trigger きっかけとなる
  • development 発達
  • miraculous 奇跡的な
  • probability 可能性
  • at last ついに

Comments from my readers are really precious because I can understand what they’re really thinking. Some are cruel in writing a comment to give vent to their dissatisfaction taking advantage of anonymity. But because I can learn at least hidden real intentions of people, the comments are precious.

  • cruel 冷酷な
  • vent はけ口
  • dissatisfaction 不満
  • take advantage of A Aを利用する
  • anonymity 匿名性
  • real intention 本音

You had better not play down this World of Reality or let your guard down. It is fortunate that most of the readers are seeking for truth seriously. Because of the seriousness, they can have a quarrel sometimes with each other, but this is not a bad thing.

  • play down A Aを甘く見る
  • let one’s guard down 油断する
  • fortunate 幸運な
  • seek for A Aを探し求める
  • quarrel 口論

One of the suggestions the holy spirt of mine often makes is “Live strong.” The spirit suggests “Once born into the World of Reality, human beings must live strong doing their best under the conditions given to them.” You gotta be tough. Otherwise, you have to be sorry to Inner God in your heart, with which you have been entrusted by the Original God.

  • suggestion 示唆
  • do one’s best 最善を尽くす
  • condition 条件
  • otherwise さもなければ

The holy spirit suggests that there’s nothing to be sad about because life is too short to be sad. All you have to do is do your best no matter how hard or abject your conditions of life. Then, in due time,  your small universe will come to an end with satisfaction. This is what should be celebrated. The universe will congratulate you.

  • sad 悲しい
  • all you have to do is ~ あなたは〜しさえすればよい
  • abject みじめな
  • in due time しかるべき時に
  • come to an end 終わる
  •  satisfaction 満足
  • celebrate 祝う
  • congratulate 祝福する

生かして頂いて ありがとう御座位ます

I Ka Shi Te I Ta Da I Te    A Ri Ga To U Go Za I Ma Su

Thank you so much for keeping us alive.

The Present You is Composed of Three Factors

天津 神様

A self living forever is a soul who has been making a long, long journey of reincarnation. Though the core of your soul never changes, its size and strength changes due to the reflection of your previous life and the way of living in this life as you have experiences of life.

  • make a journey 旅をする
  • reincarnation 転生
  • strength 強さ
  • due to A Aのために
  • reflection 反射

If journeys of individuals’ souls on this earth continue as before, when you transmigrate to the World of Reality again, a rough schedule of your next life, influenced by the spiritual magnetism you etched into space in this life, would be prepared. And according to the karma of the previous life, you would make a choice about in what country and into which family line you will be born.

  • as before 従来通り
  • transmigrate 転生する
  • influence 影響する
  • etch 刻む
  • family line 家系

But the range you can choose at birth is limited and you have to choose within the budget of your life because of the influence of magnetic attraction(=karma)you made in the previous life. Your present life is all the result of your own producing. There is no mere misfortune or unfairness at all. However, once you are born, you can overwrite and amend your life by making efforts in addition to reminding yourself of gratitude and holding memorial services for your ancestors.

  • budget 予算
  • magnetic attraction 磁力
  • mere 単なる
  • misfortune 不運
  • unfairness 不公平
  • overwrite 上書きする
  • amend 守勢する
  • make efforts 努力する
  • in addition to ~ing 〜することに加えて
  • remind oneself of A Aを想起する
  • gratitude 感謝の気持ち
  • ancestor 先祖

On choosing a country where you are born, a spirit of the country you chose, according to the level of your soul, would come to meet you from the World of Gods. And then the spirt would help you to choose a family line you are born into.

