When Magnetism of Thought Tunes in, Various Kinds of Spirits Come to Possess You Through a Dimensional Wall


Spiritual beings that belong to various dimensions, ranging from the World of Hell to the World of Gods, are coming to this World of Reality. They’re coming into this world to survive because only the World of Reality is to remain and the other worlds are vanishing. It is the only way for them to survive to posses human beings living in this World of Reality. For a spirit to posses someone, spiritual vibration frequencies between them have to attract each other and tune in. That is, human beings become a Yorkshire(寄り代), a medium for spirits to stay at. A man and a spirit of a kind combine into one.

  • belong to A Aに属している
  • survive 生き残る
  • nothingness 無
  • possess 憑依する
  • vibration frequency 振動数
  • attract 引き付ける
  • tune in  同調する
  • that is つまり
  • medium 媒介
  • of a kind 似たような
  • combine into one 一つになる

A lot of torso murders seem to be happening in recent years. I have an impression that such a murder case was rare in the past. I hear that human bodies are difficult to cut into pieces, even with an expensive medical knife. A person in an abnormal state of mind could only chop a dead body for two days.

  • torso murder バラバラ殺人
  • impression 印象
  • rare 稀な
  • into pieces バラバラに
  • expensive 高価な
  • abnormal 異常な

Taking a look at the face of a criminal who damaged a dead body, I find that a spiritual being in a certain class of Hell has possessed the person and was deeply involved in the murder. In this world of Hell, such spiritual beings are killing and chopping each other. A spiritual being cut down to pieces can get back together again quickly and they begin to fight again. They repeat the same thing forever in Hell.

  • criminal 犯罪者
  • damage 損壊する
  • class 階層
  • involved 関与している
  • chop 切り刻む

It is when the magnetism of thought you’re giving off in everyday life tunes in to that of a spiritual being of Hell that it comes to possess you through a dimensional wall. On the other hand, if you, out of mercy, practice holding memorial services for your ancestors with gratitude, expecting nothing in return, such spiritual beings can never tune in to your magnetism.

  • magnetism 磁気
  • give off A Aを発する
  • on the other hand 一方
  • out of mercy 慈悲心から
  • practice 実践する
  • ancestor 先祖
  • gratitude 感謝の気持ち
  • in return お返しに

There’s nothing to be scared of. It’s just two of a kind in idea and action attract each other. Therefore, to those who hold memorial services for their ancestral spirits and make efforts to etch the magnetism of gratitude into space, noble spirits who try to do good similarly will come close.

  • scared 怖がって
  • two of a kind 似た者同士
  • etch  刻む
  • noble 高貴な
  • similarly 同様に
  • come close to A Aに近づく

生かして頂いて ありがとう御座位ます

I Ka Shi Te I Ta Da I Te    A Ri Ga To U Go Za I Ma Su

Thank you so much for keeping us alive.

Human Beings are Bounding Bodies composed of Ara-mitama and Nigi-mitama


It can be said in a sense that a human soul is an Ara-mitama (荒御魂),”ara” meaning “rough”and “mitama” meaning “soul”, who has appeared for the purpose of traveling in this world. Inner God in your heart is called Nigi-mitama(和魂), “nigi” meaning “harmonious”, and synchronizes with the Original Being. Also, to put it in a different way, Ara-mitama corresponds to human bodies and spiritual bodies, while Nigi-mitama human minds and the relationship with Inner God. To put it in a higher dimensional expression, Ara-mitama of the earth corresponds to Kunitoko-tachi-oo-kami(国常立太神), while Nigi-mitama Amaterasu-oho-mikami(天照太御神).

  • in a sense ある意味で
  • soul 魂
  • for the purpose of ~ing 〜するために
  • synchronize 連動する
  • correspond 相当する
  • relationship 関係

When you come to think of it, our physical bodies have been borrowed from the earth. Since the human beings appeared on the earth, human bodies have succeeded from generation to generation, taking in the food growing up on the earth.Water and ingredients of 0f the earth are circulating, changing their forms. Scientifically speaking, it may be called entropic circulation. All of the energy of the earth doesn’t increase nor decrease. It’s just changing its form.

