A Role of the Founder of a New Religion Possessed by an Influential Dragon God


Before the current change of the World of Reality occurred, there was an incident between the World of Gods and the World of the Dead, and about a hundred years ago the extinction of the World of the Dead began from its upper parts to lower. It has been disappearing.

  • current 現在の
  • incident 出来事
  • extinction 消滅

Emissaries of God, especially dragon gods, in the upper parts of the World of the Dead were forced to choose between rising up to merge into God and passing into nothingness. Many of them, however, rejected the request and escaped to the World of Reality, possessing human beings and making them found new religions.

  • emissary 御使い
  • be forced to~  〜するよう強いられる
  • merge 融合する
  • nothingness 無
  • reject 拒む
  • found 創設する

Among the escaping emissaries, there was a powerful dragon god. The dragon god possessed a man and he became a certain founder of a new religion in Showa era. The dragon god was in a position where it could observe the World of Gods. It had antlers like a deer and was a big black dragon. Such a dragon with antlers was few in those days as well as these days.

  • observe 見る
  • antler 角
  • as well as A  Aだけでなく

This dragon god hated to merge into God, thinking “If I am to be extinct, I want to go down to the World of Realty to try my strength.” Then it escaped from the World of Dragons lying between the World of Gods and the World of Reality.

  • extinct 消滅した
  • strength 力

Scenting this escape of the dragon god, the World of Gods sent another dragon god to obstruct the escape. The escaping dragon god survived the big battle against the other dragon god and as the result lost its eye and managed to go down to Mt.Kamiyama(神山)in the World of Reality at midnight. The thunder and rain around Mt. Kamiyama must’ve been very hard like eruption.

  • scent 察知する
  • obstruct 妨げる
  • manage to~  どうにかして〜する
  • eruption 噴火

One day, the dragon god set eye on the founder and possessed him when he was middle-aged. In those days the World of the Dead was so influential that the possession was so intense as to change the form of a physical body. As soon as he was possessed by it, the founder fell ill and went blind of one eye because the dragon god had one eye. Also, he must’ve been troubled by the illusion that antlers arise from the top of his head.

  • set eye on A  Aに目をつける
  • middle-aged 中年の
  • trouble 悩ます
  • illusion 幻想

This one-eyed dragon told the founder what it peeked at in the World of Gods, such as “the change from day to night” that is, the transition from the age of the World of the Dead to that of the Sun, and “the purification by the sun”, or the selection and evolution of human beings by the spiritual light of the sun.

  • peek 盗み見する
  • transition  移行
  • purification 浄化
  • selection 選別
  • evolution 進化

The dragon god, however, had made a big, fundamental mistake. It told the founder that the talisman he wrote was God, making him worship it. The talisman was possessed with part of the spirit of the dragon god and was to squash up the Inner God of each human beings who worship it. Though the dragon god conveyed the purification by the sun, it propagated the contradictory deed which weeds out people during the purification.

  • fundamental 根本的な
  • squash up A Aを閉じ込める
  • propagate 広める
  • contradictory 矛盾した
  • weed out A 淘汰する

After the founder died, he noticed his mistake and tried in vain to tell his religious group to amend the teaching. He is in a certain place of the World of the Dead because he propagated the wrong teaching to shut up the Inner God of each person. He won’t be able to get out of it and rest in peace unless the believers leave the religion and have their Inner God appear.

  • in vain 無駄に
  • amend 修正する
  • unless S+V SがVしない限り

What the founder wants to say now is the following:

● To eat a little natural food could renew your physical body, when your spiritual body will play the main role.

● Worship your Inner God, not a physical object.

He is saying to me “To practice these things enables human beings to survive the great purification of the sun.”

  • make A into B  AをBに作り変える
  • object 対象
  • enable 可能にする

The things above are what I’ve got when I remembered and read spiritually the picture of the founder I saw at a book store a long time ago. I’ve never read his books or teachings before, so there might be a mistake in my description of him.

  • description 描写

I’ve avoided making a comment about founders of religions or religious groups because I can see the spiritual beings behind them. But there are two reasons for my description of the founder. One is that he had the role at the beginning of the Showa period of informing people of the great purification of the sun to come. The other is that though most of the spiritual beings behind new religions are snake spirits, the spiritual being behind the founder was an influential dragon.

  • inform A of B AにBを伝える
  • influential 大物の

The one-eyed black dragon, having been very active in the World of Reality, is gone. It returned to nothingness with the end of the centuries of Dragon gods. After the great purification of the sun, this world will enter the centuries of Phoenix.

  • be gone 今はもういない
  • Phoenix 鳳凰

生かして頂いて ありがとう御座位ます

I Ka Shi Te I Ta Da I Te  A Ri Ga To U Go Za I Ma Su

Thank you so much for keeping me/us alive.

2 thoughts on “A Role of the Founder of a New Religion Possessed by an Influential Dragon God

    • “Centuries of Phoenix” is almost equivalent to “the age of the sun.” Phoenix is a noble, spiritual bird that never dies, often appearing in scriptures of Buddhism. So “centuries of Phoenix” seems to stand for a new age to come when the sun plays an existential role for humans. Thanks for your comment.


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