  1. an eternal self traveling forever
  2. a spirit of the country you’re born in … Inner God=Ubusungami(産土神, part of the Original God)
  3. a family line you’re born into… from which you borrow your physical body( you’re under the influence of your ancestral spirits as long as you live)
  • the World of Gods 神界
  • help A to~ Aが〜するのを助ける
  • eternal 永遠の
  • Inner God 内在神
  • the Original God 根源神
  • as long as S+V SがVする限り

The present you is the aggregate of these three factors. All you have to do is to develop your Inner God in your heart, while reducing the influence of your ancestral spirits by holding memorial services for them. Those who were born in Japan, including people with foreign blood, will reach Amaterasu-oho-mi-kami(天照太御神)if they develop their Inner God to the utmost limit.

  • aggregate 集合体
  • develop 発達させる
  • reduce 減らす
  • including A Aを含めて
  • to the utmost limit 極限まで

This World of Reality is tough, where if you cling to things or forget gratitude to the present situations, you are set to suffer. This is a law of the World of Reality. If you lead a life holding memorial services for your ancestors without forgetting gratitude to them, you will come to enjoy your life, going to the right direction.

  • cling to A Aに固執する
  • be set to~ 〜することになっている
  • suffer 苦しむ
  • lead a life 生活を送る
  • come to~ 〜するようになる
  • direction 方向

生かして頂いて ありがとう御座位ます

I Ka Shi Te I Ta Da I Te    A Ri Ga To U Go Za I Ma Su

Thank you so much for keeping us alive.

Tell Your Kids About the Reality of The World


I had dinner with a parent and his son I knew. The son was in the fifth grade of an elementary school and was preparing for an entrance exam of a junior high school. During the dinner, he complained about his son not studying hard. His son was listening to what his father was saying in silence. Seeng him listening, I perceived the followings;

● He doesn’t understand why he has to study. He doesn’t think that what he’s studying now will be useful in the future.

● He wants to play video games too as his friends enjoy them.

  • elementary school 小学校
  • prepare for A Aの準備をする
  • entrance exam 入学試験
  • complain 不平を言う
  • in silence 黙って
  • perceive 知覚する

When the father left his seat, I spoke to him.

“If you expand your knowledge by studying, you’ll be able to enjoy more things. If you were illiterate, you couldn’t enjoy what you enjoy now. You couldn’t enjoy interesting books, comics or video games a hundred percent. If you don’t study and expand your knowledge, you can’t enjoy such things. Also, if you don’t study, you won’t be able to choose a job that you want to do in the future. Frankly, your educational background is a certificate that shows that you’re a man who can stand what you don’t want to do. Companies want such a person who has patience and makes efforts. Most of what you learn at school will be useless in society to be sure, but patience and perceverance are needed once you become a member of society. Keep it up. You’re participating in a game of life you can play only now.”

  • speak to A Aに話しかける
  • expand 広げる
  • knowledge 知識
  • illiterate 読み書きができな
  • choose 選ぶ
  • frankly 率直に言うと
  • educational background 学歴
  • certificate 証明書
  • stand 我慢する
  • patience 忍耐
  • effort 努力する
  • to be sure 確かに
  • perseverance 根気
  • once S+V 一旦SがVすると
  • keep it up 頑張る

I told him like this frankly, and then he nodded yes brightly. It is sometimes necessary that you tell your children about what adults are truly thinking toward children and complicated circumstances of the world. Later, the son passed the entrance exam of the famous school he wanted to enter.

  • nod うなづく
  • brightly 明るく
  • complicated 複雑な
  • circumstances 事情

I was a precocious kid that loved listening to conversations of adults.  Adults around me were talking about relationships, money troubles or crimes, thinking that I couldn’t  understand them. Their conversations were really interesting and good for me because I was able to know the reality of life much more than school study. So if you had a child who won’t go to school, it’s important that you find an opportunity to tell your kid about the reality of the world without raising your voice.

● Parents don’t live forever. The time will surely come when your kid has to live alone.

● People need money to live.

● People have to work to make money.