  • borrow 借りる
  • succeed つながる
  • take in A Aを摂取する
  • ingredient 成分
  • circulate 循環する
  • entropic エントロピーの
  • increase 増加する
  • decrease 減少する

Spiritually speaking, human beings living in this World of Reality are precious because they are bounding bodies composed of Ara-mitama and Nigi-mitama of the earth. If you don’t take good care of your physical body, you won’t be able to make excuses to the spirit of the earth.

  • the World of Reality 現実界
  • precious 貴重な
  • bounding body 結合体
  • compose 構成する
  • make excuses 言い訳する

When you return your physical body after you die, Emma Daio, or the King of Hell, is supposed to see how much care you took of your physical body. You have to take good care of it as much as you can, no matter how sickly you are due to illness.

  • be supposed to~ 〜することになっている
  • sickly 病弱な
  • due to A Aのために
  • illness 病気

In the most ancient times, when human beings first appeared on the earth, there seems to have been a contract between Ara-mitama and Nigi-mitama like the followings:

  1. If you take good care of and raise all creatures on the earth, including your physical body, and
  2. If you develop Nigi-mitama by taking good care of your mind and your Inner God, your soul can be released from the circulation on the earth and be free.

If you will live always reminding yourself of gratitude and taking good care of your physical body, you’ll find yourself in a very happy situation in many ways.

  • contract 契約
  • creature  生き物
  • release 解放する

生かして頂いて ありがとう御座位ます

I Ka Shi Te I Ta Da I Te    A Ri Ga To U Go Za I Ma Su

Thank you so much for keeping us alive.

Taking on a Color Different from Your Own is Poisonous


When you’re covered with a lot of spiritual dirt, you’re in counterpoise between the union of your Inner God and ancestral spirits and the spiritual being from the World of the Dead possessing you as long as you’re conscious of your present situations. You can go back to normal while you’re alive, depending on your way of life.

  • be covered with A  Aで覆われている
  • dirt 垢
  • counterpoise 平衡状態
  • union 連帯
  • Inner God 内在神
  • ancestral 先祖の
  • the World of the Dead 幽界
  • possess 憑依する
  • as long as S+V SがVする限り
  • present situation 現状
  • depending on A A次第で
  • way of life 生き方

For example, a person who has practiced meditation for many years often see a white serpent appearing, which I’ve called since a long time ago “a meditation serpent” or “a kundalini serpent.” The size and color of the serpent vary depending on the spiritual being behind a leader of a spiritual group or a spiritual group itself. In the age of the World of the Dead, or Showa era, people possessed with this meditation serpent could live, but many of them became sickly. They lost their flesh abnormally, for their life force was eaten by the serpent.

  • meditation 瞑想
  • serpent 蛇
  • sickly 病気がちな
  • abnormally 異常に

Mediation is very dangerous under the present circumstances in which the electromagnetic waves from the sun are intense and the terrestrial magnetism of the earth is winding unstably. Many people who practice meditation will suffer from severe mental illness. It is the best that you practice dynamic meditation, meaning that you do work looking inside yourself with your eyes open in everyday life. If you practice static meditation, you’ll be in danger of your soul being eaten by evil spirits.

  • electromagnetic wave 電磁波
  • intense 強烈な
  • terrestrial magnetism 地磁気
  • wind 蛇行する
  • unstably 不安定に
  • mental illness 精神病
  • dynamic 動的な
  • static 静的な
  • evil 邪悪な

Some might say “It’s no problem if you do meditation with an excellent guru,” but in such a case it often happens that the guru himself has already possessed with a meditation serpent and preys upon his pupils in body, mind and money. Those who practice meditation for a living come to change because of money. You had better be on your guard against such people as make a living in the field of spiritual things, no matter what lofty ideas they advocate.

