The Material of Crude Petroleum is Blood of Dinosaurs


According to news reports, the price of gasoline has risen to 160 yen per litter. As I don’t want to encounter traffic congestion on Golden Week, early-may holiday season in Japan, I convinced my family that we should go to some nearby place on holiday.

  • encounter 遭遇する
  • congestion 渋滞
  • convince 説得する

What is petroleum? I gave it a thought. There are many theories about the origin of petroleum, but I imagine that a huge amount of mineral in the depth of the earth and the microorganisms that arise when creatures, such as animals and dinosaurs, and plants decompose, react to each other and mature over millions of years to form crude petroleum, and that microorganisms and germs dissolve stone, or carbon component, in ever-lasting time.

  • petroleum 石油
  • theory 説
  • mineral 鉱物
  • microorganism 微生物
  • decompose 分解する
  • mature 熟成する
  • crude petroleum 原油
  • dissolve 溶かす

The idea is fun that crude petroleum is made from blood of dinosaurs. Spiritual bodies of dinosaurs might be moving cars and planes in the modern age. Filmed from the air, traffic congestion during Golden Week looks as if a huge dragon with a long body were lying. Monster birds that existed on earth in ancient times are actually flying in the sky in form of superalloy airplanes. It’s like they’re reproducing their brave figure of the past in modern times.

  • monster bird 怪鳥
  • superalloy 合金の
  • reproduce 再現する
  • assert oneself 自己主張する

I feel that creatures that lived in the past are asserting themselves in another form to tell they did exist in the world. Our human bodies will have changed in the distant future, but our mind will never have. Probably we will be trying to tell others that we did live in this world somehow. This is also true of ancestral spirits. When they feel they’re forgotten, they try to assert themselves. So all their descendants have to do is take notice of their existence before they assert themselves. Then everything would be fine.

  • the distant future 遠い未来
  • true of A Aに当てはまる
  • descendant 子孫
  • take notice 気づく

生かして頂いて ありがとう御座位ます

I Ka Shi Te I Ta Da I Te  A Ri Ga To U Go Za I Ma Su

Thank you so much for keeping me/us alive.

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