  • precocious ませた
  • conversation 会話
  • relationships 人間関係
  • raise voice 声を上げる

It is necessary that you tell your children these things above. This kind of talk will remain in their heart even in later years. Even if they won’t listen to you now, they will remember what you said when they get older and have difficult times. Children are results of close teamwork of their ancestors who had lived from time immemorial. It is ancestral spirits who are relieved and lived a couple generations ago who take care of their descendants enthusiastically. It will become driving force to lead your children to improve without noticing to hold memorial services for your ancestors without expecting anything in return.

  • remain 残る
  • in later years 後年
  • result 結果
  • ancestor 先祖
  • relieved 安心した
  • descendant 子孫
  • enthusiastically 熱心に
  • driving force 原動力
  • in return お返しに

生かして頂いて ありがとう御座位ます

I Ka Shi Te I Ta Da I Te    A Ri Ga To U Go Za I Ma Su

Thank you so much for keeping us alive.

The Position of Children Who are Hated by Their Parents and Have Nowhere to Run


There seem to be a lot of parents recently who have children but can’t accpet them instinctively and hate them. They don’t know why, and worry themselves about that. Some psychics might say plausibly to such parents “Your children must have been tortured by you in the previous life. So they’ve come into this world as your children to get rid of their karma. Now your children and you have had the place to learn from each other.” However, if you were told that you’ve got such karma, no solution would come of it. They’re parents and children in fact, and they’re facing reality in each of their positions.

  • recently 最近
  • instinctively 本能的に
  • plausibly もっともらしく
  • torture 苦しめる
  • previous 以前の
  • get rid of A    Aを消し去る
  • in fact 実際

In this case, such children are in a difficult position. An adult wouldn’t bear with it. They have nowhere to run. If you’re an office worker, you can quit the job when you’re bullied in the office, for example. If you’re a grown-up, you can leave your house t0 get a job when you’re abused by your parents. But such children are beaten up and blamed all the time by their parents. If they’re elementary school children, they can’t leave house to work and even if they manage to run away from home, they’ll be taken into custody by the police and when they come back home, they’ll end up being scolded all the more harshly by their parents. They have to go to school in such a family environment when families should be the place for emotional support.

  • bear 耐える
  • bully いじめる
  • abuse  虐待する
  • elementary school 小学校
  • end up ~ing 結局は〜することになる
  • scold 叱る
  • harshly 厳しく
  • emotional support 心の支え

Children can be cruel sometimes to others. Children who are not taken good care of by their parents, for example, would be likely to wear the same clothes every day, forget something to school, be scolded by teachers, and be bullied by classmates who say “You stink!” They’re leading their lives, envious of other happy children who are loved by their parents.

  • cruel 残酷な
  • envious 羨ましい

However, they may be able to bear with this kind of thing, taking their mind off. What makes them feel lonely beyond description is when they find an aspect of their mother’s sexuality.They want their mother to be a mother of their own. A mere idea of their mother being an ordinary adult woman would make them sad. If their mother is dependent on a man other than their father, they will feel themselves a nuisance or a gooseberry,though there are a lot of various cases. This situation is all the more agonizing to the children because they can’t go anywhere. They might be living everyday aware of death with adults around them paying no attention to them.

  • take one’s mind off 気を紛らわす
  • feel lonely 孤独を感じる
  • beyond description  言い表せないほど
  • aspect 側面
  • mere 単なる
  • dependent 依存して
  • other than A A以外の
  • nuisance 邪魔者
  • aware 意識して
  • pay attention 注意を払う

Such children, when they grow up, might take revenge on their parents or abandon them when they’re old without hesitation if such children had been kicked out of their house in their childhood. Also, when they themselves have a family in the future, they may do the same thing to their children. Some of them, of course, may be the opposites who love their children, thinking of their parents as an example of how not to behave.