  • prey upon A Aを餌食にする
  • pupil 弟子
  • for a living 生活のために
  • come to~ 〜するようになる
  • had better~ 〜した方がよい
  • on one’s guard 警戒する
  • lofty 高尚な
  • advocate 主張する

Religions, spiritual trainings spiritual seminars and so on−all these will have negative effects on individuals in the Age of the Sun to come because it is your original spirituality that matters most and it’s the key point in the near future. Spiritual initiation or therapies conducted by others are all bad for you without exception, which means that your spiritual body is tainted with the color of others. To cover yourself with spiritual magnetism of others will cause you rejection reaction and make your life force weaker and weaker. It’s the best for human beings to maintain their own pure spiritual bodies.

  • effect 影響
  • matter 重要である
  • initiation 伝授
  • exception 例外
  • taint 汚す
  • rejection reaction 拒絶反応
  • maintain  維持する

It is a secret of longevity that you, even sickly, lead modest lives with gratitude for the present situations, allowing matters take their own course. Spiritual miracles or improvements caused by spiritual treatments are deceptions, which are just shaving off your life energy and using it for some immediate improvement. The truth is that such spiritual deeds make you get closer to death. If you’re cured of a disease by some spiritual miracle, you will die earlier than otherwise as a condition of exchange. No one will dream that your longevity is consumed for an immediate improvement of a disease. If a person whose soul is about to be eaten up by a spiritual being starts to hold a memorial service for his/her ancestors with gratitude to them, the person may have to go through an ordeal as drug addicts do. But, to detoxify poison inside your body, you cannot avoid it.

  • longevity 長寿
  • modest 控えめな
  • gratitude 感謝の気持ち
  • deception 誤魔化し
  • shave off A Aを削り取る
  • immediate 目の前の
  • deed 行為
  • disease  病気
  • condition of exchange 交換条件
  • consume 消費する
  • ordeal 試練
  • drug addict 麻薬中毒患者
  • detoxify 解毒する
  • avoid 避ける

The immune systems of human beings have been going down because of the electromagnetic waves from the sun. You’re now entering a new age that people die easily. Some people die due to pre-made intravenous injection and others hospital infection, for example. In Showa era, they wouldn’t die under the same conditions. Even those who have nothing to do with spiritual conducts such as taking on a color different from their own,  if they have their ancestral spirits wandering on their spiritual line, are beginning to suffer from general malaise or diseases of unknown origin. Toward the year of 2012, when the number of sunspot reaches a maximum, the electromagnetic waves from the sun will be more and more intense. It will be fatal to depend on something that is not yours. Hold memorial services for your ancestors and remind yourself of gratitude without a wince. God helps those who help themselves.

  • immun system 免疫
  • due to A Aのために
  • intravenous injection 点滴
  • hospital infection 院内感染
  • have nothing to do with A Aと関係がない
  • take on A Aを帯びる
  • general malaise 不定愁訴
  • sunspot 太陽黒点
  • maximum 最大
  • without a wince 淡々と

生かして頂いて ありがとう御座位ます

I Ka Shi Te I Ta Da I Te    A Ri Ga To U Go Za I Ma Su

Thank you so much for keeping us alive.

Negative Spiritual Beings Flee From the Magnetism of Gratitude


When I was driving my car listening to the radio, a rakugo-ka, a Japanese comic storyteller, was telling a summer ghost story about sleep paralysis. According to his story, a man had sleep paralysis at a hotel at midnight. To dispel a ghost, he chanted the part of sutras he knew over and over in his mind like “Nam myo…” or “Nam ami…” Then , he heard a voice close to his ear saying “No use saying such a thing.” So he shouted at the ghost, “Hey, I gotta get up early tomorrow. Go away, you asshole!” He said that shouting at ghosts was the most effective.

  • ghost story 怪談
  • sleep paralysis 金縛り
  • midnight 深夜
  • dispel 追い払う
  • chant 唱える
  • sutra お経
  • no use 無駄な
  • gotta 〜しなければいけない
  • get up 起きる
  • go away どこかに行く
  • effective 効果的な

There is some sense in what he says. In terms of combat power, the energy of anger of living human beings is much stronger than that of spirits without physical bodies. I have never had sleep paralysis in my whole life. When I went on a company trip, my boss knocked on the door of my room at midnight to ask me to change rooms for him. He said that he couldn’t sleep at all because a ghost appeared in his room and that he had sleep paralysis with the ghost making a lot of noise. So I went to his room, where I slept well until morning.

