When You’re in Trouble, You’ve Got the Chance to Get Rid of Your Negative Karma

天津 神様

In a book I read in the past, there was a scene of a renowned zen priest and a samurai exchanging questions and answers. I can’t remember the details, but the scene was like the following:

  • renowned 高名な
  • priest 僧
  • detail 詳細

A zen priest was looking over the garden of his house covered with beatutiflu snow, when a samurai appeared from nowhere with his feet wet with snow and said to him “I have killed a lot of people by orders from my lord. Killing people brought about any benefit for me, but I had no choice. If I die, who will take on the responsibility?”

  • look over A Aを眺める
  • from nowhere どこからともなく
  • bring about A Aをもたらす
  • take on A   Aを引き受ける
  • responsibility 責任

Having listened to him, the zen priest told him to stand under a tree nearby and shake a branch over his head. When he did it as he was told, the snow on the branch fell on his head and he got his body covered with snow. The zen priest said “I ordered you to shake the branch, but I’m sitting on this tatami mat in the safe and warm room. You’ve covered with cold snow, not me.”  The story was something like that.

  • tell A to~ Aに〜するよう言う
  • branch 枝
  • order A to~ Aに〜するよう命令する

It is a parable illustrating that a man executing an order takes on the responsibility, but in terms of spiritual karma, the man executing the order is not the only one to blame. Conscience(=Inner God) of a man giving an order knows that he made another man commit the sin and in effect he killed the man. The energy of mortification the victim and the executioner emitted is sure to return to the man giving the order. The consequence may not happen to him while he’s alive, but he has to pay for it sooner or later.

  • parable 比喩
  • execute 実行する
  • in terms of A Aの観点からは
  • conscience(良心)
  • mortification 無念
  • emit 放つ

It’s important for you to live with the thought that whatever you do, good or bad, will be returned to you sooner or later. The point is someone has to end this chain of negative karma, or it never ends. However hard your present situation, it’s no good to involve your family or people around you and make them unhappy. If you’re in trouble, all you have to do is accept such a situation with gratitude, thinking that this is a chance to get rid of your bad karma. If someone says to you “I can do it for you if you give me money,” just say “No way! Don’t hinder my chance!”

  • the point it … 大事なことは…
  • end 終わらせる
  • present situation 現状
  • involve 巻き込む
  • get rid of A Aをなくす
  • hinder 邪魔をする

生かして頂いて ありがとう御座位ます

I Ka Shi Te I Ta Da I Te    A Ri Ga To U Go Za I Ma Su

Thank you so much for keeping us alive.