  • revenge 復讐
  • hesitation ためらい
  • opposite 逆の人
  • think of A as B AをBと考える
  • example 実例

Human beings are caught in several patters and repeat one of them unless they are aware of their Inner God in their heart. George Ivanovich Gurdjieff, a Russian with a mysyical idea, asserted that human beings, unless they are awaken,  are like robots who repeat the same response as only a machine. But you can never awaken if you don’t cut off and get rid of the magnetism of a vicious circle passed on by your ancestors and the negative magnetism you’ve made in this world.

  • unless S+V SがVしない限り
  • aware 気がついて
  • mystical idea 神秘思想
  • assert 断言する
  • response 反応
  • awaken 目覚める
  • get rid of A Aをなくす

The ways to cut off the negative magnetism are the following;

  1. Holding memory services for your ancestors
  2. Reminding yourself of gratitude in every-day life, meaning being grateful for your present situations with the thought “Thank you so much for keeping us alive”
  • remind oneself of A Aを想起する
  • gratitude 感謝の気持ち

Before you hope for solutions for family problems, you have to practice these two things first. And also, it’s important that you have gratitude to a spirit of your dead child when you offer the third incense stick during a memorial service. If you do so, ill feelings between parents and children will disappear before you know. Your problems will resolve themselves one by one.

  • solution 解決策
  • incense stick 線香
  • ill feelings わだかまり
  • resolve oneself 解決する

生かして頂いて ありがとう御座位ます

I Ka Shi Te I Ta Da I Te    A Ri Ga To U Go Za I Ma Su

Thank you so much for keeping us alive.

When Your Physical Body is Weak, It is Easy for You to be Interfered by Spirits


A memorial service on the first anniversary of a benefactor I owed a lot was over today. Yesterday, his oldest son treated me to sushi and we talked a lot. At the sushi restaurant people eat sushi with a little rock salt without soy sauce. I drank a lot of beer since the seafood for sushi topping and the rock salt tasted great. This sushi restaurant was excellent.

  • memorial service 法要
  • benefactor 恩人
  • treat A to B  AにBをおごる
  • soy sause 醤油

I remember that I drank ten beers, and we drank all of the cold beers the restaurant kept after all. So, today’s memorial service was very hard for both of us lol. I stayed at a hotel near Shinsaibashi of Osaka last night. When I returned to my room, I smelled of liquor so much that my wife got angry and I was struck by her lightning. Oh, scary.

  • get angry 怒る
  • lightening 雷
  • scary 怖い

According to the oldest son, he had a dream on New Year’s day after his father died, in which he saw his father clearly for the first time. The oldest son cleaned up his house on the last day of the year and drank a lot his body being very tired. He analyzed the meaning of the dream and told me that his father might have made him tired and lea him to drink alcohol so that his father could get access to him because if his physical body had been powerful it would have been difficult for him to do so.

  • New Year’s day お正月
  • for the first time 初めて
  • analyze 分析する
  • meaning 意味
  • lead A to~ Aに〜するよう仕向ける
  • so that S+V  SがVするように

Then I thought this was the right interpretation spiritually. When your physical body is weak, it’s easy for you to be interfered by spirits. In the dream, his father said to him “This world isn’t so bad. I’m allowed to stay at a good place. I want to leave everything to your care” and disappeared, he said. Interesting enough, he saw a man behind his father in the dream that looked like Daikoku-sama(大黒様), who is portly god with lights shining behind. I felt this was Ookuninushi-no-kami (大国主神)related to Susanoo(スサノオ). He, over 50 now, told me that he had been unable to drink sake and had preferred beer but after his father passed away, he came to be able to drink sake.  My benefactor loved sake.

  • interpretation 解釈
  • be allowed to~ 〜するのを許されている
  • interesting enough 興味深いことに
  • related 関係した
  • prefer 好む
  • pass away 亡くなる

We, living in this world, are here as representatives on behalf of our ancestors in a sense. So if your loved one passes away, you don’t need to be sad unnecessarily. All you have to do is make up your mind to live together with your loved ones by holding memorial services for them with gratitude.