  • sense 理
  • anger 怒り
  • in terms of A Aの観点から
  • combat power 戦闘力
  • appear 現れる
  • make a noise 音を立てる

Whenever I feel a sign of a wicked spirit in a hotel room, I raise a shout toward myself and the room, saying something like “Ei!” If the wicked spirit is an unimportant one, I say it in a quiet voice, but if it’s an important one, I say it loud naturally without intention. I sometimes raise a shout suddenly while driving, and I’m frowned at by my families. In such a case, my wife always asks me “Who did you cut down now? ” persistently, so I have trouble explaining it.

  • sign 気配
  • raise a shout 気合を入れる
  • quiet 静かな
  • intention 意図
  • be frowned at 顰蹙を買う
  • cut down A Aを斬る
  • persistently しつこく
  • have trouble ~ing 〜するのに苦労する

A long time age, when I felt a disgusting energy at the whole floor of the hotel where I was to stay, I raised a shout into my room before entering. Then a president of a client company, who was staying at a room three doors away, came out of his room into the hallway with his hands to his head, exclaiming “Ouch!” He had been practicing Shugendo(修験道), mountain asceticism, for many years and had been possessed with a lot of small crow Tengu(天狗), a Japanese spirit with a long nose and wings. lol

  • a long time ago ずっと前に
  • disgusting 嫌な
  • president 社長
  • client company 取引先
  • exclaim 叫ぶ
  • be possessed 憑依されている
  • crow カラス

If you practice holding memorial services for your ancestors with gratitude and reminding yourself of gratitude all the time, you will also be able to clean up negative spiritual magnetism on the spot by raising a shout a little. You can do the same thing with the use of salt, but this is temporary and you have to put some salt in advance with little effect.

  • practice 実践する
  • ancestor 先祖
  • remind oneself of A Aを想起する
  • gratitude 感謝の気持ち
  • all the time いつも
  • on the spot その場で
  • temporary 一時的な
  • in advance 前もって

Wicked spirits flee from the spiritual magnetism of gratitude living human beings emit. Even the King of Hell would throw himself on the ground in front of the Great Spiritual Being that blessed human beings with the following words:

  • wicked 邪悪な
  • flee 逃げる
  • emit 発する
  • throw oneself on the ground ひれ伏す
  • bless A with B AにBを授ける

生かして頂いて ありがとう御座位ます

I Ka Shi Te I Ta Da I Te    A Ri Ga To U Go Za I Ma Su

Thank you so much for keeping us alive.

Regarding Blood and Spiritual Magnetism, Something Original Is the Best


I hear that members of the Imperial family and very important persons all over the world have their blood collected little by little when they’re healthy and it stored so that they won’t use any blood of others in an emergency. Because to use their own blood is safer and more suitable than others’ blood.

  • the Imperial family 皇室
  • collect 集める
  • emergency 緊急事態

In the medical history of Japan, the problem occurred many times of patients being infected by AIDS or hepatitis due to blood transfusion or blood products. People in general can do nothing about it as they can’t store their blood. When necessary, you have to try to live getting a blood transfusion. Also, it is important that you donate your blood.

  • infect 感染させる
  • hepatitis 肝炎
  • blood transfusion 輸血
  • in general 一般の
  • donate 献じる

With regard to visible blood, there are many ways not to use others’ blood as much as possible, but when it comes to spiritual healing, the exact opposite understanding and treatment of it are getting around at the present day. Some people are spending money on spiritual products so that they can take in the spiritual magnetism of others and others are trying to be controlled by their guru by sharing a certain symbolic spiritual product to put on and spiritual vibration with the guru. In my opinion, blood transfusion and to wear spiritual magnetism of others are the same kind of thing and especially there is a fatal risk in accepting spiritual magnetism of healers who take money from people.

