Things will Work out well with all Factors of Concern

森羅万象第6巻 表紙

A holy message I received last year says “Be careful on 18 September, 2008,” meaning that the state of Japan on that day suggests the future of the world. So, I checked what happened yesterday.

  • state 状態
  • suggest 示唆する
  • happen 起こる

The Nikkei stock average dropped by up to 450 yen, which suggests the trend of world economy in the future. It has rallied a little now, but it’s still fluctuating. As I said on this blog on 17 March, 2007, the disturbance of the U.S. economy has only just begun. A lot of companies in the field of investment and insurance have begun to be reorganized. From next year on, the disturbance of banks will get worse.

  • stock average 平均株価
  • rally 持ち直す
  • fluctuate 上下する
  • disturbance 混乱
  • investment 投資
  • insurance 保険
  • reorganize 再編成する

There is a possibility that credit card companies will cause more than ten times as more confusion as the subprime mortgage problem, making banks fail. This might end the plastic society where you can buy anything by credit card without cash.

  • possibility 可能性
  • confusion 混乱
  • fail 破綻する
  • plastic society カード社会
  • cash 現金

Due to the influence, the exchange rate might become 62 yen to the dollar. Since Japan is a trading nation, foreign currency revenue is very important. If the slump of Japanese economy gets worse, yen conversion of foreign currencies will begin. That is, Japanese companies and banks will be responsible for the super high yen. It’s like committing suicide.

  • due to A  Aのために
  • exchange rate 為替相場
  • trading nation 貿易立国
  • foreign currency 外貨
  • revenue 歳入
  • yen conversion 円転
  • super high yen 超円高
  • suicide 自殺

When the reconstruction of Han‐Shin Awaji Earthquake disaster began, the exchange rate became 79 yen to the dollar because of the yen conversion so as to raise the reconstruction money. Similar things to this will be done all over Japan for some reason. With this kind of super high yen, the company I work for could go bankrupt.

  • reconstruction 復興
  • raise 集める
  • go bankrupt 倒産する

Also, I was anxious about the case where a former Self-Defense Force man launched a fire extinguisher filled with gun powder toward the Imperial Palace and was arrested for possessing a drum can filled with gun powder. Behind this was a spiritual meaning and background. It is said that the criminal carried it out at midnight on 18 without thinking or to take delight in people’s reaction to the crime. But actually he was made to do it by a being in a spiritual dimension.

  • anxious 心配して
  • Self-Defense Force 自衛隊
  • launch 打ち上げる
  • the Imperial Palace 皇居
  • delight 喜び
  • reaction 反応
  • dimension 次元

As far as I know, there had been no such reprehensible crimes toward the Imperial Palace in recent years. A spiritual meaning lies in the fact that he “happened to” carry it out on 18. One of the meanings is that people all over the world will come to protest privileged classes. If most U.S. citizens become homeless, even the President will be in danger. Protests against imperial rule or powerful people will increase all around the world. The Imperial Household of Japan will be safe absolutely. The case which happened at the Imperial Palace is a symbol shown by a God’s will suggesting what will happen to the rest of the world.

  • as far as S+V SがVする限り
  • reprehensible 非難すべき
  • privileged class 特権階級
  • absolutely 絶対に

The Imperial Palace is where shinto rituals are performed everyday for Amaterasu-oho-mi-kami, (天照太御神)and is as important a place for worship as Ise Grand Shrine(伊勢神宮). Though there was no damage to it due to the crime,  the place was dishonored all the same. It is meaningful that the criminal was a man who was supposed to protect this country. This suggests that spiritual beings in the World of the Dead and the World of Hell are to give battle to the World of Gods for survival.

  • ritual 儀式
  • all the same やはり
  • dishonor 名誉を汚す
  • meaningful 意味深長な
  • be supposed to~ 〜するものと考えられている
  • survival 生き残り

In no world other than this world can spiritual beings in the World of the Dead and the World of Hell contact ones in the World of Gods because of the difference of dimension. This World of Reality is the only place where spiritual beings in different dimensions can contact each other. If spiritual beings in those worlds should strike what is related to the World of Gods in this World of Reality, they could have influence on the World of Gods. This is a suggestion that  people who are supposed to serve the country can denigrate the country and its nation. There was also a case on 18 where a school child was killed in a park, which means that those in a weak position will be targeted easily.

  • contact 接触する
  • dimension 次元
  • strike 一撃を与える
  • denigrate 誹謗する
  • weak position 弱い立場

It will be more and more important for you to hold thankful memorial services for your ancestors. The spiritual air on 18 was very clear on the whole. Though I felt signs of natural disasters such as big typhoons and earthquakes and the stagnate Japanese economy, I thought the whole world would be all right after all. Around 22:10, there occurred  a small earthquake with its epicenter at Ise Bay. This is not due to the influence of Ground Dragon(地龍). I feel that it was caused because of the change of the alignment of planets.

  • on the whole 概して
  • stagnate 停滞した
  • epicenter 震源
  • be due to A Aが原因である
  • alignment 配列

The number of people emitting magnetism of gratitude for their present state has reached over 10000 in Japan recently. I found this time that the magnetism had powerful effects. But do not relax your attention. Everything is really yet to start.

  • emit 放出する
  • the present state 現状
  • relax 緩める
  • be yet to~ まだ〜していない

There remain a lot of factors of concern in various fields, but I’m sure the future is represented in the spiritual air having been clear all day on that day. There is a will of God there. Things will work out well.

生かして頂いて ありがとう御座位ます

I Ka Shi Te I Ta Da I Te  A Ri Ga To U Go Za I Ma Su

Thank you so much for keeping me/us alive.

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