  • representative 代理
  • on behalf of A Aの代わりに
  • unnecessarily 不必要に
  • make up one’s mind 決意する
  • gratitude 感謝の気持ち

生かして頂いて ありがとう御座位ます

I Ka Shi Te I Ta Da I Te    A Ri Ga To U Go Za I Ma Su

Thank you so much for keeping us alive.

Discontent People are Easily Attracted to Revelations of Destruction


Mr.A, who appeared in a past article of this blog and had a patent of drug, was sickly and handicapped from birth and had a disability certificate. Because his physical body was weak, his spiritual body was playing a much more important role, even in Showa era, and his physical body was like an attachment. While waking down a street, he would often sympathize with too many spiritual beings that wanted to say something.

  • patent 特許
  • sickly 病気がちな
  • handicapped 身体障害の
  • certificate 証明書
  • attachment 付属物
  • sympathize 同調する

In general, spiritualistic mediums like him are apt to be mentally ill and enter hospital because of it, but since he had Inner God of Kunitokotachi-oo-kami(国常立太神)in his heart, he was successful socially and spiritually. He told me one day that he made the scientific discovery thanks to a revelation from the World of Gods. He obtained the patent after he graduated from the pharmaceutical department of a certain national university.

  • be apt to~ 〜しがちである
  • make discovery 発見をする
  • thanks to A Aのおかげで
  • revelation 啓示
  • graduate 卒業する
  • pharmaceutical 薬学の
  • national university 国立大学

I have never seen a man like him, who can sympathize with various kinds of spiritual beings, ranging from spirits of lower dimensions to ones of higher dimensions, which was due to the weakness of his body. Some psychics are famous as a medium, but most of them are just possessed with fox spirits, and they’re in danger. Such mediums are often mentally unstable and will have to see a psychiatrist sooner or later. Mediums whose heart gets occupied by other characters are unstable and useless. Mr. A, who had his own company, was no exception.

  • range 範囲にわたる
  • dimension 次元
  • be due to A Aが原因である
  • psychiatrist 精神科医
  • no exception 例外

According to Mr. A, he had often sympathized with Fishimi-inari-shin(伏見稲荷神)and Kou-jin(荒神) just until he met me. After he began to sympathize with Kunitokotachi-oo-kami, he was introduced to met by a certain man. While he was with me, he was possessed suddenly by a spiritual being who called itself Kunitokotachi-oo-kami, and he began to tell me its revelation. The content of the revelation was a total denial of all existing religions that collected money from their believers and a warning and a sentence to the modern society that had developed confining the God of Creation.

  • introduce 紹介する
  • content 中身
  • denial 否定
  • existing 既存の
  • religion 宗教
  • sentence 宣告
  • confine 閉じ込める

In recent years, a lot of people make predictions about the end of the world or advocate the transition to a new, next dimension. What you have to be careful of is whether or not you long for the end or demise of the world unconsciously because you’re thinking you’re unfortunate in this world or you’re frustrated with something you can do nothing about. If you were so, you would be attracted to or interested in catastrophic revelations.

  • make a prediction 予言を行う
  • advocate 唱導する
  • transition 移行
  • long for A Aを待ち望む
  • demise 終焉
  • unfortunate 不運な
  • attract 引きつける
  • catastrophic 破滅的な

As for Mr.A, he must have had an uncontrollable inferiority complex and dissatisfaction towards his physical body all the more because he was rich and lived a comfortable life. For example, there is a famous book named Mitsuki Shinji(日月神示), on which many recent prophecies of the end of the world are based. And during the days of misfortune, its author began to write the book automatically with his body possessed with a certain spirit. But in later years, when he became rich enough to go overseas, he stopped writing it.