  • with regard to A Aに関しては
  • when it comes to A Aということになると
  • opposite 逆の
  • take in A Aを取り込む
  • magnetism 磁気
  • fatal 致命的な
  • risk 危険

In the future, when the nature of spiritual magnetism is unravelled by science, it will be proved as a past fact that spiritual treatment or spiritual groups practicing spiritual healing reduce people’s life force and debase their spirituality.

  • unravel 解明する
  • prove 証明する
  • conduct 行う
  • reduce 減らす
  • life force 生命力
  • debase 低下させる

Since the dawn of history, there has never been any individual belonging to a spiritual group who reached spiritual enlightenment. It is not until you leave gurus who impede your spiritual magnetism that your spiritual development begins. Only those who succeed in keeping their own original magnetism can reach spiritual enlightenment–the one who keeps away from any other magnetism and refines and develops his/her own magnetism until the very end. Those who are subordinate to gurus are likely to grow up spiritually only after they leave spiritual groups or transmigrate to another world.

  • spiritual enlightenment 悟り
  • impede 阻害する
  • succeed in ~ing  〜するのに成功する
  • refine 精錬する
  • transmigrate 転生する

Regarding blood and spiritual magnetism, something original is the best. There is nothing you have to replenish from others. All you have to do is find what you already have. You have Inner God in your heart, God always being together with you. You’re fragile?No worries! If you’re grateful to your weak body and live accepting it, it is possible that you can live long conversely. Let’s continue with our limited journey of life with the attitude of enjoying everything.

  • regarding A Aに関しては
  • replenish 補給する
  • Inner God 内在神
  • fragile 脆い
  • grateful 有難く思う
  • conversely 逆に
  • limited 限られた
  • attitude 考え方

生かして頂いて ありがとう御座位ます

I Ka Shi Te I Ta Da I Te    A Ri Ga To U Go Za I Ma Su

Thank you so much for keeping us alive.

Only Good Karma Can Get Rid Of Bad Karma


There is an “insane” Buddhist doctrine called Tantra Vajrayāna, upon which Aum Shinrikyo, a Japanese cult group who committed indiscriminate murder, was based and with which its members were inculcated. They believed in this doctrine in the wrong way and killed people without hesitation.

  • insane 狂った
  • doctrine 教義
  • commit 犯す
  • indiscriminate 無差別の
  • inculcate 教え込む
  • hesitation ためらい

Of course, they were interpreting the doctrine wrongly. The guru distorted Tibetan Esoteric Buddhism and used it when he brainwashed the believers. Though I have never read interpretations of this doctrine, what I feel from the name of the doctrine is religious rapture and great mercy. Interpreting the doctrine in the wrong way, Aum Shirikyo get the wrong idea that human beings have sinful karma, so to kill them is to make them rest in peace happily and forever.” I feel that they justified themselves by turning it into the selfish, nonsense idea that they can shoulder the karma of the people by killing them and suffer in place of them and it’s a good ascetic training for them. I don’t know their actual arguments, but I feel so.

  • interpret 解釈する
  • distort 歪める
  • Esoteric Buddhism 密教
  • brainwash 洗脳する
  • rapture 歓喜
  • mercy 慈悲
  • sinful 罪深い
  • justify 正当化する
  • shoulder 肩代わりする
  • in place of A Aの代わりに
  • ascetic training 苦行
  • argument 主張

No one can shoulder or get rid of your personal karma but you, nor can energy bodies like the holy spirit do it. To get rid of your bad karma, you have to make efforts to do good deeds in this World of Reality. There’s no other way to decrease and counteract your bad karma. You have to make good karma on your own. This can be said to be the universal law of action and reaction, activated mechanically.

  • get rid of A Aを取り除く
  • make effort 努力する
  • deed 行い
  • decrease 減らす
  • counteract 打ち消す
  • on one’s own 自分で
  • universal 普遍的な
  • activate 発動する

Only in this World of Reality can exist the law by which good karma can counteract bad karma. As for other dimensions, including the World of Gods, it matters which dimension you’re attracted to in the first place, and after entering a dimension, there is no change. So the reason that you come to this World of Reality is that you want to get rid of your bad karma and improve your soul. Taking the risk of adding to your bad karma, you have taken the trouble of coming to this world.

