Your Original Color is the Best

森羅万象第6巻 表紙

Sunspots have been surprisingly active since 10, October. I have had a short sleep since then, but there’s nothing wrong with me. By last month, I often felt tired during the day when I didn’t sleep for at least 5 hours. But recently I’ve been sleeping for about 3 hours a day. What I thought when I was working is that my endurance has been improved. I often walk fast in the large place of my office, but I feel less tired than before. I thought “Oh, is this the runner’s  high?”

  • sunspot 太陽黒点
  • active 活発な
  • endurance 忍耐力

Every time I hold a baby, I’m impressed by how hard the magnetism of its spiritual body is, regardless of its spirituality. It’s just wonderful keeping an original spiritual body itself. Once you were born into this world, each of you is a manifestation of God. By keeping your original spiritual body can you make it easy for your Inner God to appear.

  • every time S+V SがVするたびに
  • impressed 感動した
  • regardless of A  Aに関係なく
  • manifestation 現れ

As you grow older, however, your spiritual body is tainted by your thoughts, actions, grudges against others or a grudge against you and so on. Some people, receiving spiritual healing or a therapy, have their spiritual body tainted with spiritual dirt of others.

  • taint 汚す
  • grudge 恨み
  • dirt 垢

In recent years, “professional psychic” training courses, where you have to pay a lot of money as a tuition fee,  or workshops, where it is said that you can be a psychic by receiving instructions from a guru, are popular. The students believe themselves to be connected to some high dimensional spirit, but the truth is they have only been tainted with filthy spiritual magnetism of others.

  • instruction 指導
  • imagine 想像する
  • dimensional 次元の
  • magnetism 磁気

They start their own spiritual business, assuming that they’re qualified to, and come to charge their clients an expensive fee by making them expect for miracles. Such a business is bullshit. They don’t know what they’re doing. They are ignorant of the spirit world. Frankly, this is a fraud.  The consequence will be obvious to anyone in time. But when they know it, it’s too late.

  • qualified 資格がある
  • expect for A  Aを期待する
  • miracle 奇跡
  • ignorant 無知な
  • fraud 詐欺
  • consequence 結果
  • obvious 明らかな
  • in time やがて

No sooner is unnecessary magnetism of another spiritual body attached to your spiritual body than your Inner God hides itself deep inside. Then your life energy begins to decrease and your life span is shortened. Human longevity depends on the amount of spiritual dirt that accumulates in your original spiritual body.

  • attach くっつける
  • decrease 減る
  • shorten 短くする
  • longevity 寿命
  • amount   量
  • accumulate 蓄積する

In this sense, it can be said that people living long are those who have kept up their original spiritual body and believed in themselves, or Inner God. Believing in yourself leads to your keeping your Inner God. If you keep up your original magnetism, your life span will be extended making you look young for your age. Vicious people who make money by doing spiritual business often say that your soul or spirituality is high or low, but those are great who succeed in keeping up their original spiritual color. Gurus or psychics attaching their spiritual dirt to their clients get old fast. They rarely live long. But if they are the incarnation of devils, they tend to live long conversely.

  • lead to A Aにつながる
  • extend 伸ばす
  • vicious 悪徳の
  • succeed in A Aに成功する
  • rarely めったに〜ない
  • tend to~  〜する傾向がある
  • conversely 逆に

Believe in yourself, or Inner God. Live strong, you good people. It doesn’t matter how much you’re sick or miserable. Cherish your own precious color. As long as you live with gratitude for your present situations, you have nothing to worry about. You’re leading your best life. I’m sure you will go to the world full of good people, the most comfortable world.

On the days when sunspots are intense, evening sun is very beautiful.

  • sick 病気の
  • miserable 惨めな
  • cherish 大事にする
  • gratitude 感謝の気持ち
  • present situations 現状

生かして頂いて ありがとう御座位ます

I Ka Shi Te I Ta Da I Te  A Ri Ga To U Go Za I Ma Su

Thank you so much for keeping me/us alive.

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