  • as for A Aに関して言えば
  • inferiority complex 劣等感
  • comfortable 快適な
  • prophecy 予言
  • overseas 海外に

The key for all lies in this World of Reality. All dimensions, from the World of Hell to the World of Gods, are coming to this World of Reality to become one. It is the mind of dissatisfaction of trying to escape from this world that attracts things that destroy you and consume you. So you have to be careful about what you’re thinking because what is similar is beginning to attract each other. Conversely, the time is to come when to those who are true to their own conscience, this world will be like heaven.

  • destroy 破壊する
  • conversely 逆に言えば
  • conscience 良心

生かして頂いて ありがとう御座位ます

I Ka Shi Te I Ta Da I Te    A Ri Ga To U Go Za I Ma Su

Thank you so much for keeping us alive.

When Magnetism of Thought Tunes in, Various Kinds of Spirits Come to Possess You Through a Dimensional Wall


Spiritual beings that belong to various dimensions, ranging from the World of Hell to the World of Gods, are coming to this World of Reality. They’re coming into this world to survive because only the World of Reality is to remain and the other worlds are vanishing. It is the only way for them to survive to posses human beings living in this World of Reality. For a spirit to posses someone, spiritual vibration frequencies between them have to attract each other and tune in. That is, human beings become a Yorkshire(寄り代), a medium for spirits to stay at. A man and a spirit of a kind combine into one.

  • belong to A Aに属している
  • survive 生き残る
  • nothingness 無
  • possess 憑依する
  • vibration frequency 振動数
  • attract 引き付ける
  • tune in  同調する
  • that is つまり
  • medium 媒介
  • of a kind 似たような
  • combine into one 一つになる

A lot of torso murders seem to be happening in recent years. I have an impression that such a murder case was rare in the past. I hear that human bodies are difficult to cut into pieces, even with an expensive medical knife. A person in an abnormal state of mind could only chop a dead body for two days.

  • torso murder バラバラ殺人
  • impression 印象
  • rare 稀な
  • into pieces バラバラに
  • expensive 高価な
  • abnormal 異常な

Taking a look at the face of a criminal who damaged a dead body, I find that a spiritual being in a certain class of Hell has possessed the person and was deeply involved in the murder. In this world of Hell, such spiritual beings are killing and chopping each other. A spiritual being cut down to pieces can get back together again quickly and they begin to fight again. They repeat the same thing forever in Hell.

  • criminal 犯罪者
  • damage 損壊する
  • class 階層
  • involved 関与している
  • chop 切り刻む

It is when the magnetism of thought you’re giving off in everyday life tunes in to that of a spiritual being of Hell that it comes to possess you through a dimensional wall. On the other hand, if you, out of mercy, practice holding memorial services for your ancestors with gratitude, expecting nothing in return, such spiritual beings can never tune in to your magnetism.

  • magnetism 磁気
  • give off A Aを発する
  • on the other hand 一方
  • out of mercy 慈悲心から
  • practice 実践する
  • ancestor 先祖
  • gratitude 感謝の気持ち
  • in return お返しに

There’s nothing to be scared of. It’s just two of a kind in idea and action attract each other. Therefore, to those who hold memorial services for their ancestral spirits and make efforts to etch the magnetism of gratitude into space, noble spirits who try to do good similarly will come close.

  • scared 怖がって
  • two of a kind 似た者同士
  • etch  刻む
  • noble 高貴な
  • similarly 同様に
  • come close to A Aに近づく

生かして頂いて ありがとう御座位ます

I Ka Shi Te I Ta Da I Te    A Ri Ga To U Go Za I Ma Su

Thank you so much for keeping us alive.

Human Beings are Bounding Bodies composed of Ara-mitama and Nigi-mitama


It can be said in a sense that a human soul is an Ara-mitama (荒御魂),”ara” meaning “rough”and “mitama” meaning “soul”, who has appeared for the purpose of traveling in this world. Inner God in your heart is called Nigi-mitama(和魂), “nigi” meaning “harmonious”, and synchronizes with the Original Being. Also, to put it in a different way, Ara-mitama corresponds to human bodies and spiritual bodies, while Nigi-mitama human minds and the relationship with Inner God. To put it in a higher dimensional expression, Ara-mitama of the earth corresponds to Kunitoko-tachi-oo-kami(国常立太神), while Nigi-mitama Amaterasu-oho-mikami(天照太御神).

