The Sign will Appear in the North Eastern Part of Japan of A New Age that the Divinity of Human Beings Manifests Itself


When I turned 20, I began to visit Ise Grand Shrine(伊勢神宮)in earnest. One day I paid a visit to Geku(外宮)of Ise Grand Shrine after several visits to the shrine and then, as soon as I folded my hands in front of the main building, I perceived clearly in my brain North Dipper Seven Stars and Polaris.

  • in earnest 熱心に
  • as soon as S+V SがVするとすぐに
  • perceive 近くする
  • North Dipper Seven Stars 北斗七星
  • Polaris 北極星

After I came back home, the images of the stars came into my mind over and over, when I received the words from above of “I Ka Shi Te I Ta Da I Te  A Ri Ga To U Go Za I Ma Su” meaning “Thank you so much for keeping us alive.”

  • image 形象
  • over and over 何度も
  • from above 天から

Similarly, while visiting Izougu(伊雑宮), I perceived the image of an orange sun disc vibrating a little in front of the main building.

  • similarly 同様に
  • sun disc 日輪
  • vibrate 振動する

It was really strange that I should perceive Polaris and Sun in front of the wooden buildings which were built in the traditional ways. I hear that they make those buildings in a strict, traditional way or rule which prescribes angle, length and direction etc. in putting the wood pillars together. According to a theory, the prescription was calculated based on Yin and Yang principles or the revolution of the heavenly bodies, but anyway, I think it strange that stars and holy spirits should reside in such man-made buildings.

  • according to A Aにしたがって
  • strict 厳格な
  • prescribe 規定する
  • put A together Aを組み立てる
  • theory 説
  • calculate 計算する
  • Yin and Yang principles 陰陽五行説
  • revolution 回転
  • the heavenly bodies 天体
  • reside 宿る

This is partly due to the shinto priests’ enthusiastic efforts, but I was wondering why such sacred images appeared by their following traditional ways. Later I researched on it, and I found that many ritual articles of Geku were made in the motif of North Dipper Seven Stars and Polaris and that people in Ise have called Polaris Taichi(太一)and worshipped it since ancient times.

  • enthusiastic 熱心な
  • sacred 神聖な
  • later 後で
  • ritual article 神具
  • motif モチーフ
  • worship 崇拝する

By the way, when I visited Ise Grand Shrine several years ago, I received a revelation ” The sign of the opening of a new age that the divinity of human beings manifests itself will appear in the north eastern part of Japan and go southward.”

  • revelation 啓示
  • sign 合図
  • divinity 神性
  • manifest oneself 現れる
  • north eastern part 東北地方
  • southward 南方へ

I feel the two big earthquakes of Iwate prefecture on 14 June and 24 July of 2008 were the sign. Thought a lot of people there suffered the damage, but the victims were few compared with the size of the earthquakes. The damage could have been much more serious. This is the auspicious sign for the future of Japan that Japan can definitely make great disasters into small ones.

  • prefecture 県
  • suffer 受ける
  • victim 犠牲者
  • compared with A Aと比べて
  • auspicious 幸先のよい
  • disaster 災害

Japan is the only place where the stars can be perceived by putting wooden pillars together and the great holy spirit beyond human wisdoms resides. Various problems will occur in Japan, but I’m still very optimistic about that. I cannot help but think that Japan has been designed to be of help for the rest of the world since time immemorial. The time is near. To meet His expectation, too, these words are important;

  • beyond human wisdoms 人智を超えた
  • optimistic 楽観的な
  • cannot help but~ 〜せざるをえない
  • design A to~  Aが〜するよう設計する
  • time immemorial 太古の昔
  • expectation 期待

生かして頂いて ありがとう御座位ます

I Ka Shi Te I Ta Da I Te  A Ri Ga To U Go Za I Ma SU

Thank you so much for keeping me/us alive.