  • dimension 次元
  • matter 重要である
  • attract 引きつける
  • add to A Aを増やす
  • take the trouble of ~ing わざわざ〜する

Seeing the victims of murders, I can feel :

  1. The tragedy was caused in part so that they could get rid of their bad karma they made in the previous life.
  2. The tragedy was partly due to their carelessness in this world.
  3. Some victims didn’t have any bad karma made in the previous life or carelessness in this world.

The souls of the people of no. 3 will go up to a higher dimension than before. This can be said to be because of the action of the law of true Vajrayāna.

  • tragedy 悲劇
  • previous 以前の
  • be due to A Aが原因で

You can do anything you want. You can make a choice what to do in your precious free time when you’re away from work to do for a living. In such a precious time, those are blessed who hold a memorial service for their ancestral spirits they cannot see, expecting nothing in return. By keeping on practicing it, you can accumulate good karma, resulting in getting rid of your bad karma. It doesn’t matter whether you started to do it for your benefit or not. Whether you can keep on doing it or not will reveal your real intention. If you start to practice it only for your own sake, you will stop doing it sooner or later with the thought that it is of no effect. I think that is fine with that. To do good things for others as far as you can and be grateful for your ancestors all the time will lead to true good causes.

  • make a choice 選択をする
  • blessed 幸いな
  • ancestral 先祖の
  • in return 見返りに
  • accumulate 蓄積する
  • result in A Aの結果となる
  • reveal 明らかにする
  • intension 意図
  • for one’s own sake 〜のために
  • sooner or later 遅かれ早かれ
  • of no effect 効果がない
  • as far as S+V SがVする限り

生かして頂いて ありがとう御座位ます

I Ka Shi Te I Ta Da I Te    A Ri Ga To U Go Za I Ma Su

Thank you so much for keeping us alive.

The Problems of Sex, Aging, Sickness and Death Are All for the Development of Your Soul


Each one of you is living in a different environment from others’, playing a main role in your own universe. You have to convince yourself in the small universe. It does’t matter how others judge you.

  • universe 宇宙
  • convince 納得させる
  • judge 評価する

It is foolish that you look at another universe(=others) enviously and feel inferior. Such people as you feel inferior to will also never be content with themselves. People have their own problems and worries you’ll never know. This is a fate all human beings living in the World of Reality have.

  • enviously 羨ましそうに
  • inferior 劣った
  • content 満足した
  • fate 運命

No one can evade the problems of sex (=the nature of men and women), aging, sickness and death in a short lifetime, because they’re all gifts for you to develop your soul. You must feel that they’re something you want to avoid, but still they are all gifts for you.

  • evade 避ける
  • aging 加齢
  • develop 発展させる

After death, human beings will recall all their own personal histories of their souls. Then anyone is sure to regret something, thinking “Now I understand. Everything was necessary and had meanings. I should’ve accepted them more readily without escaping.”

  • recall 思い出す
  • be sure to~ 必ず〜する
  • regret 後悔する
  • necessary 必要な
  • meaning 意味
  • readily 喜んで

The followings are ways for you to be released from this universal law for the development of your soul.

  1. Never cling to your selfish desires in everything you do. (=Abandon your selfish idea.)
  2. Accept the present situations and be grateful for being kept alive.

When you begin to put this into practice, I can hear the moon(= a desire generator) click its tongue.

  • release 解放する
  • universal 宇宙の
  • cling to A Aに執着する
  • abandon 捨てる
  • grateful 感謝して
  • keep A alive Aを生かしておく
  • the present situations 現状
  • generator 発生装置
  • click one’s tongue 舌打ちする

生かして頂いて ありがとう御座位ます

I Ka Shi Te I Ta Da I Te    A Ri Ga To U Go Za I Ma Su

Thank you so much for keeping us alive.