  • in a sense ある意味で
  • soul 魂
  • for the purpose of ~ing 〜するために
  • synchronize 連動する
  • correspond 相当する
  • relationship 関係

When you come to think of it, our physical bodies have been borrowed from the earth. Since the human beings appeared on the earth, human bodies have succeeded from generation to generation, taking in the food growing up on the earth.Water and ingredients of 0f the earth are circulating, changing their forms. Scientifically speaking, it may be called entropic circulation. All of the energy of the earth doesn’t increase nor decrease. It’s just changing its form.

  • borrow 借りる
  • succeed つながる
  • take in A Aを摂取する
  • ingredient 成分
  • circulate 循環する
  • entropic エントロピーの
  • increase 増加する
  • decrease 減少する

Spiritually speaking, human beings living in this World of Reality are precious because they are bounding bodies composed of Ara-mitama and Nigi-mitama of the earth. If you don’t take good care of your physical body, you won’t be able to make excuses to the spirit of the earth.

  • the World of Reality 現実界
  • precious 貴重な
  • bounding body 結合体
  • compose 構成する
  • make excuses 言い訳する

When you return your physical body after you die, Emma Daio, or the King of Hell, is supposed to see how much care you took of your physical body. You have to take good care of it as much as you can, no matter how sickly you are due to illness.

  • be supposed to~ 〜することになっている
  • sickly 病弱な
  • due to A Aのために
  • illness 病気

In the most ancient times, when human beings first appeared on the earth, there seems to have been a contract between Ara-mitama and Nigi-mitama like the followings:

  1. If you take good care of and raise all creatures on the earth, including your physical body, and
  2. If you develop Nigi-mitama by taking good care of your mind and your Inner God, your soul can be released from the circulation on the earth and be free.

If you will live always reminding yourself of gratitude and taking good care of your physical body, you’ll find yourself in a very happy situation in many ways.

  • contract 契約
  • creature  生き物
  • release 解放する

生かして頂いて ありがとう御座位ます

I Ka Shi Te I Ta Da I Te    A Ri Ga To U Go Za I Ma Su

Thank you so much for keeping us alive.

Taking on a Color Different from Your Own is Poisonous


When you’re covered with a lot of spiritual dirt, you’re in counterpoise between the union of your Inner God and ancestral spirits and the spiritual being from the World of the Dead possessing you as long as you’re conscious of your present situations. You can go back to normal while you’re alive, depending on your way of life.

  • be covered with A  Aで覆われている
  • dirt 垢
  • counterpoise 平衡状態
  • union 連帯
  • Inner God 内在神
  • ancestral 先祖の
  • the World of the Dead 幽界
  • possess 憑依する
  • as long as S+V SがVする限り
  • present situation 現状
  • depending on A A次第で
  • way of life 生き方

For example, a person who has practiced meditation for many years often see a white serpent appearing, which I’ve called since a long time ago “a meditation serpent” or “a kundalini serpent.” The size and color of the serpent vary depending on the spiritual being behind a leader of a spiritual group or a spiritual group itself. In the age of the World of the Dead, or Showa era, people possessed with this meditation serpent could live, but many of them became sickly. They lost their flesh abnormally, for their life force was eaten by the serpent.

  • meditation 瞑想
  • serpent 蛇
  • sickly 病気がちな
  • abnormally 異常に

Mediation is very dangerous under the present circumstances in which the electromagnetic waves from the sun are intense and the terrestrial magnetism of the earth is winding unstably. Many people who practice meditation will suffer from severe mental illness. It is the best that you practice dynamic meditation, meaning that you do work looking inside yourself with your eyes open in everyday life. If you practice static meditation, you’ll be in danger of your soul being eaten by evil spirits.

  • electromagnetic wave 電磁波
  • intense 強烈な
  • terrestrial magnetism 地磁気
  • wind 蛇行する
  • unstably 不安定に
  • mental illness 精神病
  • dynamic 動的な
  • static 静的な
  • evil 邪悪な

Some might say “It’s no problem if you do meditation with an excellent guru,” but in such a case it often happens that the guru himself has already possessed with a meditation serpent and preys upon his pupils in body, mind and money. Those who practice meditation for a living come to change because of money. You had better be on your guard against such people as make a living in the field of spiritual things, no matter what lofty ideas they advocate.

  • prey upon A Aを餌食にする
  • pupil 弟子
  • for a living 生活のために
  • come to~ 〜するようになる
  • had better~ 〜した方がよい
  • on one’s guard 警戒する
  • lofty 高尚な
  • advocate 主張する

Religions, spiritual trainings spiritual seminars and so on−all these will have negative effects on individuals in the Age of the Sun to come because it is your original spirituality that matters most and it’s the key point in the near future. Spiritual initiation or therapies conducted by others are all bad for you without exception, which means that your spiritual body is tainted with the color of others. To cover yourself with spiritual magnetism of others will cause you rejection reaction and make your life force weaker and weaker. It’s the best for human beings to maintain their own pure spiritual bodies.

  • effect 影響
  • matter 重要である
  • initiation 伝授
  • exception 例外
  • taint 汚す
  • rejection reaction 拒絶反応
  • maintain  維持する

It is a secret of longevity that you, even sickly, lead modest lives with gratitude for the present situations, allowing matters take their own course. Spiritual miracles or improvements caused by spiritual treatments are deceptions, which are just shaving off your life energy and using it for some immediate improvement. The truth is that such spiritual deeds make you get closer to death. If you’re cured of a disease by some spiritual miracle, you will die earlier than otherwise as a condition of exchange. No one will dream that your longevity is consumed for an immediate improvement of a disease. If a person whose soul is about to be eaten up by a spiritual being starts to hold a memorial service for his/her ancestors with gratitude to them, the person may have to go through an ordeal as drug addicts do. But, to detoxify poison inside your body, you cannot avoid it.

  • longevity 長寿
  • modest 控えめな
  • gratitude 感謝の気持ち
  • deception 誤魔化し
  • shave off A Aを削り取る
  • immediate 目の前の
  • deed 行為
  • disease  病気
  • condition of exchange 交換条件
  • consume 消費する
  • ordeal 試練
  • drug addict 麻薬中毒患者
  • detoxify 解毒する
  • avoid 避ける

The immune systems of human beings have been going down because of the electromagnetic waves from the sun. You’re now entering a new age that people die easily. Some people die due to pre-made intravenous injection and others hospital infection, for example. In Showa era, they wouldn’t die under the same conditions. Even those who have nothing to do with spiritual conducts such as taking on a color different from their own,  if they have their ancestral spirits wandering on their spiritual line, are beginning to suffer from general malaise or diseases of unknown origin. Toward the year of 2012, when the number of sunspot reaches a maximum, the electromagnetic waves from the sun will be more and more intense. It will be fatal to depend on something that is not yours. Hold memorial services for your ancestors and remind yourself of gratitude without a wince. God helps those who help themselves.

  • immun system 免疫
  • due to A Aのために
  • intravenous injection 点滴
  • hospital infection 院内感染
  • have nothing to do with A Aと関係がない
  • take on A Aを帯びる
  • general malaise 不定愁訴
  • sunspot 太陽黒点
  • maximum 最大
  • without a wince 淡々と

生かして頂いて ありがとう御座位ます

I Ka Shi Te I Ta Da I Te    A Ri Ga To U Go Za I Ma Su

Thank you so much for keeping us alive.